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Trikora Beach Club gallery / "how to get there" /  Travel info for foreigners, especially visas

Bintan and Indonesia to host 2014 RS:One World Championship

For the first time Indonesia will host an ISAF windsurfing class world championship when the RS:One World Championship hits the shores of Bintan on the Riau Islands of Indonesia.

Trikora Beach will be the host venue for the event which will be organised by the Indonesian Sailing Federation in co-operation with Trikora Beach Club and NeilPryde Ltd.

Trikora is the collective name of the north-eastern beaches on Bintan, Indonesia. Until around 2000, the only tourist activity along Bintan's east coast was at Trikora Beach, a popular hang-out for local visitors from Tanjung Pinang as well as foreign back-packers, and Trikora remains a popular day trip. Trikora is actually quite a long stretch of separate beaches, with beaches numbered from south to north as one to four (satu, dua, tiga, empat in Indonesian). 
The World Championships in Indonesia will be the culmination of a busy year for the RS:One class in Asia. It began with the Singapore Open in January and the Asian Championships, Pattaya, Thailand in May. The worlds will be preceded by the Asian Games, Korea, in October and the Asian Beach Games in Phuket, Thailand, in November.

RS:One is an exciting, ISAF-approved one-design racing class by NeilPryde. One sail, one board - everyone competing on the same equipment. It's the rider that makes the difference.

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