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Masters, Youth and Junior Worlds, Bulgaria
Posted On:  04/08/2004
Mistral Youth and Junior World Championships
Aloha and Master Raceboard Class
Nessebar, Bulgaria, July 31 to August 8 2004


Nessebar - With a wind of 10 knots sailed yesterday the 240 athletes coming from all the five continents for the first race of the Mistral Youth and Junior Championships held in Nessebar, Bulagaria, by the Black Sea.

Record of presences for this event that opens the month of the Olympic Games in Athens and where once again the Mistral One Design confirmed itself as world leader windsurfing equipment.

Full satisfaction for Peter Krimbacher, president of the IWA. "It's very important the presence of so many young competitors today that confirms how much windsurfing can be intersting and attracting. The Bulgarian organization is also very good and all people here are working hard to make this event a great festival of sport".

The actual leader of the youth ranking is David Robertson from New Zealand, who won the only race of yesterday for this category. At the second place Byron Kokalanis (Greece) followed by the israeli Zubari Shahar. Penalized by a mistake, the italian Federico Esposito, recent winner of the italian championship, who is actually in fourth position.

After two races the polish Lukasz Grodzicki (3 1) keeps the first place in the junior ranking tha counts 61 partecipants. The italian Fabian Heidegger (1 4) follows him with just one point more with Pierre Le Coq in third position.

The spanish Marina Alabau is the leader of youth female ranking followed by Flavia Tartaglini and Solenn Gourard, while in the junior category the two italians Martina Fisco and Laura Linares keeps the first two positions behind the polish Malgorzata Bialecka.

Oliver-Tom Schliemann, Marc Noesmoen and Guido Carli the first three athletes in the Aloha ranking.

In the Raceboard Masters World Championship, after one race, the actual world champion, Paco Wirz is the leader, followed by the french Bernard Buren and the german Moritz Reismann.

Kristian Guttadauro

Mistral Youth Men:
1. NZL-414 David Robertson (1) 1 - New Zealand
2. GRE-8 Byron Kokalanis (2) 2 - Greece
3. ISR-11 Zubari Shahar (3) 3 - Israel

Mistral Youth Women:
1. ESP-5 Marina Albau Neira (1) 1 - Spain
2. ITA-46 Flavia Tartaglini (2) 2 - Italy
3. FRA-12 Solenn Gourand (3) 3 - France

Mistral Junior Boys:
1. POL-738 Lukasz Grodzicki (3 1) 4 - Poland
2. ITA-110 Fabian Heidegger (1 4)) 5 - Italy
3. FRA-377 Pierre Le Coq (2 3) 5 - France

Mistral Junior Girls:
1. ITA-32 Fisco Martina (1 2) - Italy
2. ITA-54 Linares Laura - (3 1) - Italy
3. POL-721 Bialecka Malgorzata (2 3) - Poland

1. ESP-19 Oliver Tom Schliemann (2 1) 3 - Spain
2. C-4157 Marc Noesman (1 5) 6
3. ITA-11 Guido Carli (4 2) 6 - Italy

1. ESP-19 Paco Wirz (1) 1 - Italy
2. FRA-881 Bernard Bouren (2) 2 - France
3. GER-91 Moritz Reismann (3) 3 - Germany

Complete RESULTS:

Mistral Under 20, total competitors n. 103 (boys 73, girls 29)
Mistral Under 17 total competitors n. 78 (boys 56, girls 22)
Raceboard n. 29
Aloha n. 22

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