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Spark7 Surfworldcup pres. by Eskimo, Podersdorf
Posted On:  09/05/2005

Strong Winds and very motivated riders turned the lake into the freestyle meka !

Podersdorf, saw the highest freestyle level which was ever shown on the lake during this four days of the efpt competition. After a very hard party on Saturday night, where the double elimination could be finished there was no race on Sunday. The racedirector started a supersession at 1 pm where all the riders got the chance to express themselves on the water for one more time.

The main actors in Podersdorf have been Kevin Mevissen (JP/NP), Andre Paskowski (F2/North Sails), Remko de Werd (Fanatic/Gaastra), Norman Günzlein (JP/NP), Andreas Olanderson (JP/NP) and Thomas Traversa (Tabou/Gaastra).

Thomas (Tabou/Gaastra) made his way through the double ladder won round by round, presenting freestyle on it’s highest level. Planning Flakas, Ponch, Punetas are standard in his repertoire and guys like Jonas Schmidt (Naish), Leo Ray (Naish), Matteo Guazzoni (RRD/Simmer) had to pay their tribute to that. In his Semifinal run Thomas (Tabou/Gaastra) was facing Norman Günzlein (JP/NP) and again he pulled of a fireworks on freestyle moves never shown that perfect on the Lake. As he was not sure whether he was using a custom or production board Norman brought in a protest and as Thomas explained that he is using a custom board he got disqualified from this heat.

Later on the situation got solved as the headjudge found out that Thomas (Tabou/Gaastra) was using a 2006 preproduction board which he is allowed to use.

Remko de Werd (Fanantic/Gaastra) finishing the single elimination on 3rd position was fighting against Norman (JP/NP) for the finals, but the dutch rider made it clear from the beginning who will continue in this heat. Puneta Diablo, planning Flakas and very clean switch stance moves made the decision not to difficult for the judges, so Remko (Fanatic/Gaastra) moved on in the ladder facing german champion Andre Paskowski (F2/North Sails) in the next round.

Remko (Fanatic/Gaastra) tried everything in his heat against Andre (F2/North Sails) to move on to the super final, but Andre sailed more save in the very windy and choppy conditions so that Andre took his chance to take revenge for loosing the single elimination.

In the first heat of the final it seemed that Andre (F2/North Sails) fights back and a row of clean landed and planning moves gave him the victory in the victory so that another heat was necessary for the final decision.

Kevin (JP / NP) stayed cool and pulled out the best performance shown on the lake ever, superfast planning flakas, as well as puneta diablo in more than 30 knots of wind brought him the title of the event in Podersdorf.
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