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GBR - FW, IFCA, RB, T293
Organisation UK Windsurfing Association
Contact Name Arabella Andrup
Email admin@ukwindsurfing.com
Website http://ukwindsurfing.com/

PO Box 703
Haywards Heath
RH16 9EE

The UKWA (United Kingdom Windsurfing Association) is the umbrella organisation which promotes and runs competitive windsurfing events in the UK. All UK events are ‘Open’ therefore we welcome everyone to attend. You can be assured great competitions and friendly welcome from our all our UK team.

The UKWA operate across 5 disciplines - Slalom (BSA); Wave (BWA); Speed; Freestyle; Course Racing

Visit these specialist / discipline websites under the UKWA banner:

Techno - http://www.techno293.org.uk/

Raceboard - http://www.raceboard.org.uk/

Formula - http://www.formulawindsurfing.co.uk

Slalom - http://www.windsurf-bsa.com/

Wave - http://www.britishwavesailingassociation.com/

Wave Blog - http://britishwavesailingassociation.blogspot.co.uk/

Freestyle - http://ukwindsurfing.com/freestyle/

Speed - http://ukwindsurfing.com/speed/about/

Weymouth Speed Week - http://www.speedsailing.com/

or visit the main UKWA website

For further information about any events contact admin@ukwindsurfing.com or racing@ukwindsurfing.com


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