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Agenda for the Windsurfing & Kiteboarding Committee meeting on 4 November 2012, Dublin, published together with submissions.
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Red Bull Storm Chase: Safety Standards
Posted On:  12/09/2012 11:31:51

Red Bull Storm Chase is the toughest windsurfing contest of all time. To guarantee maximum safety in raging conditions Red Bull Storm Chase will provide an outstanding safety standard:

Every competitor will be equipped with a GPS transmitter provided by Weatherdock to track each contestant's real-time position. Additionally every rider will be provided with a special Storm Chase impact vest and will have the option to wear a protective helmet throughout the storm force sessions. To wrap-up the safety concept there will be Sea Doo watercrafts on the water.

Head over to the Red Bull Storm Chase website to watch the project up date clip - safety and browse for teasers, updates, rider interviews and more.

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