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Competition: Register On-Line
To enter on-line, choose an event from the menu list on the left.
For most events you will have a choice
- to pre-register your interest in an event (pre-enter) or
- to enter and PAY NOW

Notices of Race are usually published well in advance. It is extremely useful to event organisers, and fellow competitors, to know who is likely to attend, as early as possible.

Your pre-entry will be acknowledged, together with an invoice, for payment nearer the event date. And your name will appear on the pre-entry list.

Once you have completed your event registration details you will ENTER the secure transaction environment of WorldPay Ltd to complete your payment details.

Your credit card details are retained by WorldPay and their acquiring bank, not IWA, making this the most secure way to pay your entry fee by credit card.

You should receive a receipt of payment from World Pay within hours. This does not confirm acceptance of your entry.

REGISTRATION details are forwarded to IWA - but only if your payment is successful!

You will then receive an e-mail and payment receipt from IWA.

If you do not receive anything within 48 hours, there may be a problem. Please contact the IWA office for help.

If, for any reason, you find you are unable to attend the event for which you have registered, please contact the IWA office

IWA will not charge to transfer this payment to another event.

Alternatively, it should be possible to refund your entry fee in most cases. However, refunds will be subject to up to 10% service charge.

PLEASE do NOT contact your card issuer or World Pay for a refund - heavy penalties apply!

If you have difficulty with these electronic forms or prefer to use fax, e-mail or post, entry forms may be downloaded from the relevant Class site or contact the IWA office
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