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ENTRY LIST - Updated 24/04/14

LAST Name First Name(s) Sail Number Gender Division Date of Birth Age Division Weight Division NCA/MNA Club Payment Status
Allen Stephen AUS-0 Men 27/12/73 Senior Heavy Completed
O'Brien Sean AUS-120 Men 06/01/84 Senior Heavy Australian Windsurfing Association RQYS Completed
Morris Brett AUS-8 Men 23/10/68 Grandmaster Heavy Australian Windsurfing Association Stormriders Windsurfing Club Completed
Germany Margit AUT-88 Women 26/07/58 Grandmaster Windsurfing Austria ÖSV Completed
Browne Gabriel BRA-50 Men 19/02/92 Senior Heavy Completed
Kornum Sebastian DEN-24 Men 15/07/92 Senior Heavy Dansk brætsejler organisation Skiw Completed
Justesen Christian DEN-26 Men 25/02/94 Senior Heavy DBO SKIW Completed
Vieito Cobián Juan ESP-14 Men 17/10/92 Senior Completed
Kask Peeter EST-12 Men 24/02/94 Senior Heavy Estonian Windsurfing Association Extreme Sport Completed
Vainküla Betti EST-212 Women 06/03/94 Senior Light Estonian Windsurfing Association Team Extreme Completed
Warembourg Nicolas FRA-531 Men 04/09/81 Senior Completed
Brault Valentin FRA-823 Men 12/03/90 Senior FFVOILE CN ANGOULINS Completed
Damien Le Guen FRA-86 Men 13/05/86 Senior Heavy Completed
Williams Ross GBR-83 Men 15/01/80 Senior Heavy Completed
Langer Vincent GER-1 Men 18/10/86 Senior Heavy SKBUE Completed
Nikolaos Skarlatos GRE-28 Men 10/12/74 Master Heavy kekrops
Dagan Arnon ISR- 1 Men 12/04/77 Senior Heavy Haifa Sailing
Zubari Shahar ISR-11 Men 01/09/86 Senior Light Completed
Begalli Marco ITA-415 Men 12/07/66 Grandmaster Alice Completed
Preiss Janis LAT-23 Men 24/08/76 Master Heavy LVA Completed
Zelcs Raimonds LAT-27 Men 08/08/96 Youth Heavy LVA Surfline, 360.lv Completed
Keidans Kristaps LAT-28 Men 27/09/95 Youth Light Latvian Windsurfing Association Rietumkrasts Completed
Bouman Casper NED-52 Men 02/10/85 Senior Heavy Completed
Polanowski Michal POL-16 Men 08/11/83 Senior Heavy www.grupaekopark.pl
Lozynski Adam POL-2 Men 17/11/93 Senior Light Polish Windsurfing Assosiation AZS WAT
Sieminski Przemyslaw POL-239 Men 08.12.1988 Senior Heavy PSW
Mokrzycki Hubert POL-25 Men 21/07/82 Senior Heavy PYA AZS UW
Mroczynski Wojtek POL-48 Men 27/03/90 Senior Light Polish Windsurfing Assosiation MOS 2 Warszawa Completed
Monteiro Martim POR-13 Men 29/11/91 Senior AFWP
Morais Margarida Gil POR-16 Women 07/04/93 Senior AFWP
Monteiro Jose Pedro POR-3 Men 27/07/59 Grandmaster AFWP
Fonseca Luis POR-4 Men 24/06/72 Master AFWP
Martinho Miguel POR-5 Men 28/01/76 Master AFWP
Chaveca Vasco POR-6 Men 10/01/75 Master AFWP
Medeiros Sabao Mario POR-711 Men Master AFWP
Lima Mario POR-77 Men 10/12/71 Master AFWP
Bértolo Bruno POR-78 Men 18/03/70 Master Light AFWP Alhandra Sporting Club Completed
Videira João André Pires POR-79 Men 01/06/05 Senior Heavy Clube de Vela de Viana do Castelo Completed
Morais Marco Gil POR-9 Men 28/05/76 Master Light Associação Formula Windsurfing Portugal Clube Vela Viana do Castelo Completed

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