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One small step for man but one giant leap for windsurfing
Posted On:  27/10/2002
All classes contact e-mail addresses have now been made even more simple and easy to remember. Just put the name or initials of the class you want to contact before and your e-mail will reach the right person. Here are the addresses and the name of the person who will receive your e-mail: Marc Cardon Aloha Class Chairman Ceri Williams IFWC Class Chairman Bruno de Wannemaeker IFCA Class Chairman Rory Ramsden IMCO Class Secretary Rory Ramsden MJOD Class Secretary Phil McGain PWA Chairman Rory Ramsden Raceboard Class Secretary Rory Ramsden IWA Executive Secretary Annie Smith IWA Administration Secretary

and if you have a question to address to a measurer simply send to and all ISAF International Measurers approved by windsurfing classes will receive your mail and respond asap.
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