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Connect to Windsurfing/Tips and Tricks/Testing and Training

Wilhelm Schurmann, formula testing and training tips

For formula racing, the first thing I try to do, is find someone to train/test with, as you need someone to compare with when you are testing equipment.

It's also important to train efficiently, meaning when you are testing, sail close to each other and often change from being on leeward to being on windward.

Remember, you are not racing, you are training/testing, so if you start going better, don’t just keep going, stop, wait for your partner, and try again.

Usually what we do is; one sailor stays with the same equipment while the other tries different settings fins etc. Once that sailor finds his choice of equipment and best settings, the other sailor then starts changing things around, while the one that has found his settings stays the same, this way you will know if that setting/equipment is working better or not.

Don't be afraid to try different settings at different spots, as sometimes, what works in one spot, might not work at another spot or condition.

It's also important to familiarize yourself with the spot you will be racing, that is why most top sailors will often arrive a few days before at a big event, this way we can find out what works best at that spot.

Often people think it takes a long time to test equipment, but in reality, all you need is less than 5 minutes to determine if you are going better or not and go ahead and change whatever you want to test.

If you test efficiently, in a couple of hours, you will have a pretty good idea what will work best for you.

If you have any questions about racing tips, please feel free to contact me at bra999@gmail.com

Good winds and see you on the water.

Wilhelm Schurmann
BRA 999

source: neilpryde.com

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