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Robby Naish, Jim Drake and Hoyle Schweitzer are voted into the PWA Hall of Fame for 2002
Posted On:  08/11/2002

These 3 names are synonymous with windsurfing and helped to mold windsurfing into its current form. The three inductees together portray a complete picture of windsurfing. Jim Drake for inventing the sport, Hoyle Schweitzer for bringing windsurfing to the masses in the form of production boards and Robby Naish by showing us what could be done on a windsurfer.

FATHER OF WINDSURFING. On May 15 1967 in Marina del Rey, California, Jim took the first step on the first windsurfer that he designed and built in his Santa Monica garage.

Born 38 years earlier in Hollywood, California, he graduated from Stanford University to become an aeronautical engineer for what was then called North American Aviation. His carrier took him to the Pentagon, the Rand Corporation and lastly R and D Associates, a technical studies firm he helped found. He, with help of course, developed the first designs of what became the X-15, the B-70 and the cruise missile. Now retired, he still consults with the Pentagon but more importantly with Starboard where the concept of the ultra-wide short board, known as the Formula, was born. He and his late wife, Wendy, bore six children. He and his second wife, Sam, have between them eight children and sixteen grandchildren. They now live in North Carolina but travel frequently to Bangkok, Paris, Rome and Hawaii in pursuit of his technical infatuation with water borne, wind powered sports.

Born 23rd March 1963. Living Legend! He is the true windsurfing ambassador. Robby has won multiple world titles over the years (world champion 1983-91). He is still pushing the limits of windsurfing today with new moves like the "table top push loop". Robby has shown us time and time again what it takes to be a consummate professional. Robby Naish is also the owner of Naish International, manufacturers of Windsurfing and Kitesurfing equipment.
Overall World Champion 1983-87 (Pre PWA)

Born April 8 1933, Los Angeles, Ca. Graduated Pomona College, B.A.
Economics, 1955. Married to Diane Pardue.
Hoyle co-developed the sailboard with James Drake in 1967. He is known as the man who brought windsurfing to the masses. He manufactured the Windsurfer and was the first to promote one design racing. Hoyle will always be known as the joint inventor of the windsurfer and the man who brought windsurfing into the public eye. He is now retired and living in Maui and Georgian Bay, Canada
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