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Featuring beautiful action shots of twelve of the world's best windsurfing women:  Sarah-Quita Offringa, Tatiana Howard, Morane Demont, Nayra Alonso Cabrera, Beth Winkler, Cagla Kubat, Marta Hlavaty, Junko Nagoshi, Karin Jaggi, Allison Shreeve, Alice Arutkin, and Laure Treboux

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Women Windsurfing Campaign
Posted On:  17/12/2009 7:48:25 PM
Did you know that 2010 will be a special year for the IWA?

We start a Women Windsurfing Campaign to boost the participation in, and promotion of, women's windsurfing!

The international Windsurfing Association is focusing on:  initiating, stimulating and guiding different projects that support our Mission:
"Encouraging and  supporting women, worldwide, to improve their position and increase their participation, in women's windsurfing competitions.

We are focusing our attention on the following Objectives:

To promote, and increase, the coverage and media-exposure of women in windsurfing.

More, or equal, attention paid to women in competition; creating training opportunities; realizing women only events; and increasing the overall level of achievement in competition.

To contact potential women’s sponsors.

We have already taken some Action:
"Women's Representative"
To protect and represent the interest of our female competitors worldwide, and to co-ordinate the Women Windsurfing Campaign, we have appointed a Women's Representative on IWA.  Her name is Mara van der Schaaf.

IWA Women Windsurfing Calendar 2010 
One of her ideas has been to introduce powerful women in windsurfing to a broadened audience - via a 2010 Calendar.

"If you have great ideas, or feel that I need to be involved or can assist with projects, please contact me, Mara van der Schaaf.

By realizing a Women Windsurfing Calendar we kick-off this campaign!”    


Full details on how to get your calendar will be posted on the website soon!

Upcoming Events


25th Calema Midwinters inc
2010 T293 North American Championships
Florida, USA.  4-7 March
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2010 Mendoza FW World Championships
Argentina.  21-27 March
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2010 IWA African Windsurfing Championships
Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia. 22-28 March
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IFCA ProKids, Junior, Youth & Masters Slalom World Championship
Hyeres, France.  10-15 April 2010
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