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2002 ISAF Conference - Main Decisions/Recommendations of the Windsurfing Committee
Posted On:  10/11/2002

1. 2004 Olympic Board - on the recommendation of Cliff Norbury, Chairman of the ISAF Sailor Committee, it is recommended to Council that the Mistral One Design be confirmed as the equipment to be used in Athens 2004, after Boards & More's successful resolution to the shortcomings identified in the 2002 Test Event. Boards & More made a presentation which included the examination of the improvements made to the Mistral One Design hull, the rails on which have been removed, thus making the board virtually leak proof.

2. The ISAF Windsurfing Committee are recommending to Council that a test event to identify potential new Olympic equipment should be staged next year, together with a potential evaluation group as proposed by the Windsurfing Classes.

3. Whilst the Windsurfing Committee welcomed joint proposals from the Classes to the ISAF Racing Rules Committee to be responsible for up-dating RRS Appendix B Sailboard Racing Rules, it considered that the most practical method of achieving this would be for the joint Classes, together with the PWA, to sit down and work out a detailed submission for consideration by the 2003 November Conference.

4. The Windsurfing Committee are recommending to Council that the MJOD Class become an International Class. The Windsurfer Class has asked ISAF to withdraw its International Status.

5. Class Rule changes -
That the Formula Windsurfing Class withdraw the submission to change the Class Rules was withdrawn as agreed at the FW AGM in Sylt.
MJOD Class Rules were approved.
That the Mistral One Design Class Rules submission was withdrawn pending re-examiniation in the light of the changes to the equipment - but a mechanism does exist within ISAF regulations where these can be approved by ISAF as soon as they are ready.

6. Class Reports were welcomed by the Committee, especially because they demonstrated the new atmosphere of active co-operation going on between all the Classes.

A detailed report will be circulated soon after the Conference finishes.
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