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News Item
"Doski", the first Russian illustrated board magazine
Posted On:  25/07/2003
Dear colleagues,
> We are glad to invite you!
> Russian board web-site "Doski" ("Boards") has opened a
column in English. It is made especially for our foreign friends to be able
to learn Russia's sporting events at first hand.
> News in English at our web-site consists of articles covering contests,
festivals, places for riding, trips, interviews with riders and lifestyle as
it is. If you think that we don't know what a board is, you are badly
mistaken! Surfing, windsurfing, kiteboarding, wakeboarding, snowboarding,
longboarding, skateboarding and skysurfing - we ride every board - on snow,
water, land and even in the sky. We live in a huge country, where every
minute is an event.
> If you are interested, welcome to the English column at our site
> A little bit about us:
> "Doski", the first Russian illustrated board magazine and web-site
including news in English, was launched in October, 2000. Today it is the
most popular magazine and web-site about sporting boards and the
corresponding lifestyle. The "DOSKI" magazine and web-site are intended for
people of different age and social status, who lead an active life.
> Circulation: 16 000.
> Periodicity: 6 issues a year.
> Web-site:
> We are ready for any co-operation with you: news, articles, photos
exchange, advertising, etc. If you have ideas to share or questions to ask -
be so kind as to write to Ms Evguenia Efimova: ,

> Best regards,
> Margarita Nikolaevskaya, editor-in-chief.
> Evguenia Efimova, editor.
> "BOARDS" ("DOSKI") Magazine and website.
> Office 1810, Novodmitrovskaya Street, 5A, Moscow, Russia
> Tel.: +7 (095) 787-3617, 787-3443
> E-mail:, ,

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