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Neil Pryde RS:X Update
Posted On:  18/04/2005

Following on from the appointment of the Neil Pryde RS:X as the new Olympic Windsurfing boards and rigs, Neil Pryde Ltd. would like to provide a status report.

Since the ISAF Evaluation event in September 2004 from which the RS:X board was selected the equipment has been fine tuned. At the request of ISAF, Neil Pryde Ltd. has worked with its partners to produce a board that will be durable, have good shape stability over time and stand up to the rigors of an Olympic campaign.

Some of these modifications have contributed to an increased board weight whilst adding to the durability and performance of the board. The length of the board has increased from 2790mm to 2860mm the centreboard has been lengthened to improve light wind performance and tracking, with this increase also comes the need for extra structural reinforcement; foot strap locations have been established to better handle a wide range of sailor sizes, the fin box and centerboard have been strengthened and their sizes finalized; an upgraded mast track that is able to hold the load of the RS:X sails has been identified and the final sail designs have been completed.

The basic board weight has been increased to 15.5kg. Production of the boards is underway with the final moulds, all of which have been inspected on-site by ISAF. The boards have been sailed in a wide range of conditions by the Neil Pryde test team, Formula sailors and Olympians themselves, all with very positive and excited feedback.

Neil Pryde Ltd. would like to assure everyone involved with the RS:X project that the performance of these boards will be a new fresh start for windsurfing as a whole.

Best Regards,
Neil Pryde Windsurfing

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