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The International Windsurfing Association (IWA) was formed to unite the sport of windsurfing and provide a focal point for information, and central administration for all classes to use.

It was founded in January 2001, when it was first incorporated as a Limited Company here in the UK. Its founding members were the International Boardsailing Association (IBSA) representing Aloha ,Formula and Raceboard , and the International Funboard Class Association ( IFCA) .In Feb 2002 IMCO, representing Mistral One Design (MOD) and Mistral Junior One Design (MJOD) classes, joined. A manufacturers (Industry) representative also sits on the Executive Committee of the IWA.

Annie Dollery took up the newly created post of Administrative Secretary in February 2002. Later that year Rory Ramsden became the first Executive Secretary; but left the post when the RSX replaced the Mistral One Design as the olympic windsurfing equipment.

For details of the current Executive Committee – go to Officials
The Classes (and their members) remain in control of their own destinies through their constitutions, class rules, AGM's and committees. However, the IWA will play a role in co-ordinating the International calendar, and in avoiding disputes between classes (and others) that have plagued the sport in the past.

The IWA will also present a strong voice to represent the sport to ISAF and other organisations - something also lacking in the past.

We are very keen to establish working relationships with all those involved and interested in windsurfing worldwide. Constructive criticism will always be welcome -a complacent organisation will not be able to serve its members properly.

If you are not already on the mailing list for WEBNEWS, or for further information on the IWA, please contact Annie


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