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ISAF Conference: ISAF 2004
A full report has been posted on the ISAF website at: Read on for particular points decided by council that are more relevant to windsurfing.

a) Coaches
ISAF have set up a coaches commission reporting directly to the ISAF Executive

b) Windsurfing Committee
This remains a committee in its own right reporting to council direct. The only such committee to resist successfully the move to make it a sub-committee of the equipment committee

c) Specialist Editions of the RRS
ISAF approved the publishing if specialist editions of the RRS so windsurfing can have its own rule book. I am working on the text for this now and will contact ISAF to start negotiations to producing the RRS - Windsurfing edition in the near future

d) Class Rule Changes
All proposed name changes for classes were withdrawn. All class rule changes were approved except those for the Aloha. The windsurfing committee agreed that the Aloha class would essentially be a new class; ignored the precedent set by F42/FW; and agreed that 2005 would be the probationary year with a world championship provided that the necessary formalities were completed by the end of the year. The Sailing Committee supported this position.

e) White board proposal
was deferred to the Mid Year Meeting

f) Windsurfing committee members
All those put forward were accepted including Bruno de Wannemaeker, Ceri Williams (ICC rep), Deborah Powell, Nikos Kaklamanakis, Alessandra Sensini, Anja Muhler etc... full list will be published soon

Hopefully vibrant new committee with Rich Jeffries as Chair and Jorunn Horgen as vice chair.

g) RS-X
Selected for 2008. Class to be run by ISAF. We will have to wait and see where we go from here. IWA should plan on receiving no Olympic Class income for 2005 anyway.

Rory Ramsden
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