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Archive News
Organisation/IWA AGM/Minutes 2011
Minutes of IWA Annual General Meeting held in Ostend, Belgium, on 8th May 2011.
Directors Present:

Marc Cardon (FRA); Bruno de Wannemaeker (BEL); Eric Kling (NED); Ceri Williams (GBR).

It was first established that the meeting was quorate - 13 votes represented by national class associations were required and 14 were present.

1) The decision of ISAF Council at their mid year meeting, regarding the 10 events for the 2016 Olympic Games, was noted. The delegates do not support a board event that combines windsurfing and kiteboarding. They are separate and different events, and it is still hoped that both can be included in the OG by the addition of an extra medal.

2) RSX or RSX Evolution - the delegates would wait to see the proposal put forward for the Evolution before commenting further.

3) The delegates were relieved to see that windsurfing boy and windsurfing girl were retained as events in the Youth Olympic Games ; and support 100% the retention of the Techno 293 as equipment for the events.

4) The delegates supported an evaluation of formats for the YOG, and hoped the decision would be innovative and add variety to the programme.

5) The conflict within the RRS regarding the use of Personal Flotation Devices was noted, and it was recommended to seek a change to the next edition of the RRS -WCR.

6) The delegates discussed the future development of "events" and not just championships" - championships being the major events of the ISAF classes (awarding titles) as opposed to events that encouraged participation on equipment that may not meet Class Rules, but that added value to championships and grew the sport. Ceri Williams to prepare a Discussion Paper for the Executive Committee.

7) It was noted that the FE Class Rules were to be amended as the class wished to become One Design. It was agreed this was a natural and welcome evolution of the class, and gave hope for the future development of both the class and formula racing.

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