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No wind but hardcore party at the MONDIAL DU VENT Leucate 2006
Posted On:  24/04/2006

Also on the second day of the Windsurfing Euro-Cup MONDIAL DU VENT Leucate
the wind refused to co-operate. The whole day the flags barely moved and the
sea remained glassy. At least the sun blessed the event with nice sunshine.
The no action day gave the racers a very welcome chance to recover from the
intense party program the night before. Two parties pushed some of the
racers to their physical party limits.

After the first day without wind the competitors, organization and numerous
guests headed to the Naish Pasta Party which was held open air in the
“L’Albatros” which is close to the event venue. Surrounded by spectacular
video action and live DJ music all variants of pasta were served.

Later the Gun Sails Party in the club “El Chupito” attracted several of the
famous guests. Motivated by pushing beats and gogo and striptease dancers
the guests were not able to refuse the consummation of several alcoholic
drinks which further kicked the atmosphere. Late in the night the traces of
several racers were lost somewhere in the nightlife of Leucate which
presented itself in the best possible form.

After this hardcore party night most racers were quite happy about the
further rest that was granted to them by the wind. The numerous visitors of
the Mondial du Vent enjoyed the big program of Wind Expo, interviews, shows
and music even without music.

For the coming days the forecast improved: The meteorologists as well as the
locals expect the famous Tramontana wind on Tuesday afternoon but latest on
Wednesday. When this wind finally kicks in we can expect spectacular slalom
action at the Mondial du Vent in Leucate.

We can look forward to an interesting competition season as the rivalry
between the top racers, namely Speed World Record holder Finian Maynard
(KV-11, F2, Neil Pryde) and the current IFCA Slalom Vice World Champion
Björn Dunkerbeck (ESP-11, T1, North Sails) became obvious.
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