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Competition/Biscarosse 13

Biscarrosse Windsurfing Challenge:

It was a big blue sky that welcomed competitors to the briefing for the last day of racing. With the prospect of weakening winds, the race committee sent the racers afloat at 10:30, hoping to run two rounds of light wind racing, oscillating between 7 and 13 knots. Very technical and tactical on this water is Loic Legalois (usually penalized by his light weight), which is required in the strong breeze of the first round of light wind. Behind was Lithuanian Mindaugas Kriukelis who finished second, followed by Alexandre Cousin who made a great return in the second round.

By noon, the wind began to weaken and, despite two attempts to start, the Committee sent everyone ashore at 12:45.

So 8 rounds of validated this competition over 5 days and it's Valentine Brault (winner of the Eurocup circuit in 2012) who is the champion with 4 race wins followed by Nicolas Warembourg and Alexandre Cousin. The first Master is Lithuanian Mindaugas Kriukelis (7th overall).

We have discovered a great lake, a well organized and friendly club, and look forward to Aloha Attitude organizing an even bigger event in 2014 - who knows, maybe a European Championship or even the Worlds one day!


Eurocup Formula, planing by 3:00 pm....

After a briefing with Anthony Rigaut, the head of the race committee, at 1:30 pm, the wind increases progressively until 3:00 pm, when the administration announces readings of 12 to 18 knots and decides to send the participants on the water. After three rounds on the day before, followed by small party for the participants and a concert, the Riders seem ready to start a 4-round day.

Just like on the day before, the direction of the wind remains unstable, forcing the participants to employ different types of strategies at the mercy of the moody wind. In the first round, with maybe a bit more speed than the others, Valentin Brault, winner of the 2012 Eurocup Circuit, wins his 3rd round overall, with Nicolas Waremboug breathing on his neck. On the second round of the day, the wind mellows a bit and becomes even more unstable and hence more tactical. The very experimented Nicolas Warembourg finishes first, followed by Loic Legallois, who after an average first day seems to have come back to life.

In the last round of the day, the start signal is given in a stronger wind with gusts of up to 20 knots. The chartered hydroplane flies over the competitors, having on board the association and the photographer and filmmaker Steph Debuire. You will thus be able to see soon some cool images in the trial video. Bodies are tired at this point, fighting in their 11 and even some 12 meter sails. In these adverse conditions, Nicolas and Valentin finish first and second, respectively.

In the general ranking, Valentin Brault and Nicolas Warembourg detach from the group with 6 and 8 points, respectively, while for the very sought after third place will fight Alexandre Cousin (15 pts), Yoann Fleury (19 pts), Loic Legallois (20 pts), and Edwy Zoonekynd (22 pts).

We find here in Biscarrosse fantastic conditions for windsurfing races and it looks like the clu CNBO and Aloha Attitude are already working on a larger event for 2014.

Team Race

Press Release 22/04/2013

It is under a generous sun and weak wind of 4 to 8 knots that the 20 teams of this new "Team Race" format start their day. The program of the day, 42 matches, is comprised of the quarter-finals, semi-finals, and finals.

After a pedagogical briefing on the rules of the new race format and a debriefing of the tactical situations of the day before with the Jury and the administration, the teams return on the water on their RSOnes, ready for the "fight." Beautiful competition tactics start to take shape and we see in the eyes of the competitors the pleasure of the game. The matches string together between the live commentary and the public's remarks. The cheering crowd heats up the atmosphere.

The course, set up the closest possible to the shore with the finish line only 5 meters from the beach, allowed everyone to understand and encourage the strategies of the teams.  The concept is simple: two teams of 2 participants each race with the only purpose of not having the last rider in their team. We therefore see the riders who are ahead blocking adversaries so that their teammate can catch up.

In this game four teams detach themselves from the pack and reach the semifinals that play in two winning matches. The wind has increased and reaches at this point 12 to 18 knots (they're planing!). In the first semifinal game, a smart strategy allows the Montpellier "DB team" to reach finals by winning 2-0 against DestroyTeam. On the other hand, in the second semifinal the matches are tighter between "Max et Bapt" and "Marco Team" and every match finish is so close that it heats up the crowd. In a decisive 3rd match, "Max et Bapt" managed to force a 360 degree penalty turn  on Marc Noesmen, who then lost his first rider advantage and wasn't able to catch up to win the game. It is thus Montpellier vs. Brest in the final, with their supporters yelling words of encouragement from the shore. The first match is easily won by the "DB team" from Montpellier, but a victory of "Max et Bapt" from Brest in the second match offsets their advantage.

For the decisive third match, the crowd gets excited and loud. Our filmmaker Steph Debuire embarks on a hydroplane chartered by the CNBO club to film this final match. The round starts and it seems that the team from Brest dominates. But just 10 meters before the finish line, Tom Monnet from the DB Team imposes a penalty on Baptiste Grall for denying him a starboard priority. While Baptiste is doing his penalty, Delphine Jariel catches up and manages to cross the finish line one half length before Baptiste Grall.

The DB Team composed of Tom Monnet and Delphine Jariel win by a hair against Baptiste Grall and Maxime Abiven. Marco Team completes the podium by winning the small final against DestroyTeam.

This innovative team race concept won the hearts of the competitors, the coaches, and above all the spectators. After 72 matches over 2 days, everyone goes home happy and tired.

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