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22nd to 27th September 2014

ENTRY LIST updated 18/09/2014

On-Line entry has now closed

LAST Name First Name(s) Sail Number Gender Date of Birth Age Division Weight Division National Class Association Club Payment Status
Anderson Andres Ernesto ARG-119 Male 28/08/84 Lightweight <82kg Asoc. Argentina de Windsurf 400 Yacht Club Córdoba Completed
Trebino Natalio Angel ARG-164 Male 10/02/64 Grand Master Lightweight <82kg CLUB NÁUTICO CORDOBA
Grigioni Sergio Leonardo ARG-25 Male 25/05/72 Master Lightweight <82kg ARGENTINA DE WINDSURF DE REGATAS  SAN NICOLAS Completed
Reynaud Juan Agustin ARG-330 Male 05/09/14 Youth (u20) Lightweight <82kg asociacion argentina de windsurf AMW Completed
Reynaud Alejandro Daniel ARG-331 Male 27/12/69 Master Heavyweight >78kg asociacion argentina de windsurf AMW Completed
Zerga Guillermo ARG-345 Male 21/02/65 Grand Master Lightweight <82kg FEDERACION ARGENTINA DE WINDSURF ASOCIACION MENDOCINA DE WINDSURF
Olmos Fernando ARG-351 Male 15/12/77 Master Lightweight <82kg AMW Completed
Silva Eduardo ARG-360 Male 28/02/73 Master Lightweight <82kg ASOCIACION ARGENTINA DE WINDSURF CLUB DE PESCADORES
Barquero Juan ARG-373 Male 04/04/63 Grand Master Heavyweight >78kg Asociacion Argentina de Windsurf Asociacion Mendocina de Windsurf Completed
Mautino Gabriel ARG-678 Male 03/09/68 Grand Master Lightweight <82kg AAW - Asociación Argentina de Windsurf Club de Niños Manuel Belgrano - SFE Completed
Gaggiamo Martin ARG-888 Male 04/12/78 Master Lightweight <82kg Asociación Argentina de Windsurf CNMB Completed
Grunfelder James AUS-109 Male 23/08/84 Heavyweight >78kg
Sterling David AUS-2541 Male 27/10/60 Grand Master Heavyweight >78kg Australian RSX Association Royal Queensland Yacht Club Completed
Reynolds Richard AUS-368 Male 19/01/64 Grand Master Lightweight <82kg Australia Dobroyd Aquatic Club
MacInnes Greg AUS-909 Male 18/06/63 Grand Master Heavyweight >78kg Australian Windsurfing Association Dobroyd Aquatic Club
Roelandts Patric BEL-10 Male 24/06/53 Veteran Heavyweight >78kg VYF DEINZE WINDSURFING Completed
De Muyer Jan BEL-113 Male 10/04/65 Grand Master Lightweight <82kg VYF Hazewinkel Windsurfing Completed
Wauters Peter BEL-121 Male 09/11/56 Veteran Heavyweight >78kg VYF Hazewinkel Completed
Lamens Karl BEL-91 Male 31/07/63 Grand Master Lightweight <82kg VYF Alleman Completed
Schenker Udo BRA-172 Male 03/02/66 Grand Master Lightweight <82kg ABWS Centro Nautico - Team Brazil Completed
Raymundo Gabriel Ananiades BRA-865 Male 07/01/97 Youth (u20) Lightweight <82kg ABWS Associação Brasileira de Windsurf Team Brazil Completed
Portela Garcia Anton CAN-444 Male 22/10/98 Youth (u20) Lightweight <82kg spain Nautico de ARES Completed
Lavicky Karel CZE-1 Male 08/11/85 YC DIM Bezdrev Completed
Kamenský Radim CZE-110 Male 02/08/76 Master Lightweight <82kg CWA Yacht Club Velké Dárko Completed
Kamensky Pavel CZE-113 Male 22/06/74 Master Lightweight <82kg CWA YC Velke Darko Completed
Sliva Martin CZE-22 Male 31/08/64 Grand Master Heavyweight >78kg CWA Completed
Hrubý Roman CZE-25 Male 29/09/60 Grand Master Heavyweight >78kg Czech Windsurfing Association Loko Cheb Completed
Sliva Jakub CZE-6 Male 14/09/88 Lightweight <82kg CWA YC Nechranice Completed
Serra Moreno Pedro ESP-0 Male 16/04/97 Youth (u20) Heavyweight >78kg C.N.Sevilla Completed
Camacho Lopez Luis ESP-10 Male 30/03/63 Grand Master Heavyweight >78kg AECIR. RACEBOARD ESPAÑA CLUB VELA BLANES Completed
De Palacio Juan Jose ESP-1111 Male 29/05/75 Master Heavyweight >78kg Completed
Rivera Martínez Alejandro ESP-115 Male 08/01/62 Grand Master Lightweight <82kg RACEBOARD ESPAÑA Naútico de Sevilla Completed
Rivera Rodriguez Ale ESP-117 Male 22/04/89 Lightweight <82kg RACEBOARD ESPAÑA Naútico de Sevilla Completed
Lamadrid Rodriguez Fernando ESP-12 Male 17/01/64 Grand Master Raceboard España Club de Mar Puerto Sherry Completed
Rivera Rodriguez Alvaro ESP-16 Male 19/01/94 Lightweight <82kg RACEBOARD ESPAÑA Naútico de Sevilla Completed
Diaz Alexander ESP-188 Male 07/05/78 Master C.N.Hondarribia Completed
Carracedo Serra Borja ESP-20 Male 07/12/94 Lightweight <82kg C.M. PUERTO SHERRY Completed
Dunnett Jonathan ESP-21 Male 11/03/74 Lightweight <82kg Club Nàutic Fornells Completed
Lamadrid Trueba Fernando ESP-211 Male 04/04/99 Youth (u20) Raceboard España Club de Mar Puerto Sherry Completed
Oliveri Ruiz de Munain Eneko ESP-22 Male 14/09/73 Master Lightweight <82kg SPAIN C.N.Hondarribia Completed
Portela de la Pena Juan ESP-269 Male 23/11/64 Grand Master Lightweight <82kg raceboard españa Nautico de Ares Completed
Alvarez Mikel ESP-30 Male 30/09/74 Master Lightweight <82kg Club nautico de Vitoria
Esnaola Mikel ESP-3036 Male 02/11/14 Youth (u20) Completed
Buchau Alex ESP-36 Male 08/10/68 Grand Master Heavyweight >78kg Club de Surf Formentera Completed
Leutscher Marc ESP-364 Male 24/10/65 Grand Master Heavyweight >78kg AECIR-Raceboard España RCR Alicante Completed
Giribet Gonzalo ESP-4 Male 02/09/70 Master Lightweight <82kg Spain Club de Mar Vilanova Completed
Rodriguez Prat Antonio ESP-410 Male 03/07/54 Veteran Heavyweight >78kg spain C.N. Port D'Aro Completed
Puigdengoles Andres ESP-46 Male 22/03/80 Lightweight <82kg spanish CN Ría de Ares
Segado Ignasi ESP-64 Male 17/06/98 Youth (u20) Lightweight <82kg Club nautic betulo
Elduayen Josema ESP-642 Male 21/12/64 Grand Master Lightweight <82kg RACEBOARD ESPAÑA CNH
Madrid Pellicer Federico ESP-65 Male 22/12/97 Youth (u20) Lightweight <82kg spain cn Alicante Costa Blanca Completed
Fernández Víctor ESP-65 Male 09/07/98 Youth (u20)
Colomar Torres Toni ESP-66 Male 18/11/80 Heavyweight >78kg Spain. Nautico Hospitalet-Candellos
Pastor Ivan ESP-7 Male 18/02/80 Lightweight <82kg spain C.N.SANTA POLA Completed
Voyer Christian ESP-710 Male 21/01/54 Veteran Lightweight <82kg AECIR SEASURF PATROL Completed
Garcia Querol Ferran ESP-73 Male 31/05/99 Youth (u20) Lightweight <82kg FCV - RFEV CLUB MARITIM TORREDEMBARRA Completed
Reyes Martínez Carlos ESP-736 Male 10/01/92 Lightweight <82kg Seasurf Patrol Completed
Obeso Aguirre Jon ESP-791 Male 19/09/79 Master Heavyweight >78kg 20130066 c.n.hondarribia Completed
Guasch Manuel ESP-88 Male 28/04/88 Lightweight <82kg Raceboard España Club Náutico Santa Eulalia Completed
Ros Pardo Rafael ESP-91 Male 22/10/52 Veteran española seat surf patrol Completed
Manchon Paco ESP-95 Male 18/11/46 Veteran Lightweight <82kg Completed
Blinnikka Daniel FIN-5 Male 10/06/94 Lightweight <82kg Finnish Board Sailing Association HySurf Completed
Bonsdorff Mikko Henrikki FIN-52 Male 22/02/67 Grand Master Heavyweight >78kg Suomen Purjelautaliitto (SPLL) Saunalahden Sisu (SS) Completed
Blinnikka Juha FIN-6 Male 27/08/65 Grand Master Heavyweight >78kg Finnish Board Sailing Association HySurf Completed
Guedez Marcos FRA-1010 Male 06/10/97 Youth (u20) Lightweight <82kg FFV CNS Completed
Lisiecki Florian FRA-154 Male 04/02/92 Master Lightweight <82kg CV Amaury Completed
Asia Jean FRA-171 Male 28/07/51 Veteran Heavyweight >78kg ffv ycpr Completed
Buren Pierre FRA-1881 Male 22/01/60 Grand Master Lightweight <82kg Francewindsurf OGS Voile Completed
Loup Franck FRA-58 Male 11/08/63 Grand Master Lightweight <82kg FEDERATION FRANCAISE DE VOILE YACHT CLUB MAUGUIO CARNON Completed
Saby Gautier FRA-661 Male 03/02/97 Youth (u20) Lightweight <82kg CN LORIENT Completed
Huguet Nicolas FRA-8 Male 13/09/76 Master Lightweight <82kg FFVOILE CN LA  PELLE
Homrighausen Heiner GER-201 Male 17/12/50 Veteran Lightweight <82kg Deutsche Windsurfing Vereinigung DWSV Paderborner Yacht Club Completed
Eckert Jakob GER-340 Male 18/02/67 Grand Master Heavyweight >78kg DWSV SV Hoerstel Completed
Martin Moritz GER-5 Male 14/01/83 Heavyweight >78kg Germany ADAC sportclub gelnhausen e.V. Completed
Šurinš Aldis LAT-105 Male 24/02/65 Grand Master LVA Serf senior Completed
Osis Gundars LAT-111 Male 06/06/58 Veteran Heavyweight >78kg LVA Serf Seniors/ Klubs 360 Completed
Akmentins Rihards LAT-30 Male 17/12/90 Lightweight <82kg Completed
Dreimanis Juris LAT-54 Male 01/06/54 Veteran Heavyweight >78kg LVA - Latvian Windsurfing Association Kambize Completed
Rozkalns Juris LAT-555 Male 24/08/72 Master Heavyweight >78kg Latvia Vindsurfing Association 360 Completed
Hastman Fred NED-202 Male 22/08/61 Grand Master Lightweight <82kg KNWV Amsterdam Windsurfing Completed
Roering Rick NED-23 Male 16/09/68 Grand Master Heavyweight >78kg Watersportverbond Aalsmeer Completed
Van Lingen Ton NED-888 Male 15/02/69 Master Heavyweight >78kg KNWV KNWV Completed
Pieczka Robert POL-199 Male 02/07/66 Grand Master PYA Completed
Nowak Jakub POL-215 Male 24/09/71 Master Lightweight <82kg PYA POPIEL LOK KRUSZWICA Completed
Srzednicki Michal POL-271 Male 11/12/41 Veteran Lightweight <82kg Polish Yachting Association UJKS SZTURWAL KALISZ Completed
Stanislawski Dariusz POL-299 Male 21/12/67 Grand Master Heavyweight >78kg PYA KW OXYO Completed
Wojcik Maksymilian POL-7 Male 16/02/84 Polish Sopocki Klub ERGO HESTIA Completed
Manelski Artur POL-79 Male 23/03/80 Lightweight <82kg Dobrzynski klub Zeglarski Completed
Kutyla Irek POL-92 Male 15/09/71 Master PYA BAZA MRAGOWO Completed
Corte Moura Pedro POR-73 Male 29/04/73 Master Lightweight <82kg Federação Portuguesa Vela / APWIND Clube Naval Cascais Completed
Schoenberger Yves SUI-30 Male 13/05/70 Master Lightweight <82kg AMI - Hôkipa's Vevey Completed
Molcanyi Bohdan SVK-29 Male 29/07/14 Youth (u20) Completed
Sterling Joanna AUS-254 Female 17/07/92 Australian RSX Association Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron Completed
McMillan Lissa AUS-443 Female 15/01/64 Veteran Australia Dobroyd Aquatic Club
Hrubá Martina CZE-251 Female 26/04/92 Czech Windsurfing Association Loko Cheb Completed
Slívová Jana CZE-26 Female 01/04/91 CWA YC Nechranice Completed
Dominguez Maria Antonia ESP-11 Female 11/04/58 Veteran Completed
Mari Ramon Susana ESP-40 Female 21/08/14 Master CLUB NAUTICO SANTA EULALIA Completed
Matise Vita LAT-1 Female 09/11/72 Grand Master LWA 360, City Yachtclub Completed
Grinberga Ilona LAT-18 Female 11/01/66 Grand Master Latvian Windsurfing Association 360/Serf Seniors Completed
Soltyka Krystyna POL-665 Female 04/11/67 Grand Master PYA Sopocki Klub Zeglarski Ergo Hestia Completed
Marciniak Grazyna POL-99 Female 21/08/71 Grand Master PYA KW OXYO Completed


Manelski Artur Male 23/03/80 Dobrzynski klub Zeglarski

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