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Competition/Entry Lists/RSX Worlds 16

ENTRY LIST updated 12 February 2016

First Name Last Name Sail Number Gender Date of Birth National Class Association ISAF Sailor Number Payment Status
Mikita Tsirkun BLR-714 Male 24/03/97   BLRMT1  
Artem Javadav BLR-766 Male 02/01/97   BLRAJ1  
Ricardo Winicki BRA-1 Male 08/05/90 BRAPN1 Completed
Aichen Wang CHN-1 Male 28/03/85 CHNAW1 Completed
Santiago Grillo COL-1 Male 27/01/87 COLSG1
Luka Mratovic CRO-751 Male 07/04/87 HJS CROLM1 Completed
Mihovil  Fantela CRO-9 Male 22/03/90 CROMF1 Completed
Andreas Cariolou CYP-1 Male 24/11/82 Cyprus CYPAC1 Completed
Sebastian Fleischer DEN-158 Male 26/12/93 DENSF4 Completed
Borja Carracedo Serra ESP-20 Male 07/12/94 ESPBC6 Completed
Angel Granda Roque ESP-260 Male 19/08/97 ESPAÑA ESPAG71 Completed
Sergi Escandell Mari ESP-29 Male 12/10/91 ESPSE1 Completed
Ivan Pastor Lafuente ESP-5 Male 18/02/80 RFEV ESPIP1 Completed
Juan Manuel Moreno Vega ESP-8 Male 23/04/87 RFEV ESPJM6 Completed
Rainer  Kasekivi EST-16 Male 24/06/96 EPL ESTRK4 Completed
Louis Giard FRA-1 Male 27/04/93 France FRALG33 Completed
Thomas Goyard FRA-3 Male 15/01/92 FFV FRATG15 Completed
Paul Rozier FRA-34 Male 29/11/93 FFVoile FRARP16 Completed
Arnaud Billet FRA-36 Male 04/07/92 FRAAB39 Completed
Igor de L'Hermite FRA-51 Male 22/04/95 FFVoile FRAID3 Completed
Clément Bourgeois FRA-53 Male 03/12/97 FRACB67 Completed
Julien Bontemps FRA-6 Male 01/06/79 FRAJB05 Completed
Oël Pouliquen FRA-662 Male 24/05/97 FRAOP10 Completed
Mestre Adrien FRA-7 Male 18/03/97 FRAAM51 Completed
Pierre Le Coq FRA-77 Male 17/01/89 France FRAPL13 Completed
Nick Dempsey GBR-1 Male 13/08/80 RYA GBRND10 Completed
Kieran Martin GBR-926 Male 07/02/95 GBRKM47 Completed
Tom Squires GBR-931 Male 03/08/93 Royal Yachting Asossiation GBRTS53 Completed
Toni Wilhelm GER-3 Male 05/02/83 German Sailing Federation - Deutscher Segler-Verband GERTW1 Completed
Christian Triantafyllou GRE-281 Male 13/12/99 Hellenic Sailing Federation GRECT8 Completed
Byron Kokkalanis GRE-8 Male 19/08/85 HYF GREBK1 Completed
Chun Leung Michael Cheng HKG-16 Male 30/04/94 WAHK HKGCC5 Completed
Ho Tsun Leung HKG-2 Male 20/10/90 WAHK HKGHL3 Completed
 Áron  Gádorfalvi HUN-1 Male 05/12/77 Hungarian HUNAG1 Completed
Saar Meents ISR - 900 Male 05/09/98 ISRAEL ISRSM3 Completed
Shahar Zubari ISR- 11 Male 01/09/86 ISRAEL ISRSZ1 Completed
Dor Manoach ISR-101 Male 20/01/99 Israel Sailing Association ISRDM4 Completed
Daniel Harari ISR-16 Male 08/12/98 ISRDH4 Completed
Dean Zruya ISR-18 Male 04/06/98 Israel ISRDZ3 Completed
Daniel Cohen ISR-19 Male 28/02/00 ISRAEL ISRDC3 Completed
Dan Arnon ISR-2 Male 17/03/98 IYA ISRDA4 Completed
Tal Zadok ISR-200 Male 19/01/98 MICHMORET ISRTZ10 Completed
Nimrod Mashiah ISR-21 Male 10/07/88 IYA ISRNM1
Amit Goetha ISR-23 Male 30/09/99 ISR ISRAG5 Completed
Yoav Omer ISR-24 Male 28/10/98 Sdot Yam ISRYO2 Completed
Yoav Cohen ISR-253 Male 30/08/99 sdot yam yatching club ISRYC2
Tom Reuveny ISR-60 Male 12/06/00 Israel Sailing Association ISRTR3 Completed
Kfir Azulay ISR-613 Male 16/12/99 ISRAEL ISRKA1 Completed
Ofek Elmelch ISR-8 Male 01/10/97 ISRAEL ISROE2 Completed
Daniele Benedetti ITA-60 Male 30/09/95 Italia ITADB41 Completed
Matteo Evangelisti ITA-78 Male 22/05/98 Federazione Italiana Vela ITAME6
Mattia Camboni ITA-88 Male 26/04/96 ITAMC141 Completed
Federico Esposito ITA-9 Male 02/07/86 ITAFE1 Completed
Taehoon Lee KOR-71 Male 18/05/86 KSAF KORTL1
Juozas Bernotas LTU-1 Male 23/04/89 LTU LTUJB1 Completed
David Mier y Teran MEX-1 Male 07/08/78 Asociacion Nacional de Winsdsurfing MEXDM2 Completed
Dorian van Rijsselberge NED-8 Male 24/11/88 NED NEDDV4 Completed
Kiran Badloe NED-9 Male 13/09/94 NED NEDKB8
Sebastian Wang-Hansen NOR-7 Male 06/06/88 NBK NORSW1 Completed
Marcin Urbanowicz POL-11 Male 12/02/93 POLMU1 Completed
Przemyslaw Miarczynski POL-126 Male 26/08/79 POL POLPM1 Completed
Pawel Tarnowski POL-182 Male 03/04/94 POL POLPT4 Completed
Dawid Furmanski POL-26 Male 23/03/94 Polska  POLFD1 Completed
Radoslaw Furmanski POL-28 Male 16/05/96 POL POLRF1 Completed
Maciej Kluszczynski POL-30 Male 16/06/96 Dobrzynski Klub Zeglarski Kujawsko-Pomorskie POLMK44 Completed
Piotr Myszka POL-82 Male 25/07/81 POL POLPM3 Completed
Andrey Zagainov RUS-0 Male 29/07/96 CSKA, VFPS RUSTZ4 Completed
Maksim Oberemko RUS-1 Male 25/01/78 RUSMO5
Maxim Tokarev RUS-121 Male 28/02/98 VFPS RUSMT6 Completed
Evgeny Ayvazyan RUS-3 Male 28/04/96 CSKA, Russian sailing RUSEA4 Completed
Artem Murashev RUS-54 Male 05/03/94 RUSAM30 Completed
Leonard Ong SIN-1 Male 09/12/92 Singapore Sailing SINLO1
Mateo Sanz Lanz SUI-36 Male 06/11/93 SUIMS27 Completed
Adam Holm SWE-109 Male 07/02/94 KSSS SWEAH19 Completed
Onur Cavit  Biriz TUR-399 Male 16/10/98 Turkish Sailing Federation TURCB7 Completed
Pamir Sackan TUR-7 Male 28/06/92 Turkish Sailing Federation TURPS3 Completed
Oleksandr Tugaryev UKR-13 Male 15/07/95 Ukraine UKROT2 Completed
Pedro Pascual Suitt USA-11 Male 15/03/96 US SAILING TEAM SPERRY USAPP41 Completed
First Name Last Name Sail Number Gender Date of Birth National Class Association ISAF Sailor Number Payment Status
Joanna Sterling AUS-254 Female 17/07/92 Aus RSX Association AUSJS43 Completed
Bruna Martinelli Cesario de Mello BRA-49 Female 30/10/86 ABWS BRABC3 Completed
Patrica Freitas BRA-8 Female 10/03/90 BRAPF4 Completed
Laerke Buhl-Hansen DEN-321 Female 30/03/92 Denmark DENLB6 Completed
Blanca Manchon ESP-1 Female 06/03/87 ESP ESPMB2 Completed
Blanca Carracedo Serra ESP-2 Female 27/01/96 ESPBC7 Completed
Marina Alabau Neira ESP-5 Female 31/08/85 RFEV ESPMA13 Completed
Ingrid Puusta EST-215 Female 08/11/90 Estonia ESTIP1 Completed
Tuuli Petaja-Siren FIN-1 Female 09/11/83 Finland FINTP2 Completed
Claire Tetard FRA-11 Female 26/10/92 FRACT15 Completed
Jeanne Dantes FRA-12 Female 22/04/94 France FRAJD36 Completed
Eugénie Ricard FRA22 Female 25/04/86 FRANCE FRAER2 Completed
Luci Belbeoch FRA-388 Female 18/08/95 FRALB33 Completed
Charline Picon FRA-4 Female 23/12/84 FRACP3 Completed
Hélène Noesman FRA-57 Female 31/12/92 FRAHN2 Completed
Isobel Hamilton GBR-30 Female 25/08/92 RYA GBRIH12 Completed
Bryony Shaw GBR-94 Female 28/04/83 RYA GBRBS1 Completed
Emma Wilson GBR-961 Female 07/04/99 RYA GBREW20 Completed
Gelly Skarlatou GRE-3 Female 28/01/76 GREAS3 Completed
Sin Lam Sonia Lo HKG-11 Female 18/12/92 Windsurfing Association of Hong Kong HKGSL2 Completed
Hei Man Hayley Victoria Chan HKG-5 Female 10/01/91 WAHK HKGHC1 Completed
Maayan Davidovich ISR-10 Female 21/05/88 IYA ISRMD1 Completed
Noy Drihan ISR-20 Female 15/11/99 ISRAEL ISRND4 Completed
Yarden Isaak ISR-26 Female 26/08/99 Israeli Yachting Association ISRYI1 Completed
Shahar Tibi ISR-3 Female 26/10/97 ISRST5 Completed
Katy Spychakov ISR-32 Female 06/08/99 ISR ISRKS1 Completed
Noga Geller ISR-5 Female 20/08/95 israel yachting association ISRNG3 Completed
Shai Blank ISR-61 Female 27/08/97 Israel Sailing Association ISRSB14 Completed
Paz Mali ISR-63 Female 25/07/98 ISRAEL ISRPM2 Completed
Shoval Ravitzky ISR-65 Female 18/03/98 ISRSF4 Completed
Maya Morris ISR-7 Female 14/05/99 Israel Sailing Association ISRMM3 Completed
Hadar Heller ISR-9 Female 20/07/96 IYA ISRHH3 Completed
Lara Donval ISR-90 Female 14/05/98 ISRLD1 Completed
Laura Linares ITA-11 Female 16/03/90 FIV LLITA11 Completed
Marta Maggetti ITA-157 Female 10/01/96 FIV ITAMM249 Completed
Flavia Tartaglini ITA-46 Female 02/02/85 ITAFT1 Completed
Veronica Fanciulli ITA-82 Female 14/02/94 RSX Italia ITAVF12 Completed
Megumi Iseda JPN-35 Female 30/06/87 JSAF JPNMI11 Completed
Demita Vega MEX-9 Female 21/07/83 MEX MEXDV4 Completed
Lilian de Geus NED-171 Female 13/10/91 NED NEDLD5 Completed
Sara Wennekes NED-33 Female 02/05/96 KNWV NEDSW5 Completed
Maria Mollestad NOR-23 Female 23/07/92 NBK NORMM11 Completed
Natalia Kosinska NZL-8 Female 18/04/81 new zealand NZLNK6 Completed
Maria Belen Bazo PER-50 Female 07/08/98 AOTAVI PERNV2
Agnieszka Katarzyna  Bilska POL-09 Female 17/02/93 PYA POLAB9 Completed
Hanna Zembrzuska POL-1 Female 27/09/92 Polska POLHZ1 Completed
Kamila Smektala POL-104 Female 02/05/93 PYA POLSK4 Completed
 Malgorzata Bialecka POL-21 Female 02/04/88 POL POLMB3 Completed
Zuzanna Czurylo POL-287 Female 29/09/96 Polish Yachting Association POLZC1 Completed
Karolina Lipinska` POL-303 Female 13/04/95 Sopocki Klub Zeglarski POLKL12 Completed
 Patrycja Lis POL-502 Female 25/04/96 Polish Sailing Team POLPL4 Completed
Maja Dziarnowska POL-7 Female 07/08/90 POL POLMD6 Completed
 Zofia  Noceti-Klepacka POL-8 Female 26/04/86 POL POLZK1 Completed
Olga Maslivets RUS-1 Female 23/06/78 RUSOM2
Mariam Sekhposyan RUS-13 Female 13/03/98 RUSMS22 Completed
Stefania Elfutina RUS-271 Female 27/01/97 Russian Yacht Association RUSSE6 Completed
Audrey Yong SIN-11 Female 02/10/94 Singapore Sailing SINPY2
Fanny Baumann SWE-6 Female 06/09/92 Sweden SWEFB13 Completed
Dilara Uralp TUR-191 Female 16/11/95 Turkish Sailing Federation TURDU3 Completed


First Name Last Name Gender Date of Birth National Class Association Payment Status
Viktor Aivazian Male 28/11/69 Russian Sailing Completed
Rafa Belilos Male 18/03/68 Israel Completed
Riccardo Belli Male 11/04/87 Italy Completed
Gintautas Bernotas Male 23/09/63 Lithuania Completed
Jochem  Brenninkmeijer Male 18/05/70 Finland Completed
King Yin Chan Male 13/12/82 WAHK Completed
Bruno  Di Bernardi Male  16-09-1972
Barrie Edgington Male 30/03/67 RYA Completed
Edo Fantela Male 02/01/58 Croatian Sailing Federation Completed
Asier Fernandez Male 22/06/72 Completed
Gal Fridman Male 16/09/75 IYA Completed
Wing Ho Yu Male 27/05/85 Windsurfing Association of Hong Kong Completed
Nicolas Huguet Male 13/09/76 FFVoile Completed
Pawel Kowalski Male 22/10/67 Polish
Cedric Leroy Male 02/05/73 France Completed
Pierre Loquet Male 07/01/81 GER Completed
Yaniv Meir Male 14/03/77 Israel
Mikihiro Miyano Male 22/11/69 JSAF Completed
Dimitrios Pilichos Male 22/08/48 HSF Completed
 Cezariusz Piorczyk Male 07/1082 Polish Completed
 Michal  Przybytek Male 22/01/88 Polish Completed
Matthew Richard Male 14/12/82 United Kingdom
 Sakulfaeng  Sakda Male 20/12/77 Singapore
Nikolas Skarlatos Male Greece Completed
Adriano Stella Male 25/05/82 Italian Sailing Federation Completed
Jaouen Stephan Male 15/06/76 French Completed
Dominic Tidey Male 19/04/76 RYA Completed
Jon-Paul Tobin Male 22/03/77
Oleksandr Tugaryev Male 22/08/72 Ukraine Completed
Lisa Vidal Female 24/11/77 FFVoile Completed
Maksymilian Wojcik Male 16/02/84 Polish Completed
Oli Woodcock Male 08/09/82 RYA
Coach Comite Olimpico do Brasil Completed
Coach Comite Olimpico do Brasil Completed
Coach Estonia Completed

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