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Women/Sanna Paivarinta
Sanna Paivarinta - gives her views on officialdom and the sport ......

CW - Sanna, what is your role here at the Raceboard European Championships?

SP - I am the Race Officer. Here in Finland it is a role i share with Heikki; and we cover all disciplines - course racing, slalom, and even freestyle.
CW - What is your background , tell us more about yourself?

SP -  I got involved with windsurfing about 5 years ago, I was not interested in racing myself, but I was invited to help the race committee at events. Once that started I got more involved.
I am determined to improve myself; but I also want to see more people, especially kids, get started in the sport.
CW - Where do you go from here; what are your ambitions?

SP - For sure I want to see the sport grow and more kids coming into competition; for that I get better qualified as an instructor, and I would like to see a structured programme introduced.
I would also continue to gain experience as an official - both as a judge and a race officer - but focused on race officer, maybe become an ISAF International Race Officer.
CW - What about the future of windsurfing in Finland?

SP - The future looks good. A lot of people are being introduced to windsurfing - but most are lost to competition side. The right structure needs to be introduced to embrace new blood - over the years, since the sport peaked, a generation gap has developed. The sailing and windsurfing clubs, need a new outlook.
CW - Women in windsurfing - what now?

SP - I think women will continue to get more involved in the sport - at all levels - as competitors, officials, organisers. I am not campaigning for women's rights; women are free to choose what they want from life; and a healthy lifestyle is an increasingly important choice. Women have always needed to be good 'managers' and many more are applying these skills in traditionally male dominated careers and roles.


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