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Women/Anne Karki

Interview with Raceboard Europeans Event Director - Anne Karki .....

CW - What is your background in windsurfing?

AK - I have been active in the sport since the 1980's. I started as a recreational surfer, then became a windsurfing teacher and finally an organiser. I am currently the manager of the Yyteri Surfcentre, and I am Chairman of the Championship Organising Committee.
CW - What do you think has changed over the intervening decades?

AK - The organisation of the sport has become more systemati , more structured. Participation has ebbed and flowed, but I think is increasing again. Competitions, and competitors, are more "serious". You could say we are a mature sport - not purely a hobby or recreation.
CW - What about the future of the sport?

AK - Less an extreme sport and more mainstream - but still needs to adapt to reach its full potential. I would like to see windsurfing developed through clubs and schools. It still presents a challenging and rewarding experience; which offers great lifestyle and can lead to a lifetime of involvement.
CW - What about women in windsurfing, what are your thoughts?

AK - Women are much more involved now than in the past. We are involved at all levels, and increasingly so in management and organisation. In the world at large more opportunities for women in management, although I have been managing this centre for 10 years.
CW - What next?

AK - I am looking forward to Surf Week at the end of July. This is an annual event which is growing every year. Events are important to encourage clubs to move away from "hanging around clubs" to "do something clubs"!  I want to see young people  and families joining and benefitting from the experience.

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