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50 knots+ at Luderitz!!
Posted On:  14/11/2012 08:41:11

Both Antoine Albeau and Anders Bringdal broke the 'Holy Grail' half century threshold at the man-made channel in Luderitz, Namibia.

Sweden's Bringdal was the first man over-the-line, smashing through with an average speed over 500m of 50.41 knots followed closely by a 50.46 knot run. Shortly afterwards France's previous record-holder and 2012 PWA Slalom World Champ Antoine Albeau logged an astonishing 50.59 knots!

Tonnes of other national records and PBs followed, including Farrell O'Shea who achieved a new UK record of 48.21 knots. At this point it is unclear whether Bringdal's top speed constitutes a Production board record or not. The speeds quoted here are as-quoted by the Luderitz Speed event organisers, but the GPS 'Speed Surfing' website is showing some even higher peaks and ,although no official WSSRC confirmation has been received, currently displays Anders Bringdal as holding a mammoth 50.62 knot (500m) run at the top of its all-time speeds ladder.

Report from Windsurf Magazine

Great news and bad news for Zara Davis . . . She broke her women's world record again with an amazing run of 44.69 knots. But on the last run of the day she fell past the finish line and was caught by a gust and hit the mast hard and had to be taken to hospital for 7 stiches. Zara says "it was a great day and I'm fine and will be back for the next session on Saturday when I hope to go faster!!!"

More news on the Official Luderitz Event Website

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