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News Item
Notes from the ISAF website on the recent ISAF ExCom meeting
Posted On:  19/02/2003
The Executive Committee confirmed that further to the decision taken in November 2002 that the new specification Mistral Boards (those manufactured after 1 January 2003) must be used at the 2004 Olympic Regatta, only the new specification boards must be used at the 2003 ISAF World Sailing Championship.

Evaluation Trials - Reviewing arrangements for the evaluation trials, taking place to assess future multihulls in the Youth Worlds, and Windsurfing trials to identify potential equipment for the Olympic Games, the most suitable timeframe and venues were considered. With a number of potential venues on the table, suggestions were afoot to combine the evaluation trials and hold them in late 2003 or Spring 2004. A final decision is expected in the next two to three months. Information has already been published on the Multihull Trials, with further details to be posted shortly.

Promotion of Sailing - The ISAF President has personally taken onboard the mantle to promote the sport as a whole and the role the various partners in our sport ISAF, Member National Authorities, Classes, boat and equipment manufacturers, commercial sailing schools/holiday companies and others play to support the ongoing development and participation in sailing. The recent Sailing Summit in Australia concluded the need for ISAF to take the lead and the ISAF President will be coming forward with initial proposals at the forthcoming 2003 ISAF Mid-Year Meetings.
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