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Featuring beautiful action shots of twelve of the world's best windsurfing women:  Sarah-Quita Offringa, Tatiana Howard, Morane Demont, Nayra Alonso Cabrera, Beth Winkler, Cagla Kubat, Marta Hlavaty, Junko Nagoshi, Karin Jaggi, Allison Shreeve, Alice Arutkin, and Laure Treboux

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Sarah's diary . . . windsurfing on the Amazon with pink dolphins
Posted On:  25/11/2009 8:11:48 PM
"I am actually in Brasil for one month and a half.  I am here for two world cup of Formula and I also did the National Brazilian Championship!  It's an excellent training for next world championship which will take place in Argentina in March.

I had a really good racing in Ilhabela (beautiful island next to Sao Paulo) finishing 13 with the guys; it was quite windy over there.  In Recife for the Nationals the wind was really light and I improve in these conditions finishing close to the top 10 and won in feminine category.  The place was fantastic, white sandy beach and beautiful little island on the middle of the bay.

I am now in Fortaleza for my last competition, the wind is really strong here, I think that at the end of the week I will be dead!

In parallel of this competitions I also visit Brasil, tennis and backpack on my shoulders; it was great!!  Brasil is an amazing country.

I have been to the biggest waterfalls in the world: Foz do Iguacu; then Rio de janeiro where I learn how to dance samba; and I ended my trip with Amazonia.

In Amazonia I spent 6 nights in the jungle, and took a boat to Santarem.  In this kind of boat you are in your hamock with many people around you, it creates contacts, I've been improving my portuguese during this two days.

In Santarem the unexpected makes me realize one of my dreams!

I was walking on the beach with a girl that I met on the boat when my eyes suddenly fixed on a windsurfing board!!  What a surprise!!

The wind is perfect 15 to 18 knots and the sun is shining, I have to find who is the owner of this board!

In front of the road a nice little blue and yellow house, with old sail in front of the door.

I knock at the door and met Gil an addict to windsurf like me and also a guide in the jungle.

Really happy to see another windsurfer, and at least a girl, he gives me his harness with a huge smile.

One hour of sailing on the most beautiful river of the world. I am so happy. And to make this moment even more magic the pink dolphins are playing next to me!!

I will never forget this moment.

Amazone is so strong, 20% of the fresh water of the world, you can really feel its power.

I will send you some more news when I'll be back home!!


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