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Organisation/Associate Membership

The International Windsurfing Association was formed in January 2001 to unite the sport of windsurfing, and to provide a focal point for information, and a central administration for competitive windsurfing.


  • To promote the sport of windsurfing in all disciplines
  • To represent the interests of the ISAF Windsurfing Classes
  • To organise first class competition for all windsurfing classes
  • To co-ordinate class activities with one international calendar
  • To further co-operation between international classes
  • To encourage development of all age groups and levels
  • To protect and represent the interests of windsurfers worldwide

Reasons to Participate

Associate membership "shall be open to any windsurfing related organisation or individual"

  • to give members of the windsurfing industry and related professions a say in the running of the sport
  • to contribute towards the future development of the sport and assist in the day to day running of the Association
  • plus the opportunity to sit on working groups and specialist sub-committees eg media and marketing, training and development

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