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including the 2015 Oman RS:X U21 Windsurfing Championships

October 17th - 24th 2015         Al Mussanah Sports City, Sultanate of Oman

ENTRY LIST updated 01/10/15

LAST Name First Name(s) Sail Number Gender Date of Birth NCA/MNA ISAF Sailor # Payment Status
Saubidet Birkner Bautista ARG-401 Male 28/11/95 ARGBS1 Completed
Ferrandez Juan Francisco ARG-402 Male 12/02/90 Argentina ARGJF13 Completed
Reutemann Mariano ARG-8 Male 16/03/77 ARGMR2 Completed
Tsirkun Mikita BLR-714 Male 24/03/97 BLRMT1
Javadav Artem BLR-766 Male 01/22/97 BLRAJ1 
Winicki Santos Ricardo BRA-1 Male 08/05/80 Brazilian Sailing Federation BRAPN1 Completed
Verrier-Paquette Gabriel CAN-29 Male 19/02/96 Canada CANGV1 Completed
Plavsic Zachary CAN-33 Male 15/01/01 CANZP01 Completed
Jean-Sébastien Fugère CAN-51 Male 05/08/94 CANJF19 Completed
Herman Eduardo CHI-1 Male 01/10/83 Federación Chilena de Navegación a Vela CHIEH1
Wang Aichen CHN-1 Male 28/03/85 CHNAW1 Completed
Liu Chunzhuang CHN-6 Male 03/02/90 CHNCL5 Completed
Zhi Zhichao CHN-8 Male 20/04/94 CHNZZ4 Completed
Mratovic Luka CRO-751 Male 07/04/87 CROLM1 Completed
Fantela Mihovil CRO-9 Male 22/03/90 HJS CROMF1 Completed
Chang Hao CT-8 Male 11/02/91 TPEHC1 Completed
Cariolou Andreas CYP-1 Male 24/11/82 CYPRUS CYPAC1 Completed
Lavicky Karel CZE-130 Male 08/11/85 CZEKL1 Completed
Fleischer Sebastian DEN-158 Male 26/12/93 DENSF4

Laerke DEN-321 Male 30/03/92 Denmark DENLB6 Completed
Habash Ahmed EGY-5 Male 26/04/84 ESWF EGYAH4 Completed
Elsafty Mohamed EGY-9 Male 05/10/78 EGYME2 Completed
Escandell Marí Sergi ESP-29 Male 12/10/91 ESPSE1 Completed
Cardona Bocarando Joan Carles ESP-3 Male 02/03/92 ESPJC42 Completed
Ivan Pastor Lafuente ESP-7 Male 18/02/80 Spain ESPIP1 Completed
Juan Manuel Moreno Vega ESP-8 Male 23/04/87 Spain ESPJM6 Completed
Rainer Kasekivi EST-168 Male 24/06/96 ESTRK4 Completed
Rainer Kasekivi EST-168 Male 24/06/96 ESTRK4 Completed
Giard Louis FRA-1 Male 27/04/93 FRALG33 Completed
Goyard Thomas FRA-3 Male 15/01/92 FFVoile FRATG15 Completed
Bontemps Julien FRA-6 Male 01/06/79 FFvoile FRAJB05 Completed
Le Coq Pierre FRA-77 Male 17/01/89 FRAPL12 Completed
Dempsey Nick GBR-1 Male 13/08/80 RYA GBRND10 Completed
Bennett Joseph GBR-49 Male 02/11/95 GBRJB178
Martin Kieran GBR-926 Male 07/02/95 GBRKM47 Completed
Squires Tom GBR-931 Male 03/08/93 GBRTS53 Completed
Wilhelm Toni GER-3 Male 05/02/83 GERTW1 Completed
Megaritis Dimitris GRE-1 Male 30/08/97 GREDM9
George Fragos GRE-4 Male 24/10/82 GREGF1
Cheng Chun Leung Michael HKG-16 Male 30/04/94 WAHK HKGCC5 Completed
Leung Ho Tsun Andy HKG-2 Male 20/10/90 HKGHl3 Completed
Gádorfalvi Áron HUN-1 Male 05/12/77 HUNAG1 Completed
Santa Bence HUN-196 Male 12/04/96 HUNBS14 Completed
Nikl András HUN-199 Male 08/10/95 HUNAN4 Completed
Mashiah Nimrod ISR-21 Male 10/07/88 ISRNM1 Completed
Galili Amir ISR-22 Male 26/06/94 ISRAG4
Benedetti Daniele ITA-60 Male 30/09/95 ITADB 41 Completed
Makoto Tomizawa JPN-11 Male 19/07/84 JPNMT2 Completed
Kuramochi Daiya JPN-54 Male 04/05/94 JPNDK5
Akira Kudo JPN-910 Male 17/11/92 JPNAK15 Completed
Wonwoo Cho KOR-141 Male 29/10/94 Korea Sailing Federation KORWC4 Completed
Lee Taehoon KOR-71 Male 18/06/86 KORTL1 Completed
Bernotas Juozas LTU-1 Male 23/04/89 LTUJB1
Mier y Teran David MEX-1 Male 07/08/78 MEXDM2 Completed
Berenguer Ignacio MEX-11 Male 09/08/95 MEXIB4 Completed
van Rijsselberge Dorian NED-8 Male 24/11/88 NEDDV4 Completed
Badloe Kiran NED-9 Male 13/09/94 NEDKB8 Completed
Wang-Hansen Sebastian NOR-7 Male 06/06/88 NORSW1 Completed
Cozzolino Antonio NZL-1 Male 24/01/87 New Zealand NZLAC1 Completed
Tobin JP NZL-151 Male 22/03/77 New Zealand NZLJT1
Al-Kindi Waleed OMA-1 Male 21/06/92 OMAWA1 Completed
Urbanowicz Marcin POL-11 Male 12/02/93 POLMU1
Miarczynski Przemyslaw POL-126 Male 23/08/79 POL POLPM1
Tarnowski Pawel POL-182 Male 03/04/94 POL POLPT4
Kluszczynski Maciej POL-30 Male 16/06/96 DKZ DOBRZYN/ WOJEWÓDZTWO KUJAWSKO- POMORSKIE POLMK44 Completed
Myszka Piotr POL-82 Male 25/07/81 POLPM3
Rodrigues João POR-75 Male 02/11/71 Portuguese Sailing Federation PORJR1 Completed
Zagainov Andrei RUS-0 Male 29/07/96 Completed
Murashev Artem RUS-54 Male 05/03/94 RUSAM30 Completed
Ong Leonard SIN Male 09/12/92 Singapore SINLO1
Sanz Lanz Mateo SUI-36 Male 06/11/93 SUIMS27 Completed
Colombo Elia SUI-63 Male 14/09/95 SUIEC2
Holm Adam SWE-109 Male 07/02/94 SWEAH11 Completed
Chinain Phattharandanai THA-27 Male 27/02/96 Thailand THAPC2
Phonoppharat Natthaphong THA-6 Male 16/05/88 Thailand THAOP2
Boonsawad Ek THA-8 Male 30/10/88 THAEB1
Tugaryev Oleksandr UKR-13 Male 15/07/95 UKROT2 Completed
Barger Ben USA-0 Male 24/12/80 USABB6 Completed
Pascual Pedro USA-11 Male 15/03/96 US Sailing USAPP41 Completed
Crain Carson USA-75 Male 11/01/95 USACC106 Completed
Flores Daniel VEN-1 Male 10/10/81 VENDF1 Completed
LAST Name First Name(s) Sail Number Gender Date of Birth NCA/MNA ISAF Sailor # Payment Status
Tejerina Mackern Maria Celia ARG-36 Female 15/06/94 ARGMT11 Completed
Saubidet Birkner Celina ARG-403 Female 03/04/00 AAW ARGCS1 Completed
Sterling Joanna AUS-254 Female 17/07/92 Australia AUSJS43 Completed
Mello Bruna BRA-49 Female 30/10/86 Brazil BRABC3 Completed
Dacosta Freitas Patricia BRA-818 Female 03/10/90 Brazilian Sailing Federation BRAPF4 Completed
Mew Olivia CAN-24 Female 15/12/95 CANOM1 Completed
Chen Peina CHN-1 Female 19/06/89 CHNPC2 Completed
Zheng Manjia CHN-21 Female 24/01/92 CHNMZ1 Completed
Wu Jiahui CHN-5 Female 15/11/92 CHNJW4 Completed
Lu Yunxiu CHN-7 Female 06/09/96 CHNYL6 Completed
Sun Jiali CHN-9 Female 23/06/91 CHNJS2 Completed
Manchon Blanca ESP-1 Female 06/03/87 ESPMB2 Completed
Marina Alabau Neira ESP-5 Female 31/08/85 Spain ESPMA!3 Completed
Puusta Ingrid EST-215 Female 08/11/90 ESTIP1 Completed
Petaja-Siren Tuuli FIN-1 Female 09/11/83 FINTP2 Completed
Dantes Jeanne FRA-12 Female 22/04/94 FRAJD36 Completed
Belbeoch Lucie FRA-388 Female 18/08/95 FRALB33 Completed
Picon Charline FRA-4 Female 23/12/84 FFVoile FRACP3 Completed
Noesmoen Helene FRA-57 Female 31/12/92 France FRAHN2 Completed
Hamilton Isobel GBR-30 Female 25/08/92 RYA GBRIH12 Completed
Shaw Bryony GBR-94 Female 28/04/83 RYA GBRBS1 Completed
Wilson Emma GBR-961 Female 07/04/99 rya GBREW20 Completed
Schwarz Stefanie GER-782 Female 14/03/95 GERSS35
Skarlatou Gelly GRE-3 Female 28/01/76 GREAS3 Completed
Lo Sin lam Sonia HKG-11 Female 18/12/92 HKGSL2 Completed
Chan Hei Man Hayley Victoria HKG-5 Female 10/01/91 WAHK HKGHC1 Completed
Cholnoky Sara HUN-119 Female 03/11/88 HUNSC2 Completed
Detre Diana HUN-7 Female 22/11/83 HUNDD1 Completed
Davidovich Maayan ISR-10 Female 21/05/88 ISRMD1
Drihan Noy ISR-20 Female 15/11/99 Israel ISRND4 Completed
Geller Noga ISR-5 Female 20/08/95 ISRNG3
Linares Laura ITA-11 Female 16/03/90 ITALL10
Maggetti Marta ITA-157 Female 10/01/96 4/2013 Italian sailing team ITAMM249 Completed
Tartaglini Flavia ITA-46 Female 02/02/85 ITAFT1 Completed
Fanciulli Veronica ITA-82 Female 14/02/94 RSX Italia ITAVF12 Completed
Megumi Iseda JPN-35 Female 30/06/87 JPNMI11 Completed
Sunaga Yuki JPN-470 Female 28/12/80 JPNYS1 Completed
Komine Megumi JPN-72 Female 28/07/87 JPNMK20 Completed
Fujiko Onishi JPN-94 Female 25/12/83 JPNFO1 Completed
Chun Sabin KOR-207 Female 03/11/95 KORSC10
Vega Demita MEX-9 Female 21/07/83 Mexico MEXDV4 Completed
de Geus Lilian NED-171 Female 13/10/91 NEDKD8 Completed
Marie Brunvoll Nustad NOR-103 Female 13/01/97 NORMN3 Completed
Mollestad Maria NOR-23 Female 23/07/92 NORMM11 Completed
Bazo Maria PER-5 Female 07/08/98 PERMB2
Bilska Agnieszka POL-09 Female 17/02/93 POLAB9
Zembrzuska Hanna POL-1 Female 27/09/92 POL POLHZ1
Smektala Kamila POL-1 Female 02/05/93 POL POLSK4
Bialecka Malgorzata POL-21 Female 02/04/88 POL POLMB3
Lis Patrycja POL-502 Female 03/04/96 Polish Sailing Team / Hotel Huszcza POLPL4
Dziarnowska Maja POL-7 Female 07/08/90 POL POLMD6
Noceti-Klepacka Zofia POL-8 Female 26/04/86 POL POLZK1
Lim Nicole SIN Female 10/10/96 Singapore SINNL1
Baumann Fanny SWE-6 Female 09/06/92 Sweden SWEFB13 Completed
Hall Farrah USA-1 Female 01/11/81 US Sailing USAFH8 Completed
Lepert Marion USA-143 Female 18/09/95 US Sailing USAML108 Completed


LAST Name First Name(s) Gender Date of Birth NCA/MNA Payment Status
Malling Adam  Male 22/07/15 Denmark Completed
Chan King Yin Male 13/12/82 Hong Kong Completed
Edgington Barrie Male 30/03/67 RYA
Ezer Koray Male 15/07/15 Completed
Gouveia António Male 12/12/60 Portuguese Sailing Federation Completed
Hagiwara Masahiro Male 24/09/84 JSAF
Jaouen Stephan Male 15/06/76 Completed
Khaladzinskij Uladzimir  Male 27/10/68 BLR
Koops Jacco Male Netherlands Completed
Korsiz Tom-El Male 15/01/82 Israel
Kowalski Pawel Male 20/10/67 Polish
Leroy Cedric Male 02/05/73
Loquet Pierre Male 07/01/81 France Completed
Malling Adam Male Denmark
McIntosh Aaron Male Netherlands Completed
Mikihiro Miyano Male 22/11/69 Japan Sailing Federation Completed
Nikolas Skarlatos Male 10/12/74 EIO Completed
Ok Duckpil Male 10/09/74 Korea Sailing Federation
Paradeda Alexandre Brazilian Sailing Federation Completed
Piorczyk Cezariusz Male 07/10/82 poland
Przybytek Michal Male 22/01/88 Poland
Riccardo Belli Male Completed
Saiz Etienne Male USA
Sakulfaeng Sakda Male Singapore
Saubidet  Raul Male 22/09/64 AAW Completed
Stittle Kevin Male 18/07/79 US Sailing
Sulinski Jan Male Completed
Utassy Lorand Male Hungarian Windsurfing Association Completed
Vallee Dominique Female Completed
Wojcik Maksymilian Male 16/02/84 Poland Completed
Brazilian Sailing Federation Completed
Estonian Windsurfing Association Completed

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