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Archive News
Organisation/IWA AGM/Minutes 2008

International Windsurfing Association Annual General Meeting:
held on Wednesday, 10th September 2008, in Portimao, Portugal.


1.       Welcome and registration of delegates.

                Committee:  Bruno de Wannemaeker - President 
                                     Ceri Williams - IFWC and Executive Secretary 
                                     Marc Cardon 

                 Delegates representing paid up national associations: 
                                     ARG - Fernando Consorte 
                                     AUS - Sean O’Brien 
                                     BEL - Bruno de Wannemaeker 
                                     BRA - Willhelm Schurmann 
                                     DEN - Nikolaj Kruppa 
                                     ESP - Fernando Martinez 
                                     EST - e-mail vote 
                                     FIN - Markus Huhtinen 
                                     FRA - Marc Cardon 
                                     GBR - Ceri Williams 
                                     LAT - Janis Preis 
                                     NED - Eric Kling 
                                     POL - Wojtek Brzozowski 
                                     USA - Steve Bodner

2.       Minutes of last meeting, and matters arising.

The minutes were taken as read; they had been circulated to all members and were published on the IWA website. There were no matters arising.

3.       President's Report.

Bruno de Wannemaeker focused his report on the forthcoming ISAF Conference in Madrid and the selection of equipment for the 2012 Olympic Regatta. He gave an account of the submission made by the International Formula Windsurfing Class for the Formula One Design.  He was a member of the FOD Steering Committee that was working hard to ensure maximum exposure for, and understanding of, the details of the submission. The IWA executive supported this submission, as did the PWA, and many MNA's had already expressed support.

4.        Presentation of Accounts for 2007.

Ceri Williams, IWA Executive Secretary, presented a summary of 2007 class activity . Whilst these show a deficit, a surplus is budgeted for 2008; and income from 2008 class fees and events is either on or above target.

2007 IWA Annual Report /Accounts were approved and are published on the IWA website.


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