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Archive News: Aloha
News Item
Ezio speaks of a new period of development
Posted On:  08/10/2004

A Statement from the new chairman of the Under 15 Windsurfing Class
(formerly the Aloha Class)

To begin an official message is always quite hard, but fortunately a " friend " sent me an e-mail which included Paul Elvstrom's observation: "It is much harder to build a class structure than design a new boat."

This summer in Bulgaria, I was the test manager for the Aloha Class Equipment Evaluation; We did not design the new board and rigs, we just evaluated them! Anyhow, it was not easy, in fact it was a hard job.
(Click on for the full report)

Now, I have been elected Chairman of the Class and I am very proud that your committee have demonstrated such trust in me. At the same time, I have mixed emotions; I feel confident because of the motivated people around me; glad because of the immediate interest shown in the new equipment by countries like Austria, the UK and Germany; and nervous because I know how much more hard work has to be done; as Paul Elvstrom said building the class will not be easy!

Our first aim is to clearly define our role in the world of windsurfing. This is to become a world wide Class dedicated to building racing programmes for boys and girls under the age of 15 years old in support of their ambitions to, one day, race in the Olympic regatta. The new equipment we have chosen lends itself perfectly to this target and is referred to in the ISAF Olympic Equipment Evaluation Report.

I am sure that the key to our success as a class will be our willingness to co-operate whilst sticking to our established core principles; working closely with Bic Sport; having good relations with MNAs around the world; and working hard to face the challenges thrust apon us by the realities of today and tomorrow.

I especially look forward to creating great regattas where everyone will have great fun and build great friendships.

Best Regards
Ezio Ferin

P.S. There is no time to lose, there's lots to do !........ ( it is always time to surf........)
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