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EFPT - RHODOS, Prasonisi Freestyle Battle
Posted On:  06/06/2005

Again a great Event in the Pro Centre of Christoph Kirschner in Prasonisi!!!

After the third day the double Elimination was done and the decision was really close, again…

There were some great surprises which nearly none would have expected before of this event. First big surprise was that nearly all riders showed up at 10 am at the skippers meeting but as the conditions were really good it was clear that the double would go through during this day.

Something about 18 knots from the north were hitting the beach and as the guys showed up all of the tourists knew that they would get a real good action to watch during the next 3 hours – they were right. Most of the competitors couldn’t await their heats and began to show the crowds what 2005 freestyle is all about and even were it would go in the next years.

It started with the Israeli guys, Cohen and Shapira, which advanced in the next round. Both showed a nice performance doing most of the new manoeuvres. It was great to have them here again, all hope that they are motivated even more right now and start to follow the tour all over Europe.

Also some Italian guys were competing at their best level, they were firing their moves on the water and Franciosi (RRD / NP), had a fixed place in front of the Judge Tower doing all the stuff in front of their eyes. So he made his way through the ladder and finished in 9th position.

The best of the “Italian group” was again Andrea Rossati (RRD / NP), who finished on the 7th Place after beating Mattia Pedrani (Mistral/North Sails) he was stopped by Michael Rossmeier (F2/Arrows).

Michi (F2/Arrows) was held up on his way by Chris Sammer (F2/Austria) who had a great day on the water and advanced to the 4th Place. Bad luck for some guys which were standing in his way.

Andre Paskowski (F2/North Sails) was the one to stop him and he did it in an impressive way, he showed punettas, grubbys on both sides, some classic moves and had overall the better heat.

The Contest ended for Andre (F2/North Sails) as he met Tonki Frans (F2/Gaastra) in his next Heat, Tonki’s (F2/Gaastra) sailing was insane.

Although both were amazing and showed some great Action without even falling oce into the water, Tonki (F2/Gaastra) was the man to advance. So after this heat the Final was again: Tonky (F2/Gaastra) vs Kevin (JP/NP), like the day before.

Kevin Mevissen (JP/NP) seemed relaxed, fully powered and he was!!! The boys were fighting it up like maniacs, the judges needed some new pens after this heat because each one of them made an huge amount of tricks. The water was already kind choppy but after this heat every little chop was ripped up. Again close Tonky (F2/Gaastra) took the lead and they had to go in the super final. The guys were moving upwind in the 8 min. transition like it was no competition at all, kidding and laughing all over the way. As the green flag moved up and the last heat of the day began the beach was completely quiet, everyone’s eyes were on the last two guys in the area.

And they did it again, they were showing unbelievable stuff, extreme stylish and all moves were made with an amazing speed fully planning. Tonky (F2/Gaastra) had the longest planning willy skipper in the history of Rhodos and showed a ponch in front of the judges which made all other riders go crazy. Kevins (JP/NP) “shove it into spock” was equally crazy but after 5 min heat time the decision was a bit clearer as the one before. Tonky (F2/Gaastra) took the Victory in the “Prasonisi Freestyle Battle” which his amazing, sort of “I don’t care at all” Style.

The Result was announced at the party in front of the Pro Center “Christoph Kirschner” were all Riders were celebrating and showing their abilities in “Party Behaviour”.

Most Riders left Prasonisi on Sunday on their way to Paros, the next tour stop in Greece.

Overall it was a fantastic event with amazing conditions and a lot of fun for everybody. We thank Christoph and his Team for a great time in Rhodos, we will be back next year for sure!!!

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