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Archive News: Aloha
News Item
Aloha AGM
Posted On:  11/08/2005
A very lively AGM, which lasted a little over two hours, was chaired by Ezio Ferin yesterday evening (Wednesday 10 August) at Sopot.

Benoit Treguilly of Bic Sport was present to hear all the views expressed by not just voting delegates and committee members but also friends and supporters. With the wholehearted backing of Bic Sport and the enthusiasm shown by everyone at the meeting, the future of the new Class looks exciting, and the key motive is for kids all around the world to have fun!

Key points arising from the meeting:

The Class AGM approved an applicaton to ISAF Council to become an ISAF International Class.
The Class will adopt a wider age range with under 15 and under 17 age categories
The Class will adopt an approved list of rigs and the Class Committee will manage the system

And the new name for the Class . . . Techno 293 Class!

Full minutes will be published soon

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