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Women in the news . . .

Laure Treboux Up North for the New Year
We were still in Esperance when it started to look pretty promising for up north. We made the most of our last day in Esperance with a fun surf in the morning followed by a bit of windsurfing - just playing around in light winds and small waves. We decided to hit the road that evening so that we would make it to Geraldton in time. There's over 1100km between them, so after a short stopover in Perth we drove straight up north, . . . Read more
Alice Arutkin signs with Red Bull

Alice Arutkin signs with Red Bull, becoming the first girl on the team that includes legends such as Bjorn Dunkerbeck, Robby Naish and the young Philip Koster.

Aloha Butterflies

A trailer clip with news on Shawna Cropas and Tatiana Howard's awesome Aloha Windsurfing Clinics and Butterfly Effect Events working together!  Shawna Cropas Aloha Windsurfing Clinics and Tatiana Howards Butterfly Effects come together to create a unique women’s only windsurfing instructional and SUP fitness event the week prior to the Maui and Fiji Butterfly Effect.

They will be running their first Aloha Waterwomen Windsurfing Clinic together on Maui April 26th to May 2nd and running another all ladies only windsurfing clinic on Fiji starting May 28th to June 4th. Their Aloha meets Butterfly Effect coaching week long holiday is aimed at all women of all ages from fledgling windsurfers to advanced sailors.

Sarah-Quita in Lanzarote

With two out of the four 2011 Womens' Freestyle events in 'home' waters, and two in the Canary islands, any time-spent on the water away from the Dutch Antilles will help three-times and current World Champion Sarah-Quita Offringa win a fourth successive title. Check her out in this clip training in Lanzarote


The harness is without question one of the trickiest bits of kit to get just right, especially for Ladies. Even if everything else is perfect, the board, the sail, the conditions an ill fitting harness can make a potentially fantastic windsurf uncomfortable, annoying and even painful.

FLOW has created the "Hookypedia" in order to give us all the run down on who's wearing what and why this season.  

More . . .

Arianne Aukes in Brazil

A clip of up-and-coming Dutch ladies freestyler Arianne Aukes from Brazil                                                                     
Justyna Sniady on KA Sails

The Australian sailbrand KA Sails decided to support the Polish wavesailing lady Justyna Sniady. Justyna is an always happy sportsgirl, who definitely wants to push the limits. She does not only like the action on the water. We would say she is a crazy party girl and she likes motorbikes, cars and much more.

Read on . . .

Katie McAnena's Top Tip

If I have any tip for women windsurfers, it's when it comes to any piece of gear, whether it be a harness, board, sail or anything else...DON'T OVER-ANALYSE IT!

Read on . . .

Welcome to the Windsurfing Women Home Page

This is a friendly, enthusiastic group of women who meet to windsurf at various locations in the north east of England, (occasionally abroad).  We organise a programme of social sails and events throughout the year to encourage more women and girls to participate in this wonderful sport.

Communication is the key. Leave a message on the message board when you are going sailing. Had a good sail, let everyone know! you could have company next time.

Happy sailing!. . Visit the WW Home Page

Laure Treboux Up North for the New Year
We were still in Esperance when it started to look pretty promising for up north. We made the most of our last day in Esperance with a fun surf in the morning followed by a bit of windsurfing - just playing around in light winds and small waves. We decided to hit the road that evening so that we would make it to Geraldton in time. There's over 1100km between them, so after a short stopover in Perth we drove straight up north, . . . Read more
New Year's Honours
Xenia Kessler - PWA Rookie of the Year 2010

PWA: Xenia. Congratulations! What does being recognized as Rookie of the Year mean to you?

XK: "Thank you very much! I am super happy and proud to receive this title! It means a lot to me. An appreciation like this makes me want to improve more, and obtain better results in 2011. It is very motivating! I look forward to competing on the PWA tour in 2011, and hopefully to see more women doing the same thing."

Read the full interview . . .

Sarah-Quita Offringa, Queen of freestyle windsurfing 2010

The Aruban Government showcase their National Female Hero and Youth Role Model - 3-times Freestyle World Champ Sarah-Quita Offringa with this tribute clip.

Fanny Aubet wins the French Windsurfing Speed Cup
The Coupe de France speed event took place from the 16-21 November 2010.
This was Fanny Aubet's first speed event and it took place in very extreme conditions.  Despite the weather Fanny Aubet took up the challenge and came 1st in Womens Windsurfing.
Fanny has said she is happy to have participated in this event and as this was the last event of the season will now devote herself 100% to training for the 2011 season.
YOG Winners
Alice Arutkin - FRA 111 - Women's World Slalom Champion 2010
Back in December 2009 Alice said, “I would like to become world champion in slalom and in waves one day.”  She has certainly achieved the first goal!  At the recent IFCA Slalom Worlds in Flecheiras Brasil, Alice Arutkin won every round and was announced Women's Slalom World Champion a day early!
YOG Winners
ISAF Perth International Regatta - RS:X Open Up Top, Down Under

RS:X Sailors from the Northern Hemisphere make a trip from up top to down under.  Flavia Tartaglini (ITA) and Marcelien Bos de Koning (NED) were two of the RS:X Open sailors waiting for wind at Bathers Beach in Fremantle Western Australia.

View story on

YOG Winners
ISAF Rolex World Sailor of the Year Awards 2010
Blanca Manchon (ESP) joined the sailing world's list of highest achievers last night, as she was named female recipient of the 2010 ISAF Rolex World Sailor of the Year Awards.
YOG Winners
Sarah Hebert's TransAtlantic Crossing Preview Clip

The ever-adventurous and pioneering Sarah Hebert has released a preview clip explaining the ambitions and motivations behind her upcoming TransAtlantic crossing challenge.

Made In Ocean - The Russians prepare to take on the world… the world of film that is!

It seems that every pro windsurfer on the planet is busy gathering footage for the next big movie right now. Those involved in Andre Paskowski's (Fanatic, North) 'Second Life' project are in Cabo Verde already. And, news has just hit us that Russian born PWA freestyler, Olya Raskina (JP, NeilPryde) has been in Mauritius filming part of her new production.

Raskina commented: "Over the past couple of years windsurfing has become very popular in Russia with Russian sailors achieving top 10 positions on the PWA World Tour, and a lot of Russian windsurf centres opening up all around the world. However, there's a huge lack of information and footage in our country about our sailors. So, we've decided to change this situation and produce a movie (DVD) with the best Russian windsurfers travelling around the world.

This isn't going to be a pure action movie. It's going to show windsurfing in all its variety and beauty with Russian sailors of all major disciplines (wave, freestyle, and slalom) getting involved. We filmed the first action-packed part in Mauritius over the past few weeks with 3 riders: Seva Shulgin, Alex Zlobinskiy, and myself. Our next destinations include Dahab (Egypt), Chile, South Africa, Hawaii, and some parts of Russia.

The name of the film is "Made in Ocean" because it is the ocean that inspires us all." 

From Nayra Alonso . . .
"I hope you enjoy this video with footage of some of my travels this year."   Nayra visits Morroco, Gran Canaria and Maui.
Zara gets new speed production record out of Africa

Zara Davis achieves a new women's production speed record on her Mistral speed board in Luderitz Namibia. She was invited to take part in the Luderitz Speed Challenge by her sponsor Anders Bringdal, the new owner of Mistral Boards International

read on . . .

The crossing Conquet / Ouessant / Le Conquet Windsurfing to be rescheduled

7:30 am my team and I are on the port ready to sail.  I rigged my kite 7m Naish in total darkness, I'm ready to start the attack on the mythical island of Ushant. The 3 crew members boarded the semi rigid direction of the lighthouse entrance to the Port of Le Conquet. Dawn finally rises on the splendid scenery of the North Finistère, unfortunately the wind is missing.

more on Sarah Hebert's blog  . . .

Windsurfing on Maui with the Naish girls

Tatiana Howard and Annita Blanch windsurf along Mauis' north shore and meet friends along the way                        


A windsurfers workout

As we all know, even with all the new and light equipment, windsurfing is a demanding sport for the whole body, which means we need stamina and strength if we want to stay out on the water for hours.

Read more . . .

YOG Winners

PWA Women's Slalom Final Hyeres

From September 4th to 8th 2010, the world's top 20 women were competing in Almanarre, Hyeres (France) for the Windsurfing Women PWA Slalom Final. Great show, great success... Thanks to all you girls, you were amazing on the water ;)

PWA Women's Slalom Final Hyeres

The first ever all-female PWA event proved to be a resounding success as a week of world-class competition was had by all in the world famous windsurfing town of Almanarre on the Mediterranean coast of France. Without a male in sight a fun vibe rippled its way through the beach, which only turned to one of a more serious nature when the women hit the water.

Read more . . .

YOG Winners

PWA Women's Slalom Final Hyeres

Gentle winds halt the proceedings on day two of the women’s slalom final leaving the sailors to bask in the glorious Mediterranean sunshine on the beautiful beach of Almanarre. Whilst the sailors were on standby, we took the opportunity to find out what the world’s most elite female race force think of women’s only events.

Read more . . .

YOG Winners

Q & A: With Pro-Windsurfer Ingrid Larouche

Of the most notable women in windsurfing, a handful of Pro and Am athletes came out for the July, 2010 Windsurfing National Championships in San Francisco. Among them, pro windsurfer and physical therapist Ingrid Larouche, who won the competition’s Womens Slalom race and blew us away in the event’s first-ever freestyle portion.

After connecting with 33-yr-old Larouche at the Nationals, Gravity Magazine had the privilege of getting to know her a little better

YOG Winners

Severne Girls on Top

Taking a glance at the results from the PWA World Wave Tour event in Pozo this summer, it is great to see a rise in numbers of women competing but what really stands out is the dominance of the Severne team riders. The top 4 girls, Daida and Iballa Moreno, Karin Jaggi and Nayra Alonso are all sailing on the Aussie brand and FLOW wants to find out why.

Read More . . .

YOG Winners

Youth Olympic Games - T293 Girls

Thailand's golden girl Siripon Kaewduang-Ngam sailed to windsurfing victory to claim the first medal of the 2010 Youth Olympic Games in Singapore. Kaewduang-Ngam sailed a conservative race and despite a fourth-place finish in the medal race she sailed a magnificent series that has included five consecutive race wins.

Read more . . .

YOG Winners

Farrah Hall - Kerteminde, Denmark

Last week many sailors landed in Kerteminde, Denmark, where the 2010 RS:X World Championships will begin on August 29. Kerteminde is a small town east of Copenhagen, on the next peninsula across a long bridge. I drove in from the airport with Bob Willis, and we were shocked at the price of the bridge toll: 225 Danish kroner, which is $40. Sometimes it's nice to get a reminder that the price of US highway infrastructure is minimal compared to what Europeans have to pay!. . . 

Read more . . .

Farrah Hall


I am back home after spending the weekend at the Mission event in Holland. It was really good fun and a great event. The best thing was to see how many kids, and girls and women entered the event and the races and the effort the organizers actually put into these fleets. It was really good and refreshing to see! Also Laure had done a girls camp the week before . . . 

Read more . . .

Morane Demont's PWA Slalom riders report!

Morane Demont finished 8th in Alaçati and is currently 6th overall. Here's what she had to say about Slalom racing in Turkey: "Alacati is just great, I like this place so much; magnificent racing with crystal-clear water, a nice temperature and a very good atmosphere!

Read more . . .

Morane Demont

Girls Windsurfing - The Roxy GGWS event is upcoming!

GGWS is an event that Starboard and Severne Team Rider, Olivia Helmersen has been part of the last 3 years. This Year Olivia (15 years old) is the main responsible. The events is a "Girls Only" event made by girls for girls. Olivia realized at a early stage in here windsurfing that girls learn easier from girls and are more relaxed when the "guys" are not around.

Inspired by the MorenoTwins camps she decided to make the first event here in Jyllinge (Olivias home town) together with Ida Boesen. 3 days of windsurfing, sharing travel tips, trim and tricks and a lot of relaxed surf atmosphere. SUP, Friends and Family are and always been part of the concept. The main goal is to share the passion of SUP, windsurfing both in the and out of the plane. Roxy has always sponsored event Tees for the event and we expect 40 participants this year.


Ladies - Get with the FLOW
FLOW - For Ladies Of Windsurfing - - is an online information resource designed specifically for female windsurfers.

Founded by Amy Carter, the website is brimming full of stories, experiences, tips and pointers all relevant to the fairer sex within the sport. It sets a clear aim to not only encourage more females into windsurfing, but also to provide a much needed support system and a sense of community for those already enjoying the sport. Discussing the objectives of the FLOW concept, it is hard not to feel the amount of passion Amy (a distinguished racer herself) has put into the project:  (more . . .)


Can Maui be any better to us?
After another best-ever windsurf session today that made me stay out hours and catch way to many “just one more, then I will go in” waves.  It was so fun and I was so tired.  I didn’t want to listen to my tired body, but when I felt a pain in my hand and finally took a look at it,  it was bleeding  and raw from grabbing the boom.  Looking at my bloody hand convinced me I had enough and it was time to call it a day.  The evening set up for a fire in the sky.  No matter where you were on the island, you could see yourself surrounded in beauty. Once at home I started to pack my bags for the Fiji Butterfly Effect, had great friends over from New Zealand for what they call "tea", and a modern/hip hop dance class in my own yoga studio with my two best buddies.
Maui sunset

Zara Davis achieves No1 ranking position in Women’s Speed

The UK's queen of speed has now taken the top spot on the official International Speed Windsurfing Class ranking. Zara who only started speedsailing in 2005 has slowly clawed her way up the ranking list by consistent performances at international events like the European Championships last year in Ireland.

Zara Davis

The PWA catches up with 2 time PWA Women's Freestyle World Champion, Sarah-Quita Offringa

Morocco is over was epic!
Nayra Alonso

We have just finished an awesome trip in the magic land of Morocco. John Skye and myself were running two wave camps down there and we were lucky to be able to enjoy Moulay, great company on and off the water score some amazing conditions!!

Nayra in Morocco
The Butterfly Effect Maui - April 2010 

Over 130 wahines showed up on Saturday, April 17th for the 4th Annual Maui Butterfly Effect, also raising $1000 to benefit Women Helping Women.

"Maui, being the home of Aloha, is the perfect base for The Butterfly Effect, an event that celebrates feminine values, camaraderie and self-empowerment rather than judging and competition," says The Butterfly Effect founder Tatiana Howard.  "Although it is an all-women event, I hope that the success and enthusiasm that each event brings will be an inspiration to all."

Butterfly effect Maui by Jimmie Hepp

Go Windsurf Camp
June 12th and 13th 2010 - CANCELLED

Regrettably cancelled as it has not been possible to secure the level of sponsorship required in the short time-scale available this year.  We have confidence in next year though! We hope that you will be as enthusiastic next year as you were this year, and we hope to welcome you at the Go Windsurf Camp next year! So if you are interested to participate next year, or would you like to sponsor the camp please contact IWA women's representative Mara van der Schaaf

Olivia PIANA, Youth Slalom Vice-World Champion
L’Almanarre April 10th to 15th

Olivia Piana had an excellent start to her season, with a great performance at the Youth Slalom World Championship at l'Almanarre:  "I raced on the Warp SL 61 and 66. This is my first season with Exocet and I enjoy the boards! They are fast, responsive and comfortable. My main competitor was Alice Arutkin. We "fought" hard throughout the week, but in a peaceful, respectful and friendly atmosphere off the water. I'm very happy about my results as I did my best .

Xenia Kessler winter training in Bonaire

Early December, when the snow started falling in Denmark, I didn’t see my windsurfseason over yet, and I decided I wanted to go back to Bonaire. I packed up my freestyle kit, and went off with a 3 months ticket, all alone.

View the full article and watch Xenia's video

Sarah's view from Ilhabela

Sarah Hebert (ARM1) spent last last winter competing and touring Brasil . See her short video about her profession and about Ilhabela, venue for the 2009 Sao Paulo Formula Windsurfing Grand Prix.

Sarah Hebert prepares to cross the Atlantic Ocean on a windsurf board

Professional windsurfer Sarah Hebert will try to cross the Atlantic in end of the year. The French vice world champion is aiming to windsurf from Dakar (Senegal) to Pointe a Pitre (Guadeloupe) in a 3.500km challenge of strong winds, 30ft waves and sharks.

Sarah Hebert

Please help women's windsurfing by taking ten minutes to complete an on-line questionnaire!  This questionnaire includes questions about: How do you feel about the position of women in windsurfing? How do you feel about training camps? And what you would like to see in such a camp?

Click on the link or copy paste the link in your browser to start the questionnaire:

I had really great time in Argentina!

In conclusion…organization was great, views were just splendid, conditions were perfect and obviously I ‘m very happy about my third World Champ title in row. After injury of wrist I was confused how it will be in this competition. I was even hesitating with my coach if I should go or not, now I’m sure that was a good choice to go there.

Marta Hlavaty (POL 111) is 2010 Formula World Champion!

The 2010 Formula World Championship concluded on Saturday 27th in Potrerillos, Mendoza, with one race watched by the Governor of Mendoza and representatives of the many organisations and sponsors involved in these championships. Marta Hlavaty (POL 111) finished these championships as she started - with a winning race.

Aloha Maui Windsurfing Clinic with Shawna Cropas - April 25-May 1

Spring has arrived on Maui and along with it more consistent winds so far! It's also when all the pros and 2011 equipment come to town for photo shoot season on the North Shore. Shawna Cropas, a long time Neil Pryde/JP rider and windsurfing coach, will be running a week long in depth windsurfing tuition clinic which will run from April 25th to the 1st of May.

Shawna Cropas
Women Wave Camp with Nayra Alonso -29th August until 5th September, El Tur, Egypt

. . . for women who want to get more into wave sailing and the ones that already do wave sail but want to improve.  So, if your goal for the this year is to wave sail more, come and join us!

Women Wave Camp

The Butterfly Effect Fiji Expedition - June 19th- 26th, 2010 

The B.E. Fiji Expedition will be a trip not to be missed!  The all inclusive package will take care of all your needs once you arrive. It is completely hassle-free and friendly, and will be way too much fun!  

Butterfly effect Fiji
Marta in Mendoza

Potrerillos lake in Mendoza. My first thought was, hmm this is probably end of the world :) however it is a beautiful lake in the mountains, the wind is very variable and gusty, so for sure it will be interesting racing here.

Marta in Mendoza
Princess of Aruba

Freestyle world champion, Sarah-Quita Offringa, has been awarded with the 'athlete of the year' award in Aruba.

Following another fantastic year on the PWA World Tour in 2009, Sarah-Quita Offringa (Starboard, Gaastra) has won this prestigious award for the 3rd time in a row!

Magic Feelings

Female slalom racer, Sarah Hebert, helps to get more women on the water.  Being ranked 3rd in the world, didn't stop Sarah Hebert (Naish sails, Naish boards) from going back to basics with a bunch of enthusiastic women in New Caledonia. In fact, Hebert organised a full schedule of events for her first edition of 'Magic Feelings' and 15 lucky female windsurfers joined her.

Sarah Hebert
Laure Treboux Australia Gallery on

Fanatic´s Laure Treboux (SUI-4) travels Western Australia to improve her wavesailing. As her boyfriend lives Perth, Laure has a good reason to stay over the European winter months at the west coast of Australia:-)

See here pictures from her latest road trip to Esperance and going up north to Gnaraloo on

Laure Treboux
Julia's Big Adventure

As I was sailing back out through the Lowers channel, I lost speed getting over the wave sets and was taken down by a curling wave.  Though it wasn't an intense maytag session, when I cleared my sail to waterstart, the entire sail was torn almost in two.  Bummer! 

Twins On The Tube

Keep up to date with all things Moreno, by subscribing to the girls YouTube channel.

Daida and Iballa Moreno (Starboard, Severne) have recently uploaded a new video to their YouTube channel. Check it out by following this link HERE. It's packed full of Pozo action, and the headcam shots are a great way of getting in amongst it all with them. 

Moreno Twins
Girls take part in the FWC!

The participation of the women in this event has been a long time project of the organisation and now that is finally done we are sure that not only enrich the great spectrum of the professional windsurfers taking part, but also make evident the importance of the female rider in a minority sport, such as windsurfing.

The FWC 4
Olga Raskina launches
first Russian windsurfing camp for women

Over in Dahab, top PWA female freestyler Olga Raskina (JP, NeilPryde, MFC) and her friend Sveta Martynova, recently organised the first ever Russian women’'s windsurfing camp, which was suitably named ‘"Windsurf Beauties". 

Women's Windsurf Camp
Aloha IWA

My name is Samantha Bittner and my passion is windsurfing.  I moved to Maui over a year ago to persue my dream of one day becoming a PWA athlete . . . 

Sam Bittner

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