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Windsurf E-News: 7 - April 2002
Please note the change of e-mail address above arising from the closure of the Compuserve 2000 service. This does not affect any of the addresses at “”.


"In the end it was Antoine Albeau (Ahd/NP) and Kevin Pritchard (Bic/Gaastra) tying for the win in the formula A division, both finishing with a total of 7 points. In the tie breaker it was Antoine coming out on top with the better finish in the last race, crowning him the Midwinters Champion. Micah Buzianis finished strongly in third."

They didn't finish both with a total of 7 points. Please have a look at the official website :

The IWA Yearbook contains all the sections you would normally expect to find in the individual Class Association’s handbooks – including Class Rules, Committee Members, Address Books, Constitution, AGM Minutes and much more. It has now gone to print and should be available soon.
This will be sent free of charge to all ISAF Member National Authorities, elected windsurfing class officials, and IWA member national class & windsurfing associations. Other individuals who wish to receive a copy are required to pay. Please contact the IWA office on

In the meantime, if you wish to download the yearbook of your choice please go to the following URLs.

On 14 March 2002, Paul Henderson published his thoughts on the future equipment for the Olympic Regatta
( and you have certainly responded to it!

ISAF has received numerous emails giving your thoughts on Paul's proposals. Whilst there is a consensus of agreement to Paul's wish "that talent, not technology prevails" at the Olympic Regatta, there is certainly not consensus on the equipment which should be used to achieve this.

Feedback Part 1 -
Feedback Part 2 -
Feedback Part 3 -
Feedback Part 4 -

Have your say and e-mail

By Christine Brooks, Executive Director USWA

I have decided to be more vocal about the way windsurfers who are pursuing the Olympic Dream are treated in the US. Superficially the Olympics may appear to be simply another sporting event, but to those who strive to become an Olympian the goal itself holds a sacred code that contains profound spiritual teachings about oneself and about life in general. Only those who are given the opportunity to experience the Olympic Dream can fully grasp the hidden meaning encoded in the Olympics. Certainly, none of us are foolish enough to believe that the Olympics are literally the most significant event in the world, or in one’s life. But, those of us who have had contact with the Olympics recognize how striving to become an Olympian is an introduction to the profound philosophy of tolerance, acceptance, striving, sacrifice, dedication, and other values we hold so important to successful daily living.

Only by striving for Olympic participation is it possible to decode the hidden depths of meaning contained within the Olympic spirit. As you know, the path to becoming an Olympian is divided into three levels that lead young people step by step through ever deepening levels of understanding of themselves and their fit within the world. Young people are first led into the initial challenges of learning to windsurf by a dedicated cadre of instructors. While merely learning to windsurf provides important feedback and meaning, competition offers deeper feedback in terms of how one is progressing in the pursuit of knowledge and skill. In the US we have insufficient coaches to take our youngsters to this level. But, under the guidance of coaches (parents, or other adults) young people can be taught the advanced skills and secrets to becoming the very best one can be at a task and to persevere with a dream through all kinds of adversity. The highest level occurs in striving to make the dream your very own - to sacrifice all else as you strive higher and higher. Only one female and one male will make the US Olympic Sailing Team for windsurfing - it will be the person who has been blessed with the most talent, and who has learned how to become truly dedicated to accomplishing a goal, no matter the sacrifice. Striving to be an Olympian provides our youth with a tangible dream, but, it represents only one of many dreams available to us as we progress through life. Even if one does not make it on the national Olympic Sailing Team, all who strive are winners. All who try will take their Olympic dream, and the associated experiences, with them as they move down other new and exciting life paths.

I am deeply sorry that the Olympic component of windsurfing is not valued very highly by the windsurfing fraternity. I am told that I should not get involved in political issues - that I should remain neutral and keep my opinions to myself. But, when I hear and read leaders within windsurfing state that we should not concern ourselves with the Olympics because the sport is not given television exposure, or because it is so small a component of windsurfing that dealers cannot make money from the sale of boards, or that we should not concern ourselves with youth because they don’t buy equipment, I cannot remain silent. These statements burn at the core of my beliefs. Such statements illustrate a naïve notion of what sport is all about and our responsibilities to our youth, especially when it comes to providing them the opportunities to seek goals and to learn important values. Whatever the future holds for windsurfing in the Olympics, the young people who strive to participate will carry valuable memories and experiences with them forever. The entire windsurfing fraternity should help ensure more experiences like these for youth. It is our collective obligation to put politics and economic self-interests aside and to encourage more young people to seek the Olympic Dream. It is our obligation to celebrate those among us who dare to pursue an exceedingly difficult task - to become an Olympian. The best of luck to all of you - I am pleased that windsurfing is doing its part - however small - to improve the health of our young people and to help strengthen their values.

Steven Schrier, ISAF International Measurer.

The registering of boards continues through the year although new race boards will not be able to compete in International FW events.

AHD have started registering the Diamond GT 75 and Diamond GT 85 race boards. The 75 is 2596 long by 745 wide, 7.3 kgs and 124 litres. The 85 is 2600 long by 842 wide, 8.1 kgs and 144 litres. This is approved for National Racing in the Funboard Class.

BIC have fully registered the TECHNO FORMULA race board. It is 265cm x 93cm wide, 10.8 kilos and 167 litres.

GUN have notified us that they wish to continue with their registration of the Mythos race board, 2330 long by 1000 wide, 8.5 kgs and 145 litres. This is approved for National Racing in the Funboard Class.

EXOCET have fully registered the Formula L99 race board. 8.2 kilos and 155 litres. This is approved for National Racing in the Funboard Class. The FW Committee and ISAF have also approved this board for 2002 FW racing.

The full list of ISAF Registered Production Boards can be found on the IWA website under Rules and Regs. The Formula Windsurfing Class approved boards list can be found on their new official website,
Professional Windsurfers Association introduce:
The Windsurfing Hall of fame serves to honor those that have made a special and significant contribution the sport of Windsurfing. May it be a sailor, past champion, industry VIP, press member or a notoriety of windsurfing.

3 nominee¹s will be inducted into the Hall of Fame every year and will be honored on the PWA website under "Hall of Fame". This will be categorized by year with photos and a special profile for the member of the windsurfing Hall of Fame.

PWA Chairman Phil McGain says "The sport is over 35 years old now, it¹s about time we recognized and honored those special people who have made windsurfing what it is today".

There will be selection committee chosen by the PWA management Board, this committee will decide from the nominees put forward who will be inducted that year. Nominees can be put forward by any interested windsurfer who knows someone who has made a contribution to the sport over the past 35 years. This can be done through the contact on the PWA website (

There will be special ceremony at a chosen event during the year where the PWA will honor the new inductees.

One of the services provided by the recently launched ISAF Sailor is the Online Biography, which allows sailors of any level to have a biography loaded onto the website, along with images and campaign website links. The ISAF Sailor Biography will hopefully mean that the repeated requests sailors receive to complete biographies for each event, usually in slightly different formats, will become a thing of the past, with the ISAF Sailor biography able to reduce this duplication and provide a one-stop online biography available to everybody and kept up-to-date by the sailors themselves.

To aid media and all other interested persons it must be easy to find the sailor's biography. The most common place where people might want to find out about a sailor is when they see the sailor's results on an event website, and this can easily be achieved, by providing a hotlink back to the Sailor's biography.

Whilst each event organiser can include this extra field to accommodate the sailor's biography in their existing results software, ISAF is working with the provider's of results software and asking them to make a small change to their systems to create these fields and hotlinks, so that future software will incorporate the ISAF Sailor.

For further information on including the fields and the coding required go to:

To see a sample of links to a sailor's biography from results, go to the following link of results from Sail Melbourne - - and click on Michael Blackburn or Chris Nicholson's names.

If you just wish to include a link to a sailor's biography on your website, for example in a news article, then you are welcome to do so. However, please note that the bio.html file on the ISAF website has a small piece of javascript to cause a redirect to an ASP page. It is therefore strongly recommended that you create links to an ISAF Sailor Biography as follows where CANPH is the ISAF Sailor ID.

Coming soon, will be the option to include mini-bios of sailors on your website, such as your national squad or specific class sailors, including key information and images, which then links to the full biography on the ISAF Website. Whenever the sailor updates his or her biography, this update will automatically be transmitted to the information published on the mini-bio. Full details of this application will soon be made available, but in the meantime to see an example of a mini-bio go to:

Would you like to use the ISAF website world news stories, that appear down the centre of the front page, the 'regattas on-line', or the 'news ticker' (the links that scroll across the top of the page), or the ISAF Racing Rules for Sailing on your sailing website?

Well you can! What's more it will not cost you anything and your website will be automatically updated with the latest news and regattas from around that world as it is posted onto

For full details of how to access this service go to the following link and follow the instructions:

If you would like to see how the information is reproduced, click on the websites below all of which re-use ISAF Information:

Sailing Federation of Ukraine -
Icelandic Sailing Association -
South Africa Sailing -
Japan Sailing Federation -
Australian Yachting Federation -
International Moth Class -

The 2002 ISAF Mid-Year Meeting will take place from 2-5 May 2002 in Vienna, Austria, with meetings of the ISAF Executive Committee, Events Committee and Council being held.

The Agendas for the Events Committee and Council will be published on the ISAF Website at the end of the day on Thursday 28 March 2002. Go to the Meetings section on the ISAF Website to view the Agendas, as well as search for minutes of past ISAF Meetings from 1993:

The Mid-Year meeting of the ISAF Sailing Committee is taking place from 12-13 April 2002 and the Committee Agenda is available at:

The 2002 edition of the ISAF Race Management Manual is now available to download from:

Please note that this is in Acrobat Reader .pdf format and may take up to 20 minutes to download.

Alternatively as of 2 April 2002, the ISAF Secretariat will be able to supply hard copies at a cost of £8.00 each plus postage and packing. Please use the online publication order form to order your copy:
The Mistral Junior One Design Class development policy can be found at This defines the class recommendations on how best to encourage and nurture junior racing regattas within a country or region.




Just a reminder that the IMCO fax line has been temporarily discontinued to make sure that all entries for upcoming events are sent to the IWA office at +44 2392 468831


The worlds elite wave sailors from both the men’s and women’s divisions of the PWA world tour have gathered here in Vargas, Gran Canaria for the first event of the season. Today, the likes of Bjorn Dunkerbeck (Proof, Neil Pryde), Vidar Jensen (North) Kevin Pritchard (Bic, Gaastra) and Jason Polakow (JP, Neil Pryde) amongst many others have been making final preparations so that they are ready for official competition which is due to start tomorrow.

The conditions here in Vargas are currently calm but locals are predicting that the nuclear winds which have given Gran Canaria its reputation as one of the windiest places in the world should be here by the weekend.

The draw for the first single elimination will be on the notice board first thing tomorrow morning. The heats will be interesting as this event is a chance for the newcomers on the PWA world tour to challenge the ‘Big Guns’ The stage here in Vargas is all set, the players are ready…Bring on the action!

Reports, pictures:
For the first time ever the women get their own racing series: The Formula Windsurfing Women Cup 2002. This series consists of seven events that produce points for the annual ranking list. The competitions have been selected from the international Formula Windsurfing events. The calendar can be found on the website Additional information can be found on the official website The registration is possible through the registration for the Windsurfing Euro-Cups on the website or through the FW Race Office (Europeans and Worlds) on
The weekend before the first FW Women Cup in Malcesine / Lake Garda (Italy) there will be a FW Women Training Camp. Information about this camp can be found on the camp website


4/5 May 2002 Grevelingen, Netherlands
18/19 May 2002 Oostende, Belgium
8/9 June 2002 Herne Bay, UK
22/23 June 2002 Wimereux, France

For the 2002 series, two new classes have been added to the North Sea Cup Series: Formula Experience, a Formula Windsurfing type class on special equipment for Junior and Youth sailors; and Formula Fun. The same class rules as Formula Experience for juniors and youth but for everyone over 18.

Notice of Race

The organizers ( need your help in selecting sailors to the Freestyle event. We will probably not accept more sailors than a total of 48 in order to manage a smooth running event. We have an idea of giving each Nordic country 5 granted slots that is available until the latest date of registration (14 June) . The 5 slots will typically go to the highest ranked sailors in each country according to your current rankings. After that these slots will be released to the "open market" on a "first-come first-serve" basis. We therefore need your current rankings ASAP in order for us to know how to handle registrations from your sailors. Please mail these rankings to me and I will forward them to the organizers as soon as I get them.

If you have any questions/suggestions on the suggested procedure above you are more than welcome to contribute.

Also I would appreciate if you could do a rough estimate on the numbers of Formula sailors and the number of Freestyle sailors that you think will come from your country to this event.

Per Svanberg, President of the Swedish Boardsailing Federation

wegen der aktuellen Berichterstattung in der surf (Ausgabe April 2002) verlängern wir die Anmeldefrist für den Speed-Slalom-Cup auf Rügen vom 1.5.-5.5.

Gefahren wird ein One-Hour-Slalom sowie bei entsprechendem Wind Speedrennen.

Anmeldeschluß ist jetzt der 15.4.2002, danach ist eine Nachmeldegebühr zu zahlen. Der Anmeldeschluß für Fehmarn bleibt unverändert ebenfalls der 15.4.2002.

Further information from our Website

PRE-Notice of Race and entry form
Formula Windsurfing Class
14th to 19th May, Cascais, Lisbon, Portugal
Please send your entries NOW to the IWA office:
or fax to: +23 9246 8831

Junior, Youth, Masters & Raceboard
3rd to 10th August 2002
Largs, Scotland
Pre-Notice Of Race -
The Official Notice of Race is being prepared now, to be published shortly – racing categories may change.

Results, reports and photos

Mistral Asian Junior & Youth Continental Championship
& Raceboard Asian Continental Championship
March 28th -April 5th 2002, Dameisha Beach, Shenzhen, China
Results, reports and photos

After 2 days of measurement, 147 competitors from 7 countries gathered last night for the opening ceremonies of the 2002 Mistral Asian Continental Championship being staged here in Shenzhen City, China. First up, was a banquet followed by a stage show in the open air performed by 600 actors! The Chinese Yachting Association have gathered an impressive array of sponsors to support this event which countries are using as a qualifier for the 2002 Asian Games to be staged in Busan, Korea this autumn. Regional Teams from all over China are taking part as well as competitors from Hong Kong, Chinese Taipei, Japan, Pakistan, Thailand and Australia.

Day 1: A light southerly breeze of 5>6 Knots allowed racing to get underway on schedule today. First
off were the Mistral Juniors followed by the Raceboard fleet both racing on the outer loop. 3rd to start were the Mistral women (inner loop) and finally the Mistral men (outer loop). The first two fleets away finished in a dying breeze however Qu Chun, the race officer, shortened course for the Mistral men & women at Mark 3 ensuring that the first races for all fleets were saved.
Competitors returned ashore under a one hour postponement. Sadly, the wind never returned so racing was abandoned for the day. There were no protests.

Day 2/3: No Racing. Light Airs

Day 4: After a long wait, one race for all fleets was successfully completed in 5 to 6 knots of breeze. In fact Qu Chun called the racers out at about 1330hrs and held them in the starting area for 2 hours, knowing that when the wind came it was not going to stay for very long. In fact this was exactly waht happened. As soon as the last finisher crossed the line, as if by magic the wind disappeared very quickly. Mercifully, the current such that there was was across the course.
Day 5: A lot of effort was put in by all involved in the infrastructure and behind the scenes at this big event. This was finally rewarded handsomely by some good wind! 8>10knots at 0900hrs which built to 12 knots in the afternoon. The first race of the day was run in semi-planing, mast track forward conditions. This built to full planing mast track back downwind reaches in the second and third. A series of 7 races out of a possible 10 max and a therefore a variety of conditions to test the racers fully. It has been a tough week for the organizers, especially Qu Chun, the race officer but he has made the right calls.
I've prepared the first competition 100% amateur in our country, this competition will be called "Expression Tour".
On this event, we will do an open and free competition for all those who love our sport, the competition will be "one hour to Express yourself".

We will put judges on the beach and the winner will be the guy or girl who makes the most radical moves during this hour, the winner will win the new NP Expression sail 6.2 free on each event. We will give another prize for the guy or girl without talent but with enthusiasm.

Our target about this event is to have again the enthusiasm for the windsurfing, and we want to give opportunities to the guys that are not sure to start on the national tour.


Now, S.A. Joan Ubide

Held just before the US Nationals in Corpus Christi Texas it is a great stop for Europeans who want to make a bit of a circuit out of it. Housing can be provided for travelling sailors on a first come first served basis. Please see web site for other travel information.

When: May 17,18,19 2002
Where: Newport Rhode Island, USA - yachting capital of North America
How: Fly into Providence Rhode Island T.F. Green State Airport (code PVD)
Who: All Formula classes and other US classes (see N.O.R. on web site)
More info: on our web site:
Address: 86 Aquidneck Avenue, Middletown, RI 02842-5660 U.S.A
Phone: 401-846-4421
Fax: 401-846-4485


Based on the results of a study of 634 nutritional supplements, the Medical Commission of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) today reissued its warning to athletes against their use.

Out of the 634 samples tested, 94 (14.8%) contained substances, non listed on any label, that would have led to a positive doping test. Out of these 94 samples, 23 contained precursors (building blocks) of both nandrolone and testosterone, 64 contained precursors of testosterone alone and 7 contained precursors of nandrolone alone.

In addition to these 94 samples, 66 others (10.4%) returned borderline results for various unlabeled substances.

The 634 non-hormonal nutritional supplements were gathered from 215 different providers in 13 countries from October 2000 to November 2001. Ninety-one percent of them were purchased in stores or over the Internet. The others were obtained from the manufacturers. The IOC-accredited laboratory in Cologne, Germany, tested all supplements.

Under the Olympic Movement's rule of strict liability, athletes are responsible for whatever substance is found in their bodies.

The IOC Medical Commission has been warning against the potential risks linked to the use of nutritional supplements since 1997. The lack of oversight existing in some countries has prompted the IOC to intervene and to recommend to athletes not to take such products.

While the IOC has issued its warnings to elite athletes and their entourages, especially due to their liability under doping control tests, the fact that the public is unknowingly ingesting the precursors to hormones should be a matter of public health concern.

The IOC hopes the results of this study demonstrate to governments and the industry the need for greater quality control to ensure substances not found on the label are not found in the product. The IOC Medical Commission recommends controls, similar to those pertaining to the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, be applied to the production of nutritional supplements.

The IOC also will recommend to National Olympic Committees (NOCs), International Federations (IFs) and Organizing Committees (OCOGs) that they adopt a cautious stance toward forming relationships with companies that produce nutritional supplements of which the quality cannot be guaranteed.
- IOC Website:
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