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Archive News
Organisation/NCA Members

National Class Associations Affiliated to International Windsurfing Association

Organisation Federation Algerienne de Voile
Contact Name Serrouk Khaled
Email favoile.alg@gmail.com
Website www.favoile.dz
Organisation Asociacion Argentina de Windsurf (AAW)
Contact Name Gustavo Almenara
Email gustavoalmenara@hotmail.com
Website coming soon
Organisation Windracers Club Aruba
Contact Name Aldert Westera
Email windracersclubaruba@gmail.com
Website https://www.facebook.com/pages/WRCA/
Organisation Australian Windsurfing
Contact Name John Rohde
Email aw.info@windsurfing.org
Website http://www.windsurfing.org/
Organisation Windsurfing Austria
Contact Name Christian Bratsch
Email info@windsurfingaustria.at
Website http://www.windsurfingaustria.at/
Organisation Belgian Association for Boardriding Competitors
Contact Name Bruno De Wannemaeker
Email bruno.ifca@pandora.be
Website http://www.babc.be/
Organisation Associacao Brasileira de Windsurf
Contact Name Flavia
Email abws@abws.org.br
Website http://www.abws.org.br
Organisation FE Class Chile
Contact Name Eduardo Herman Kretschmer
Email contacto@eduardoherman.com
Organisation Croatian Windsurfing Association
Contact Name
Email hukjd@hukjd.hr
Website http://hukjd.hr/
Organisation Cyprus Sailing Federation
Contact Name Chris Comitis
Email cyacyp@cytanet.com.cy
Website http://www.cya.org.cy/
Organisation Czech Windsurfing Association
Contact Name Marek Raška
Email marek.raska@volny.cz
Website http://www.cwa.cz/
Organisation Danish Boardsailing Organisation
Contact Name
Email info@dbo.dk
Website http://www.dbo.dk/
Organisation Formula Windsurfing Spain
Contact Name Alfonso Tertre
Email atertre@surf3.es
Website http://www.fwspain.es/
Organisation Funboard Spain
Contact Name Xavier Torres Isach
Email xtorres@windsurfesp.es
Website www.windsurfesp.es
Organisation Asociación Española de la Clase Internacional Raceboard
Contact Name Marc Leutscher
Email nacional@raceboard.es
Website http://www.raceboard.es
Organisation T293 Spain
Contact Name Ricardo Carracedo
Email r.carracedo@telefonica.net
Organisation Estonian Windsurfing Union
Contact Name Tonis Kask
Email info@purjelaualiit.ee
Website http://purjelaualiit.ee/
Organisation Finnish Boardsailing Association
Contact Name Ms Sanna Päivärinta
Email sanna.paivarinta@gmail.com
Website http://www.purjelautaliitto.fi//
Organisation Formula Experience France
Contact Name Marc Cardon
Email marc.cardon@orange.fr
Organisation Fédération Française de Voile
Contact Name Didier Flamme
Email international@ffv.fr
Website http://www.ffvoile.org/
Organisation France Windsurfing One Design Classes (FWODC)
Contact Name Jean-Francois Reggio
Email imcofrance@windsurfsailingfrance.fr
Website http://www.windsurfsailingfrance.fr
Organisation UK Windsurfing Association
Contact Name Sue Robinson
Email admin@ukwindsurfing.com
Website http://ukwindsurfing.com/
Organisation German Windsurfing Association
Contact Name Matthias Regber
Email info@germanwindsurfing.de
Website www.germanwindsurfing.de
Organisation Deutsche Windsurfing Vereinigung (DWSV)
Contact Name Michael Goetzke
Email info@dwsv.net
Website http://www.dwsv.net/
Organisation Formula-Windsurfing-Association.GR
Contact Name Christian Frey
Email info@formula-windsurfing-association.gr
Website www.fwa.gr
Organisation Hellenic Speed Slalom Windsurfing Association
Contact Name Nick Vardalachos
Email info@speedslalom.gr
Website www.speedslalom.gr
Organisation Windsurfing Association of Hong Kong
Contact Name Dennis CHAU
Email wahk@windsurfing.org.hk
Website http://www.windsurfing.org.hk/
Organisation Hungarian Windsurfing Association
Contact Name Lorand Utassy
Email windsurf@hwa.hu
Website www.hwa.hu
Organisation Indonesia Sailing Federation- Porlasi
Contact Name M. Othniel Mamahit
Email sekjen@indonesiasailing.org
Website https://www.facebook.com/pages/Porlasi/297776020259852
Organisation Indian Windsurfing Association
Contact Name Donald Coelho
Email indianwindsurfingassociation@gmail.com
Organisation Israel Yachting Association
Contact Name Smadar Pintov
Email IYA@sailing.org.il
Website http://www.sailing.org.il/
Organisation Associazione Italiana Classi Windsurf
Contact Name Carlo Cottafavi
Email segreteria@aicw.it
Website http://www.aicw.it/
Organisation Albaria
Contact Name Vincenzo Baglione
Email albaria@albaria.com
Website http://www.albaria.com/
Organisation Associazione Italiana Classe Neil Pryde RS:X ASD
Contact Name Marco Corti
Email Marco.corti@libero.it
Website www.rsxitalia.it
Organisation Associazione Classe Italiana Techno 293
Contact Name Marco Rossi
Email mared@fastwebnet.it
Website http://mared3.wixsite.com/techno293italiawsurf
Organisation Japan Windsurfing Association
Contact Name Manabu Kato
Email wind@jw-a.org
Website http://www.jw-a.org/
Organisation Korea Windsurfing Kiteboarding Federation (KWKF)
Contact Name Dohyun Ro
Email kwkf001@daum.net
Website http://www.kwka.or.kr/
Organisation Latvijas Vindsçrfinga Asociâcija
Contact Name Janis Jekabsons
Email lva@vindserfings.lv
Website http://www.vindserfings.lv
Organisation Latvian Sailing Union
Contact Name Ansis Dale
Email ansis.dale@sailinglatvia.lv
Website http://sailinglatvia.lv/
Organisation NPC Ekstremalus Sportas
Contact Name Robertas Gradauskas
Email info@extreme-sports.lt
Website www.extreme-sports.lt
Organisation Macau Sailing Association
Contact Name Mr Brian Sou
Email macausailing@gmail.com
Website https://www.facebook.com/MacauSailing/
Organisation Malaysian Windsurfing Association
Contact Name LS Yeap
Email yeapls2000@gmail.com
Organisation Asociacion Mexicana de Tabla Vela AC
Contact Name Miguel Angel Pani Can
Email velamaya1@gmail.com or windmex@gmail.com
Website http://www.windsurfmexico.com
Organisation Myanmar Yachting Federation
Contact Name Phone Kyaw Moe Myint
Email sailingteam.myf@gmail.com
Website http://www.myanmarsailing.org
Organisation Nederlandse Vereniging van Wedstrijdsurfers (NVW)
Contact Name Eric Kling
Email info@wedstrijdsurfen.nl
Website www.wedstrijdsurfen.nl
Organisation Norwegian Boardsailing Association (NBK)
Contact Name Thomas Foyen
Email thomas.foyen@trebuchet.no
Website http://www.nbk.no/
Organisation Windsurfing New Zealand
Contact Name Bruce Spedding
Email winzurf@gmail.com
Website http://windsurfingnz.org/
Organisation New Zealand RS:X & Techno Association
Contact Name Paul Mackenzie
Email themackenzies@xtra.co.nz
Website http://techno.windsurfingnz.org/
Organisation Oman Sail
Contact Name Koray Ezer
Email koray@omansail.com
Website http://www.omansail.com/
Organisation Asociación Peruana de Windsurf
Contact Name Ricardo Guglielmino
Email ricardo@wind-adventure.com
Website http://www.windsurfperu.net/
Organisation Asociación Peruana de Tabla a Vela Olimpica
Contact Name Pilar German
Email german.pilar@gmail.com
Website http://www.aptavoperu.com
Organisation Philippines Windsurfing Association
Contact Name Manny Cabili
Email mannycabili@yahoo.com
Website https://www.facebook.com/TeamPhilippinesWindsurfing
Organisation Polish Windsurfing Association
Contact Name Adam Lozynski / Witold Dudzinski
Email adam@lozynski.pl / witold.dudzinski@rehasport.pl
Website www.psw.org.pl
Organisation Associação Formula Windsurf Portugal
Contact Name Vasco Chevaca
Email afwportugal@gmail.com
Website http://www.facebook.com/#!/fwportugal.fwportugal
Organisation Associacao Portuguesa de Windsurfing
Contact Name Nuno Mayer Jardim
Email apwindsurfing@gmail.com
Website http://www.apwind.org/
Organisation PR Windsurfing & Kitesurfing Association
Contact Name Karla Barrera-Morstad
Email smkarla1@gmail.com
Website http://prwindkite.org/wp/
Organisation T293 Russia
Contact Name Vladimir Dubov
Email ssails@mail.ru
Website www.techno293.ru
Organisation Singapore Sailing Federation
Contact Name Teo May Ling
Email info@singaporesailing.org.sg
Website http://www.sailing.org.sg/
Organisation Jadralna Zveza Slovenije
Contact Name Jure Orel
Email cleanport@siol.net
Website www.jzs.si
Organisation Swiss Windsurfing
Contact Name Raoul Marty
Email raoulmarty@hispeed.ch
Website http://www.swisswindsurfing.ch/
Organisation Slovenska asociacia wondsurfingu (SAW)
Contact Name Patrik Pollak or Ladislav Habina
Email svk1pp@mac.com or laco.habina@gmail.com
Website http://www.windsurf.sk/
Organisation Svenska Vindsurfing Förbundet
Contact Name Bengt Johannesson
Email info@vindsurfingforbundet.com
Website http://www.vindsurfingforbundet.com/
Organisation Windsurfing Association of Thailand
Contact Name Mr Pattana Boonsawad
Email wind_thai@hotmail.com
Website http://www.windsurfingthailand.org/
Organisation Chinese Taipei Sailing Association
Contact Name Shou-Chih Sung
Email ctya168@titan.seed.net.tw
Organisation Fédération Tunisienne de Voile
Contact Name Amira Jenhani
Email ftv@ftv.org.tn
Website www.ftv.org.tn
Organisation Turkish Sailing Federation
Contact Name
Website http://www.tyf.org.tr
Organisation Ukranian Windsurfing Association
Contact Name Oleksij Nyzhehorodov
Email ldc@ukr.net
Website http://sport.uawindsurfing.com.ua/
Organisation FE Class Uruguay
Contact Name Guillermo Ahlig
Email guillermo.ahlig@gmail.com
Organisation US Windsurfing Association
Contact Name Cody Steward
Email info@uswindsurfing.org
Website http://www.uswindsurfing.org

For full list of WS Member National Authorities go to World Sailing website 

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