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Competition/Entry Lists/RSX Europeans

ENTRY LIST updated 18/04/15

LAST Name First Name(s) Sail Number Gender Date of Birth NCA/MNA ISAF Sailor # Payment Status
O'Brien Lara AUS-1199 Female 03/05/96 RS:X NCA Australia AUSL02 Completed
Francioli Brenno BRA-70 Male 15/08/97 ABWS BRABF7 Completed
Dacosta Freitas Patricia BRA-818 Female 03/10/90 BRAPF4
Mratovic Luka CRO-751 Male 07/04/87 CROLM1 Completed
Giard Louis FRA-1 Male 27/04/93 FRALG33
Noesmoen Hélène FRA-57 Female 31/12/92 FRAHN2
Leclair Oscar FRA-597 Male 20/10/98 FRAOL13 Completed
Carey Matthew GBR-3 Male 03/03/98 GBRMC94 Completed
Hamilton Isobel GBR-30 Female 25/08/92 RYA GBRIH12 Completed
Squires Tom GBR-931 Male 03/08/93 GBRTS53 Completed
Barton Matthew GBR-983 Male 05/09/95 RYA (GBR) GBRMB124 Completed
Davidovich Maayan ISR-10 Female 21/05/88 ISRMD1 Completed
Fanciulli Veronica ITA-82 Female 14/02/94 ITAVF12 Completed
Megumi Iseda JPN-35 Female 30/06/87 JPNMI11 Completed
Cho Wonwoo KOR-141 Male 29/10/94 Korea Sailing Federation KORWC4
Berenguer Ignacio MEX-11 Male 09/08/95 MEXIB4
Askvig Arne Frithjof NOR-215 Male 21/05/98 NORFA2
Cozzolino Antonio NZL-1 Male 24/01/87 NZLAC1 Completed
Lepert Marion USA-143 Female 18/09/95 US Sailing USAML108 Completed


LAST Name First Name(s) Gender Date of Birth NCA/MNA Payment Status
Vidal Lise Female 24/11/77 Completed

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