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Posted On:  18/08/2018 13:45:35

Thermal winds to the rescue on the fourth competition day here at the 2018 IFCA Grand Prix Croatia - JYM European Championships. The first eliminations for Youth and Men were completed in winds from 11 to 14 knots.

Enrico Marotti currently leads the Men's division.  "I am happy to be back on the race course after my ankle injury, on one side I still feel a little pain but that does not slow me down. I was expecting these championships to be difficult with the light forecast, I was ready to fight, I feel great and powerful and was able to use that. Tomorrow is another day and I will give my all. ......( more )
Posted On:  17/08/2018 11:34:55

The third competition day started with the usual laid-back attitude. At noon the thermal wind shifted to the regular wind direction earlier then expected, which was a good sign for some racing in the afternoon. And so it was,  with less clouds, more sunshine then yesterday and the excitement level to the max, as competitors headed out for the first time during this scheduled event in winds from 11 to 13 knots. The Women completed 1 full fleet race. ......( more )

Posted On:  15/08/2018 11:24:53

The second stage of the 2018 IFCA Grand Prix Series in Bol, Brac, Croatia has officially started at the Zoo Station Bol Surf & Sup Center.  A total of 58 competitors from 16 countries - (Austria, Aruba, Curacao, Croatia, Estonia, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Slovenia, Serbia, Turkey) - registered for the 2018 IFCA Grand Prix Croatia which includes the 2018 IFCA Junior, Youth and Masters European Championships in the Slalom discipline.......( more )

Posted On:  12/08/2018 08:59:01

Following yesterday's storms, today, the final day of the regatta, dawned flat calm, and stayed that way until past the point when it was possible to launch any racing.

But given the effort all the young sailors have put in over 5 days in very mixed and at times testing conditions, they deserved a day off, even if they would have preferred to sail. ......( more )
Posted On:  10/08/2018 17:55:46

This was the last full day of racing in Liepaja, as the Race Committee wanted to run enough races today for all fleets to leave just 1 more race tomorrow to close the proceedings. Nerves were jangling, for the competitors because that meant an intense session that could decide everything, and for the Committee because the forecast was for thunder storms!......( more )

Posted On:  10/08/2018 17:08:59

The British windsurfer sailed at 37.29 knots during the La Palme Speed Masters 2018, in the south of France.

Davis, who held the record for nearly 12 years, saw her mark of 34.74 knots being smashed by Heidi Ulrich at the French event. On July 16, the Swiss windsurfer improved Zara's world record after sailing at 35.91 knots.......( more )
Posted On:  10/08/2018 16:28:22

Just 70 days until the 2018 Techno 293 European Championships to be hosted by the Nautical Athletic Club Vari, Varkiza near Athens, Greece, from 20th to 27th October.

Varkiza, is a district of Vari in the Attica region. In 1968 it was renamed Alianthos, but the oldest name (Varkiza) is still in use. It belongs administratively to the municipality of Vari - Voula - Vouliagmeni. ......( more )
Posted On:  10/08/2018 16:10:10

The AGM of the International Funboard Class Association will take place on Wednesday 12th September in Hvide Sande, during the 2018 World Championships. The exact time and place shall be published on the Official Notice Board at the event.

Proposals to amend the Class Rules or the Class Constitution shall be sent to the class secretary no later than the 15th August. ......( more )
Posted On:  10/08/2018 15:03:32

An incredibly enjoyable day for everyone today, with perfect side-shore conditions, peaking at about 20 knots during the morning session, then calming down to a steady 11 knots as the day's full-on racing came to a conclusion.

Racing was split over two areas, both on an "M" course for the most part, and all the young competitors rose to the occasion and conditions, with some intense action on the slalom sections, always great sport in the right conditions. ......( more )
Posted On:  09/08/2018 11:15:51

Over 300 young competitors from all over the world have made the journey to Liepaja, Latvia, with entrants from as far afield as Japan, Peru, Oman, Hong Kong, Australia, Brazil, Singapore, Argentina, America and China, as well as a large number of European countries.

Competition has been continuous for 3 days now and the conditions have been near-perfect for racing, with 12 - 16 knot winds and bright sunshine sweeping across the wide sandy beaches of this Baltic coast. All the classes have seen action every day. ......( more )
Posted On:  07/08/2018 08:51:57

The Championship got underway today in good winds of 15-18 knots. After yesterday's test session and given the forecast the organisers decided to hold all the racing in one area, rather than two.

Racing was continuous, but the onshore conditions were challenging, for the competitors and for the race committee! ......( more )

Posted On:  06/08/2018 11:52:49

Following on from the previous evening's fun-filled parade and opening ceremony, 314 competitors faced challenging conditions for Sunday's practice race. A thunderstorm delayed proceedings before the race committees could leave the harbour and set their courses. ......( more )

Posted On:  15/07/2018 10:20:07

After Antony Ruenes in 2015, Steven Van Broeckhoven (Gunsails/JP) in 2016 and Jacopo Testa (RRD/RRD) in 2017, the Belgian freestyle superstar Yentel Caers (JP) took victory in the 2018 edition of the EFPT Lanzarote. After two extremely exciting double eliminations, with tight races and high scores dropping heat after heat, the JP rider could mark down his second EFPT win within a week.......( more )

Posted On:  11/07/2018 13:36:35

After six days of racing, with unstable weather and wind, the IFCA Slalom Youth & Master World Championships ended at Circolo Surf Torbole, on Garda Trentino.

A lot of work for all the staff of Circolo Surf Torbole but also for the two Race Committees chaired by Claudio Alessandrello and Ezio Ferin, always ready to catch the wind, even in the very early morning of the last day of racing. Despite the efforts done on Saturday, trying to race both in the early morning with north wind and the afternoon with the south one,......( more )
Posted On:  11/07/2018 12:30:58

The ISWC Speed World Championships hosted by the Dunkerbeck Speed Championships, on behalf of the class, had to overcome some local difficulties displaying their event at the proposed site at Sotavento. This turned out to be a huge stroke of luck. Bjorn Dunkerbeck and his team managed to improve the event by moving to different locations on the island of Fuerteventura. ......( more )

Posted On:  06/07/2018 16:12:01

"28 races - this is the most that has ever, ever been in a competition before," Steve said after today, continuing "I'm fighting with my body, I'm finished. I was really focused on doing a good result today, because I don't want to race tomorrow. I'm tired. I cannot win in Formula and I can't drop from first in Foil. I'm just looking forward to resting."

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Posted On:  05/07/2018 19:58:56

One of Poland's top windsurfers and bronze medalist from the Olympic Games in London Przemek Miarczynski is enjoying the FWC championships in Puck

Posted On:  04/07/2018 09:28:18

Two eliminations completed for the Juniors and Girls divisions, one elimination for the Youths and Masters. 

French competitors on top in the Junior, Youth and Girl divisions - Andrea Cucchi, the athlete of Circolo Surf Torbole is the event leader among Masters. ......( more )

Video Recap Day #4 - 2018 IFCA GRAND PRIX CROATIA

Thermal winds to the rescue on the fourth competition day here at the 2018 IFCA Grand Prix Croatia, European Championship JYM Day 4 in Motion by Trio Stories Zoo Station Bol surf & sup center Bol - SymBol of the Adriatic World of windsurf

Posted by IFCA on Friday, 17 August 2018
BIC TECHNO 293 and BIC TECHNO 293 + WORLDS 2018 - Day 6

Each one of the 78 races during this championship was different. Fun and fair racing on the one design equipment for all with the best in each category on the podium today...

Posted by International Techno 293 Class Association on Saturday, 11 August 2018






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