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Objectives: Objectives 2003
ISAF Evaluation Trials
o To give input into the methodology and analysis of the trials
o To develop a marketing & communications strategy for the Olympic format
o To make proposals concerning the Olympic Class, Format, Rules & Structure

Amendment to Appendix B
o This is now a top priority
o To review the FRRS and RRS Appendix B with a view
o To make a joint submission to the ISAF by July 31st 03

IWA Industry membership
o To encourage windsurfing brands to join
o To work with them to promote the sport
o To establish a strong central administration

Global Marketing Strategy
o To attract new participants
o To promote a 'flag carrier'
o To rationalize existing competition structures

Production Board Registration & Measurement
o To review/amend the board registration procedure
o To facilitate simple and effective regatta measurement

Existing Championships
o To deliver high standards of execution and integrity
o To attract the maximum number of entries

o To gather data on existing education systems
o And windsurfing schools worldwide
o In light of other objectives, this project is not high priority
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