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21st to 26th July 2015 - Westerland, Sylt, Germany
ENTRY LIST updated 24/06/15

LAST Name First Name(s) Sail Number Gender Division Date of Birth Age Division National Class Association Club Payment Status
Westera Ethan ARU-4 Men 03/10/97 Youth ASA windracers club aruba Completed
Rigaut Louis FRA-9 Men 08/07/98 Youth FFV OGS Voile Completed
Macquaert Pierre FRA-945 Men 12/10/98 Youth Ffvoile YCC CALAISIS Completed
Paustian Lars GER-1999 Men 21/01/99 Youth GWA FWVK Completed
Becker Michele Antoine GER-277 Men 20/06/98 Youth GWA Föhrer Katamaran Klub Completed
Pockrandt Julien GER-287 Men 18/08/98 Youth GWA Rostocker Yacht Club Completed
Ponseti Luis GER-293 Men 19/01/97 Youth German Windsurfing Association SCK Completed
Hausberg Moritz GER-8 Men 29/08/97 Youth German Windsurfing Association SCK
Franken Maurits NED 358 Men 30/12/98 Youth NVW Almere Centraal Completed
Hovda Martin Møller NOR-41 Men 12/10/98 Youth Norsk Brettseilerklubb Karmøy Brettseilerklubb
Botteri Alessio PER-20 Men 15/08/98 Youth APW Club de Regatas "Lima" Completed
Sousa Simon PER-8 Men 25/03/00 Youth Asociacion Peruana de Windsurf Club de Regatas Lima Completed
Musinov Andrey RUS-43 Men 25/06/99 Youth Russian Yachting Federation Sailing Academy of  Saint-Petersburg Yacht Club
Gielingh Milan CUR-28 Men 20/11/95 Senior Completed
Warembourg Nicolas FRA-531 Men 09/04/81 Senior Completed
De Souza Jocelyn FRA-873 Men 23/08/92 Senior FFV CNCP Completed
Langer Vincent GER-1 Men 18/10/86 Senior GWA Completed
Schliemann Oliver-Tom GER-1001 Men 03/05/91 Senior Germany Completed
Wunderlich Tim GER-15 Men 28/05/90 Senior Completed
Bach Nils Christian GER-172 Men 12/03/94 Senior Completed
Mattes Fabian GER-202 Men 26/10/86 Senior Completed
Kuenzel Christoph GER-2331 Men 28/01/95 Senior GWA Completed
Becker Marcus GER-2771 Men 17/02/70 Senior GWA Formula Windsurfing Kiel Completed
Neubert Alexander GER-294 Men 24/02/94 Senior DWSV SCK Completed
Delle Leon GER-6 Men 18/04/91 Senior GWA SKBUe Completed
Prien Nicolas GER-7 Men 07/11/94 Senior GWA Surf Club Kiel Completed
Müller Dennis GER-89 Men 25/01/89 Senior Completed
Müller Daniel GER-891 Men 21/04/81 Senior Completed
Möller Jens GER-95 Men 21/06/92 Senior German Windsurf Association Hannoverscher Yacht Club Completed
Zhavoronkov Nikolay MDA-07 Men 07/05/87 Senior Orange People Completed
Daldorf Ingmar NED-191 Men 19/09/90 Senior NVW Almerencentraal Completed
Schreier Nicolas PER-2 Men 30/10/86 Senior Federación Peruana de Vela Completed
Badou Vincent FRA-1119 Men 09/09/69 Master Waveriding Zone YC du CALAISIS Completed
Dinsmore James GBR-659 Men 01/06/75 Master UK Windsurfing Association Hayling Slalom Completed
Paustian Thies GER-199 Men 17/01/70 Master GWA FWVK Completed
Lorenzen Sven GER-233 Men 23/03/76 Master Surfklub Kiel Completed
Schott Oliver GER-26 Men 21/02/69 Master GWA SCK Completed
Müller Daniel GER-289 Men 21/04/81 Master GWA RTG Wesel
Kurzawski Andreas GER-370 Men 10/02/83 Master DWSV/GWA DWSC Completed
Schrader Bodo GER-48 Men 16/12/83 Master GWA DSVE Completed
Bongartz Oliver GER-59 Men 31/05/75 Master GWA Surf Club Kiel
Wilkens Helge GER-63 Men 08/05/71 Master GWA DSVE Completed
Sülter Uwe GER-633 Men 12/07/52 Master GWA Completed
Schlapp Christian GER-683 Men 29/06/83 Master GWA WSV Langen Completed
Langbehn Bernd GER-701 Men 26/08/61 Master GWA DWSC Completed
Asmussen Gunnar GER-88 Men 23/12/78 Master GWA Surf Club Kiel Completed
Hügel Christian GER-99 Men 11/03/71 Master gwa Completed
Ahlborn Robert GER-991 Men 24/11/63 Master GWA DWSC Completed
Adamidis Philip GRE-1 Men 16/05/66 Master Hellenic Speed Slalom Windsurfing Assosiation (HSSWA) ANOSM Completed
Fomichev Vladimir RUS-177 Men 04/08/70 Master Orange People Completed
Peresadko Anton RUS-992 Men 15/06/70 Master Orange people Completed
Davidson Peter SWE-11 Men 23/05/66 Master Swedish Windsufing Association Torhamns Vindsurfingklubb
LAST Name First Name(s) Sail Number Gender Division Date of Birth Age Division National Class Association Club Payment Status
Vanhoorne Andrea BEL-26 Women 24/04/94 Senior BABC ZSC Broechem Completed
Hunter Marine FRA-181 Women 29/05/92 Senior funboard Voiles de Seine Boulogne BIllancourt Completed
Vogel Birte GER Women Senior Completed
de Geus Esther NED-16 Women 13/10/91 Senior Watersportverbond Almere Centraal Completed
Klementeva Inna RUS-222 Women 14/11/96 Youth Russian Yachting Federation Sailing Academy of Saint-Petersburg Yacht Club
Tulumen Nimet TUR-753 Women 24/02/89 Senior Completed

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