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Objectives: Objectives 2004
· ISAF Evaluation Trials
o Monitor developments and be prepared to offer advice and assist the ISAF evaluation team as requested.
· Amendment to Appendix B
o Seek approval from ISAF to print the “Racing Rules Of Sailing 2005 >2008 – Windsurfing Edition” – on waterproof paper.
· Relationship with the Industry
o Concentrate on transforming the prospects for the competition sport and increasing media coverage of tour events & class championships to ensure that brands benefit from increase in activity.
· Global Marketing Strategy
o Encourage more nations to support the ISAF windsurfing classes by promoting the work that they are doing to develop clear joint policies and simple structures for all disciplines of competition windsurfing

o Continue to work with appointed tour promoters to develop the 5 scheduled tours for 2005.
· Production Board Registration & Measurement
o Work on site at regattas through measurers to define simple and meaningful measurement checks and report back to ISAF
· Existing Championships
o Continue the efforts to raise the technical execution of class regattas

o Make sure that there is one dedicated volunteer at each class world championship writing daily reports and taking pictures
· International Windsurfing Educators
o Continue to gather information from around the world on windsurfing education providers and identify those who lead the field.
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