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ENTRY LIST 23/09/15

LAST Name First Name(s) Sail # Gender Date of Birth National Class Association Techno 293 Division T293 Plus Division RS:X Division National Techno 293 (u15) Payment Status
To Ming Yan HKG-14 Male 29/05/98 WAHK Youth (u19) Completed
Leung Ho Tsun HKG-2 Male 20/10/90 WAHK Men Completed
Kikabhoy Rafeek HKG-20 Male 26/06/97 WAHK Youth (u19) Completed
Cheng Ching Yin HKG-21 Male 10/08/99 WAHK Youth (u17) Completed
Cheung Tin Yu, Earl HKG-22 Male 14/02/00 WAHK Youth (u17) Completed
Leung Tsz Chung HKG-23 Male 11/01/97 WAHK Youth (u19) Completed
Leung Pui Hei HKG-25 Male 03/07/00 WAHK Youth (u17) Completed
Cheng Ho Yin HKG-36 Male 30/04/99 WAHK Youth (u17) Completed
Lee Chun Ting HKG-6 Male 09/02/95 WAHK Men Completed
Kishimoto Kakeru JPN Male 09/04/15 Open (a17)
Niichi Hara JPN Male 01/02/06   3.5 Completed
? ?? JPN Male 01/02/06 3.5
Iwata Soma JPN Male 27/01/05   4.5 Completed
Ejiri Kosuke JPN Male 16/03/06 4.5 Completed
Muraoka Rei JPN Male 18/11/05 5.5 Completed
Baba Kuuri JPN Male 13/12/06 4.5 Completed
Miyake Kota JPN-10-10 Male 03/07/93 Men Part Paid
Enami Shuto JPN-10-11 Male 19/08/93 Men  Part Paid
Ryota Imai JPN-1018 Male   3.5 Completed
Jun Ogawa JPN-111 Male 23/06/87 Men Completed
Ishii Kairu JPN-1111 Male 08/08/02 JSAF   4.5 Completed
Yougo Saitou JPN-1151 Male 08/11/02 JWA Junior (u15) Completed
Kakeru Kishimoto JPN-1158 Male 09/04/94 1^4 Open (a17) Men  Part Paid
Shota Kimura JPN-1184 Male 04/08/95 Open (a17) Part Paid
?? Yamada ?? Sachi Makoto JPN-12-12 Male 12/07/15 Open (a17)
Tsunehisa Onishi JPN-129 Male 11/07/94 Open (a17) Part Paid
Itabisashi Yuma JPN-15 Male 24/12/91 JSAF Men
Takatsu Kazuaki JPN-151 Male 05/11/92 JSAF Open (a17) Completed
Muranishi Yuuki JPN-16-23 Male 27/02/95 Men Completed
Yuuta Iwasaki JPN-170 Male 11/07/89 Men Completed
Tomohiro Arakawa JPN-1715 Male 09/03/94 Men Completed
Koh Taeyeong JPN-17-99 Male 06/04/93 Open (a17) Completed
Ashizawa Keisuke JPN-20-1 Male 22/06/94 Men Part Paid
Yuki Hara JPN-20-10 Male 04/07/95 Open (a17)
Kondo Masaki JPN-20-3 Male 29/11/94 Open (a17) Part Paid
Fujii Kenta JPN-20-31 Male 03/01/94 Open (a17)
?? ?? JPN-205 Male 01/04/95 Men Part Paid
Kazushi Ikeda JPN-221 Male 18/10/68 JSAF Men Completed
Takumi Ikeda JPN-223 Male 10/03/01 JSAF Junior (u15) Completed
Komoto Shoichi JPN-233 Male 02/08/92 JSAF Men Completed
Takeo Yuichi JPN-3010 Male 12/08/95 Open (a17) Completed
Oishi Shunsui JPN-3055 Male 08/02/02 JWA Completed
Sakai Shunki JPN-316 Male 12/04/00 Youth (u17) Completed
Hideshima Mitsuyoshi JPN-3-4 Male 08/01/94 Open (a17)
Yushi Yaji JPN-35-51 Male 01/02/95 JSAF Men Completed
Yudai Noda JPN-35-76 Male 16/06/92 Open (a17) Part Paid
Naito Shinnosuke JPN-358 Male 07/02/02 JWA/JSAF Junior (u15) Completed
Toru Utsunomiya JPN-3811 Male 16/11/87 JWA/JSAF Men Completed
Kensuke Higashi JPN-39-1 Male 07/06/93     Part Paid
Itooka Takumi JPN-426 Male 26/04/07 JAPAN WINDSURFING ASSOCIATION   3.5 Completed
?? Sekine ? Zhuo JPN-44-11 Male 17/06/92 Open (a17)
Kurihara Masashi JPN-48-1 Male 09/09/93 Open (a17) Completed
Someya Daiki JPN-4811 Male   Open (a17) Part Paid
Ikeda Kensei JPN-5 Male 21/12/98 JSAF Youth (u19) Completed
Soga Kaiyou JPN-5111 Male 28/06/02   5.5 Completed
Hara Mitsuhiro JPN-51-3 Male 11/01/93 Open (a17) Completed
Watabe Yosuke JPN-529 Male 27/04/88 JSAF Men Completed
Maeda Taishi JPN-531 Male 08/09/91 Men Completed
Tanaka Naoki JPN-5310 Male 24/11/93 Open (a17) Completed
Kitagawa Shimpei JPN-5311 Male 24/02/95 Open (a17) Completed
Daiya Kuramochi JPN-54 Male 04/05/94 Men Completed
Kohama Takeyasu JPN-557 Male 05/10/06 4.5 Completed
Anami Tomonori JPN-60 Male 20/01/97 JSAF Men Completed
Takishima Keisuke JPN-7 Male 22/09/72 JSAF Men Completed
Dai Sukegawa JPN-7000 Male 24/07/89 Open (a17) Completed
Keizo Ozasa JPN-772 Male 13/12/91 Men Completed
Mori Yuta JPN-7772 Male 06/02/94 Open (a17) Part Paid
Mizuta Chohei JPN-783 Male 01/08/15 Men Completed
Murata Takaaki JPN-787 Male 30/01/82 Men Part Paid
Sota Kanagami JPN-814 Male 14/08/02 Junior (u15) Completed
Akira Kudo JPN-910 Male 17/11/92 Men Completed
Ryota Yuri JPN-93 Male 31/10/96 JSAF Men Completed
Chan Reynold SIN Male 26/07/00 SIN Youth (u17) Completed
Lim Alexander SIN Male 16/03/02 SIN Junior (u15) Completed
Ong Leonard SIN Male 09/12/92 SIN Men Completed
Chang Hao TPE-8 Male 14/11/90 Men Completed
LAST Name First Name(s) Sail # Gender Date of Birth National Class Association Techno 293 Division T293 Plus Division RS:X Division National Techno 293 (u15) Payment Status
Sek Ngai Tsin HKG-19 Female 19/01/00 WAHK Youth (u17) Completed
Ma Kwan Ching HKG-3 Female 26/06/97 WAHK Women Completed
Choi Wing Chi, Sandy HKG-31 Female 20/05/99 WAHK Youth (u17) Completed
Ngai Wai Yan HKG-4 Female 14/02/95 WAHK Women Completed
Matsuo Kairi JPN Female 21/08/00 Youth (u17) Completed
Matsuo Reika JPN Female 08/02/06 3.5 Completed
Matsushita Sarah JPN Female 21/11/04 3.5 Completed
Akari Lemoto JPN-1112 Female 23/11/02 JWA/JSAF Junior (u15) Completed
Niijima Rina JPN-1113 Female 13/11/99 JWA Youth (u17) Completed
Yukino Shimada JPN-11-3 Female 02/03/95 Open (a17) Completed
Miki Yamabe JPN-131 Female 23/01/94 Open (a17) Part Paid
Koyama Reina JPN-172 Female 01/04/94 Open (a17) Part Paid
Kishida Misao JPN-17-21 Female 21/11/92 Women Completed
?? Okazaki ?? Natsuki JPN-17-4 Female 23/08/93 Open (a17)
Hara Momoka JPN-2 Female 13/07/95 Women Completed
Kawamura Mao JPN-2017 Female 01/06/93 Open (a17) Completed
Sato Fujiwara JPN-31-0 Female 26/08/93 JSAF Open (a17)
Megumi Iseda JPN-35 Female 30/06/87 Jsaf Women Completed
Ayumi Tsutsui JPN-43-9 Female 16/12/93 Open (a17) Part Paid
Mariko Kojima JPN-515 Female 13/09/89 Women Completed
Tomoko Shima JPN-51-7 Female 25/01/96 Open (a17) Completed
Maho Horino JPN-523 Female 23/05/91 Women Completed
Ogawa Mizuki JPN-53-6 Female 05/09/93 JUBF Open (a17) Part Paid
Neriishi Keiko JPN-6219 Female 06/01/68 Women Completed
Megumi Komine JPN-72 Female 28/07/87 Women Completed
Yuri Yasunaga JPN-77-7 Female 22/11/93 Open (a17)
Soma Kae JPN-778 Female 10/09/94 Open (a17) Part Paid
Sabim Chun KOR-207 Female 03/11/95 RS:X Women Completed
Lim Nicole SIN Female 10/10/96 SIN Women Completed
Lim Ynez SIN Female 13/08/98 SIN Youth (u19) Completed
Chou LI TPE-102 Female 20/06/98 Chinese Taipei Sailing Association Women Youth (u19) Completed


LAST Name First Name(s) Gender Date of Birth National Class Association ISAF Member National Authority
Yu Wing Ho Male 27/05/85 WAHK WAHK
Zee Winfield Male 25/02/84 WAHK WAHK
Mikihiro Miyano Male 16/08/15 Japan windsurfing Association Japan sailing Federation

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