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Archive News: IMCO
News Item
Opening Ceremony for Mistral Europeans in Front of Rock Concert!
Posted On:  08/09/2002

Today the Grand Opening took place. At the 3 Beachmania, a very famous Beachparty with Rockconcerts in Austria, the 223 Participants from 30 countries were cheered by a huge croud. All Nations were gathered and made an olympic opening by marching in in front of the stage.

Rory Anderson, Clemens Kellner (President of the Austrian Sailing Federation), the Austrian Vice Chancellor Dr. Susanne Riess- Passer and the Sports Chairman of Burgenland climbed the stage to present the thousands of party people the Mistral Family.

After that Christoph Sieber, olympic Gold medallist in 2000 Mistral Men, announced his retirement from the olympic surfing. Hi said he will try to start an Kite carrer now and force his project, the "sailing for peace", where he brings surfers from enimised countries together to surf.

Racing will start tomorrow at 11 A.M!
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