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Aloha Classic Wave Championships - Day 3
Posted On:  14/11/2004

November 11, 2004
Maui, Hawaii, USA

Paia, HI -- Today was the third day of competition for the 19th Aloha Classic at Ho'okipa Beach Park, Maui. Media representatives from Japan, the US, France, Austria, the UK and Germany as well as 300 fans and spectators at the beach and on the hill above the venue witnessed another day of true Aloha spirit and great windsurfing.

The day started with an increase of winds, gusting up to 20mph but slightly offshore and gusty. The wave height averages for the day were around 4' faces, with a growing swell as the contest progressed. To start off the Open Women were run in the morning and advancing into the third round semi finals were Motoko Sato, Marie Gicquel, Tatiana Howard, Ann-Marie Reichman,
Angela Cochran, Chihagi Chiu, Junko Nagoshi, and Jenny Schneider. The wind was really starting to increase and jumps were added to the repertoire, scoring two waves and one jump in the 10 minute heats, Sato and Cochran had solid victories in their heats and went into the final bustin big moves on the waves and nice aerial off the lips. In the end, Motoko Sato from Japan
won the Women's Open, ahead of Maui's Angela Cochran, Anne-Marie Reichmann from the Netherlands and Jenny Schneider from USA.

The men's masters saw well known sailors competing and putting on a great show. Putting on an amazing show on the waves was the hulking Anders Bringdal from Sweden who made it looks like the waves were bigger than they were and the wind stronger than it was. His aggressive style really threw him into the front of the pack by throwing massively tweaked aerials off the lip. It was clear that he still had the champion windsurfer within. Not to be out done Alex Aguera was clearly attacking at each opportunity with nice forward loops and smooth back loops. Anders at one point threw quite a stop action stalled forward loop that had the crowd rising to its feet. Bringdal ended on top, ahead of Maui resident Alex Aguera, Australian Luke Hargreaves and Yasuhito Ogasawara from Japan.

Luke Hargreaves (Australia): "It was great, really challenging conditions out there, light wind and small waves, it was fun windsurfing. It was a challenge in the way as it was difficult to perform well and the best people won. In my first heat I did a one-handed aerial off the lip. I was really enjoying it! The greatest thing is the whole spirit and atmosphere, especially with the kids being there to compete. They are the main reason why I am here, it's great that they go out and they really enjoy it. You
don't need perfect conditions to perform well; it's an even bigger challenge like this. I am totally stoked about this whole event so far! By the way, I was taking it easy on Anders [Bringdal] and Alex [Aguera], I only had a borrowed production board and sail, but I can't wait for next year, I will be back with my own custom boards!"

Alex Aguera (USA): "It's just like the old days, when we used to run in conditions like this and we had a great time. Many contests back in the old days were under these challenging conditions and we always thought it was good. But then they started bringing in more and more rules and started canceling heats and competitions. I am much happier with this format we are
having here at the Aloha Classic. The ASP surfing contests run in marginal conditions, that's just the way it is and it's cool! I really enjoyed today. Personally, I think my wave riding was better today than my jumps, I was really happy on my waves. All in all it was a lot of fun, I am running again tomorrow, and hope for another great day. What really inspired me, were the
kids. They are just great and they already motivated more kids who were here today with their parents to start or improve their windsurfing. Even my daughter, who normally likes surfing more, wants to start windsurfing now having been here and seeing the kid's rock today. What I like most about this event is having all different age groups. Some of the Grand Masters
haven't been competing in like 15 years. It's cool to ride with guys I used to compete with long ago, like early 80's.."

The Women's Masters Division was also started and had the heats showing some rivals from the Women's Open Division. Kelly Moore was truly putting on a show with her aerial maneuvers in the light conditions. She has not competed let alone windsurfed in quite a while and was quite inspired by her performance. One of the events top women, Angela Cochran was really pulling out the stops in showing her dominance. This four time winner, and having finished second in the Women's open didn't stop Maui's Angela Cochran from chasing for more. She won the Women's Masters Division, ahead of Jenny Schneider, Kelley Moore (US) and Francesca Tartaglia (Italy).

The Mens Open began with the best conditions of the day starting in mid afternoon. Advancing into the second round so far includes: Josh Stone, Marco Bosi, Leo Ray, David Irwin, Kai Katchadorian, Sean Ordonez, Jake Miller, Baptiste Gossein, and Alex Aguera. Three more rounds remain until the cliff hanging Mens Open Final.

The 19th Aloha Classic Wave Championships will conclude tomorrow with the completion of the Men's Open, the Men's Grandmasters and the Junior Finals. An early start is planned with the early wind and waves expected. Competitors shall meet at 9AM at Ho'okipa Beach Park, Skippers meeting is at 09.30AM. According to the forecast, wind as well as waves will increase
compared to today which should make it a great day to watch the final day of this years "revival" edition of the Aloha Classic.

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