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Records smashed again!
Posted On:  23/11/2012 09:12:02

On day nine of the competition in Luderitz the competitors were treated to winds between 40 and 45knots, another great day on the canal and many sailors more than took advantage.  None more so than Antoine Albeau, who increased the record time and again, finally resting at 52.05knots at the end of the day.

Anders Bringdal followed with a new Swedish Record which is also Production board World Record : 51.45 knots!

Jurjen Van Der Noord the Dutch Record Holder also went over 51 knots today, joining Anders Bringdal and C├ędric Bordes, with 51.26 knots!

Bjorn Dunkerbeck the famous 41 times world title holder just joined the event today in the afternoon reaching 49.53 knots, he did this after only a couple of runs!

Well done to Martyn Ogier from UK who recorded a speed of 48.21 knots (current British Record held by Farrell O'Shea with 48.82 knots) and to Martin Van Meurs from Netherlands: 47.95 knots who improved their best speeds

Zara Davis was back on the water today after a little injury:

"1st day back on the water today, after stitches in my leg five days ago. It was quite painful and I took it easy and only did 5 runs. Initially I was disappointed with my best run of 44.25 knots, then Pete reminded me my initial hope before I came was 43 knots and if I had been told before I got here that I was going to do 44 plus knots I would have been turning cartwheels. We are all getting a bit complacent for sure. The wind today was very strong but gusty which favoured the strong heavy guys. Big respect to Antoine, for his 52.05 knot run and pushing the record higher again. Lena did very well today with a 45.5 run she is getting quicker for sure. A huge well done to Nick V for getting in to the exclusive 50 knot club." Follow more news from Zara on her Facebook page here.

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