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COMPLETED - iQFOiL International Games . . . 2021 Techno293 Calendar Announced

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Posted On:  05/11/2020 12:05:06

Back in January the Techno 293 OD was looking at another full year programme of local, national and international events, culminating in a showcase World Championships at the legendary spot of Torbole on Italy’s beautiful Lake Garda. Since its inception, Techno 293 OD has grown exponentially, first in its home country of France, and then very quickly throughout the sailing world. .......(more)

Posted On:  29/10/2020 13:40:43

With a splendid day of sun and wind from the north, the Techno 293 international event began at the Circolo Surf Torbole, on Garda Trentino, replacing the World Class Championship postponed to 2021.  About eighty participants, at least half of the expected, but the organizing club, certainly understanding those who could not be present, is still committed to maintaining this important appointment, especially because it is reserved for young people. ...... ( more )

Posted On:  25/10/2020 09:34:04

A drizzly and slow wake up on the last morning of the IQFOiL International Games in Campione, Lake Garda, but the sun, just like the excitement, was just behind a thin layer of clouds, as the knock-out Medal Series were in sight.

A revolutionary system for the next-to-be Olympic sail board, with three races for the top 12 of the Opening Series: a Quarter Final among riders from 12th to 5th, four then access to Semi Final joining the 4th and 3rd overall, and the first two to cross the finishing line go on to compete in a winner-takes-all Grand Final race with the 2nd and 1st of the Opening series. (...... more)
Posted On:  24/10/2020 09:45:38

Day 4 ended up being a forced rest day for the almost 200 riders coming from 29 nations for the first big, global event of the Paris 2024 Olympic sail board, organised on Lake Garda, by Univela Sailing, Societa Velica Garda Salo and the iQ Foil Class.

The thick clouds didn't allow the morning North wind to pick up, nor the Southerly breeze to fill in, the rains fell relentlessly all day on the sails and boards on the huge, and soaked, grass field by the yacht club. ......( more )
Posted On:  23/10/2020 10:47:25

Another picture perfect morning at Univela Sailing in Campione, Lake Garda.  Three formats, equally sailed until today, Course (windward-leeward) to be sailed when over 10 knots, Slalom (rounding three or four marks) preferred when below 10 knots, and a Marathon (one long distance race worth two points on the scoreboard).

Day three started as usual with the North wind 'Peler' coming down strong at 12-16 knots allowing both the Men's Gold fleet and the Women two exciting and fair Course races, ......(more)
Posted On:  22/10/2020 09:50:54

Plenty of races in the books on Day two of the the iQFOiL International Games at Univela Sailing in Campione, Lake Garda, consolidating its reputation of an ideal spot for sailing. 

The morning began as planned with the women starting at 9:30 for the Marathon race, one of the three formats of the new Olympic sail board; the men followed in right after at 9:40. The wind was very light when everybody arrived to the club before racing, but it picked up as the sun came up from behind the tall mountains that surround the beautiful Italian lake, burning away the morning fog.  ...... ( more )

Posted On:  21/10/2020 08:08:36

Fierce competition on day one of the IQFoil International Games in Campione, Lake Garda, for the almost 200 riders coming from 29 nations, at what it was supposed to be the first IQFoil World Championship for the Paris 2024 Olympic sail board.  [more]

Posted On:  06/10/2020 10:44:45

On his appointment Ansis commented:

"I am honoured and excited to have been appointed to work together with such distinguished fellow Executive Committee members and our class manager, Gonzalo Costa Hoevel. I very much look forward to further engaging with all our current and prospective MNAs, with World Sailing, Starboard and other potential manufacturers, to set the course and future of the class which we all feel is a very exciting one. ......( more )
Posted On:  02/10/2020 16:50:26

We are truly sorry to hear of the loss of Marco Rossi.  

We have been honoured and blessed to have known him for many years. Marco has worked tirelessly behind the scenes as the Techno293 National Coordinator in Italy and also as a member of the Techno293 Executive Committee.

Never in the spotlight, Marco made things happen, for the benefit of so many of us. He was gentle, helpful and kind, a great friend. His legacy will live on.  ......( more )

Posted On:  28/09/2020 18:42:05

We know you've all missed racing at international events this year, as have we. As we await the 2021 championships our host Circolo Surf Torbole and the Italian T293 Class Association would like to invite those of you who can, to come to the TORBOLE 2020 WINDSURFING INTERNATIONAL EVENT. ......( more )

Posted On:  23/09/2020 09:07:23

After consultation with World Sailing the iQFOiL Class would like to announce the iQFOiL World Championships will be renamed and held as the 2020 iQFOiL International Games. The event will take place as scheduled 19th to 24th October 2020 in Campione del Garda, Provincia di Brescia, Italy.

The NoR/Sailing Instructions will follow in the upcoming days.






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