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& 2014 RS:X U17 Windsurfing Championships
October 18th - 25th 2014  -  Clearwater, Florida, USA


LAST Name First Name(s) Sail Number Gender Date of Birth NCA/MNA ISAF Sailor # Payment Status
Croes Tom Johan ARU-103 Men 01/04/98
van den Eerenbeemt Mack ARU-11 Men 01/07/98 ARUMV3 Completed
Tsirkun Mikita BLR-714 Men 23/03/97 BLR MT1
Javadav Artem BLR-766 Men 02/11/97 BLRAJ1
Bourgeois Clement FRA-53 Men 03/12/97 FRACB67 Completed
Guilbaud Maelle FRA-551 Women 13/07/96 FRAGM23 Completed
Pouliquen Oël FRA-662 Men 24/05/97 FRAOP10 Completed
Guevel Clément FRA-710 Men 15/07/97 FFV FRACG48 Completed
Oikonomidis Kostantinos GRE-11 Men 10/01/98 GRE KO11
Kikabhoy Rafeek HKG-20 Men 26/06/97 WAHK HKGKK2 Completed
Chi Wick Ng HKG-24 Men 15/11/96 WAHK Completed
Kwan Ching Ma HKG-3 Women 31/08/97 WAHK Completed
Kwan Nok Hui HKG-9 Men 15/08/97 WAHK Completed
Drihan Noy ISR-20 Women 15/11/99 isr ISRND4 Completed
Zadok Tal ISR-200 Men 19/01/98 ISRTZ10 Completed
Zruya Dean ISR-215 Men 04/06/98 ISRDZ1 Completed
Goetha Amit ISR-23 Men 30/09/99 israel ISRAG5 Completed
Omer Yoav ISR-24 Men 28/10/98 ISRYO2 Completed
Tibi Shahar ISR-3 Women 26/10/97 ISRST5
Elmeleh Ofek ISR-602 Men 01/10/97 israel ISROE2 Completed
Ravitzky Shoval ISR-65 Women 18/03/98 ISRAEL ISRSR4 Completed
Flores Mario MEX-50 Men 24/10/97 MEXMF1 Completed
Becerra Diego MEX-83 Men 16/12/97 MEX MEXDB4
Skaug Oda NOR-89 Women 14/02/97 NOROS8 Completed
Lis Patrycja POL - 502 Women 25/04/96 POLPL4 Completed
Grochowski Mateusz POL-244 Men 05/09/97 POLMG27
Furmanski Radoslaw POL-28 Men 16/05/96 POLRF1 Completed
Czurylo Zuzanna POL-287 Women 29/09/96 Polish Yachting Association POLZC1 Completed
Kluszczynski Maciej POL-30 Men 06/03/92 VOLVO YOUTH SAILING TEAM POLAND POLMK44 Completed
Chojnicki Patryk POL-500 Men 21/02/99 PYA / Baza Mragowo POLPC7 Completed
Jagniewski Marcel POL-983 Men 22/03/98 POLMJ14
McElwaney James Tucker USA-241 Men 13/08/99 USAJM378
Samson Charlotte USA-797 Women 22/07/97 USA USACS219 Completed


LAST Name First Name(s) Gender Date of Birth NCA/MNA Payment Status
Dziemianczuk Maciej Male 17/07/69 Completed
Chi Ho Ho Male 20/02/81 WAHK Completed
Khaladzinski Uladzimir Male 27/10/68
Stefanski Tomasz Male 01/10/73 Baza Mragowo Completed

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