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Windsurf E-News: 21 - June 2003
The agenda for the IWA AGM has now been published. National Windsurfing Associations and/or class associations are invited to send one delegate each. The event will take place at 1830hrs at Torbole on Lake Garda, Italy on Friday July 11th . For the full agenda, please go to:
The 2003 Yearbook of the ISAF Windsurfing Classes
The IWA Yearbook has been dispatched. If you are expecting copy and it does not arrive within the next few days, please send an e-mail to the IWA Office with your full postal address. Extra copies are available on request. Also available - the Yearbook on CD with up-dates and bonus material.
Aloha Annual General Meeting Agenda
This is formal notice that the Aloha class will hold its Annual General Meeting during the Aloha European Championships to be staged in Puch Poland from August 2nd - 10th. National classes shall make any submissions to be included on the agenda by June 30th 2003. The agenda will be published soon after that date.
Raceboard Annual General Meeting Agenda
This is formal notice that the Raceboard class will hold its Annual General Meeting during the Raceboard Masters European Championships to be staged in Puch Poland from August 2nd - 10th. National classes shall make any submissions to be included on the agenda by June 30th 2003. The agenda will be published soon after that date.
2003 ISAF World Sailing Championships - Additional Entries
Mistral Worlds - Cadiz, Spain – September 11-22
The closing date for entries to the Mistral World Championships is fast approaching. It is but one week away. All National Authorities who have yet to make entries are requested to do so by June 10th so that applications for additional places can be approved by ISAF in time for the final entries to be received by June 15th 2003.
- All Member National Authorities of ISAF (MNAs) have the right to enter two athletes in each class (2 men & 2 women) In addition an MNA shall receive up to four additional entry places per class based on the number of sailors listed in the top 100 (in that class) of the ISAF World Sailing Rankings as of 30 May 2003.
- Each Olympic Class will handle the entry process for their own class.
Related Articles & Information
- Notice of Race:
- Event Overview
- Classes and Racing Format
- Venue Profiles
- Preparations Well Underway
- Electronic entry (inc payment by Visa or MasterCard)
- To view the table illustrating how many additional entries each MNA is entitled to apply for follow this link:
Related Websites
Event Website
ISAF Mid Year Meeting
MOD Board eligibility
The ISAF decided that any board that complies with class rules could qualify a nation for the Olympic games. The requirement for tuned ODs has been dropped.
Evaluation Trials
The ISAF Council dropped any reference to One Design equipment in the proposed criteria in light of the industry wish to have a measurement class. There will be one evaluation event in 2003 with a second event in Torbole, Italy possibly from May 3rd > 8th 2004. The e-team now consists of the following people; Rich Jeffries (USA) (chair), Jorunn Horgun (NOR), Qu Chun (CHN), Nikos Kaklamanakis (GRE) + 2 from the Events committee to be nominated. Industry members can expect to receive revised criteria in the very new future.
Further information on the meetings at:
Aloha, Mistral & Raceboard Junior, Youth & Masters Europeans
Puck, Poland – August 2-10
*** Please note that a mistake has been spotted in the schedule shown in the NoR for this event. Competitors must plan to leave on August 10th – A revised NoR has been posted (see below)
Those traveling to Poland by road for the upcoming Aloha, Mistral & Raceboard Championships should take notice of the following common sense recommendations which are offered to ensure that you have a safe journey.
a) Travel in a convoy of cars wherever possible.
b) Use big well lit parking places and park near the restaurant.
c) When parked, leave one person with a mobile phone in or near the car.
d) The Polish Police wear uniforms, have ID Cards and generally speak English. Be careful of people in civilian clothes asking for official documents.
e) Keep important documents, money and valuables well out of reach of the windows.
f) If involved in an accident however slight, wait for the police before getting out of the car. Keep the doors shut.
g) Make sure you know the emergency telephone numbers for the Police or emergency services.
Notice of Race:
Enter on line: (MYEC & RB):
Enter on line: (Aloha & MJEC):
Formula Festival - Lake Garda, Italy - July 7-12 – Charters available!
The Circolo Surf Torbole are working hard to ensure that the 2003 IFWC YOUTH WORLDS and Class Espoir, Master and Junior Racing Championships are a great success. There are plenty of campsites and hotels in the area. If you have any questions on these or other local issues, contact Otherwise Youth & Juniors must compete on ASA boards taken from the 2003 FW list (with limited rig sizes)…Charters of ASA skinned boards available from
Notice of Race:
Enter on line:
FW Worlds, Notice to Juniors
Italian law (not a rule of Italian Sailing Federation but a national legislation about safety water code) strictly forbids competitions for people under 12 in the year of racing, except they are racing with a sail max 4.0 mq. and not more than one mile away from coastline. There is the risk that Carabinieri (Italian police that act on Garda Lake too) in a possible inspection will prevent boys and girls born in 1992 and 1993 from sailing. They travel/enter at their own risk. Neither the IWA nor FW can take any responsibility.
Raceboard Worlds (inc 7.5 & Unlimited) - Greece – July 19-26
Want to race on the same waters on which the Olympic Regatta will be held? Then here's your chance. The Raceboard Worlds will be held in Athens, Greece based on the Nautical Club of Katikon Vouliagmenis from July 19th >26th. Please contact the local organiser on if you need any help with booking accommodation or information about ferry services. This is an ideal opportunity to test your strategic decision making ability and your fitness against some of the best in the world.
To enter, go to:
Notice of Race:
IFCA American Continentals - Freestyle, Formula and Slalom - Magdalen Islands - Canada Week – August 25-30
"La Coupe des Iles" will include Freestyle, Long-Distance and Speed. For more contact John Darling on
IFCA Worlds - Wave-Freestyle and Racing, Slalom - Hyeres, France, 22nd-26th October 2003
IFCA will stage one World Championship for 4 disciplines in Hyeres, France in October. The event will include a "Racing Worlds" made up of Slalom and Course Races as well as an "Artistic Worlds" including Freestyle and Wave Performance. Both events will be organized at the same time and at the same venue. Competitors will have to choose to compete either in the "Racing Worlds" or the "Artistic Worlds". 4 World Titles will be distributed. For more contact Bruno de Wannemaeker on
Formula Worlds - Sardinia, early November 2003
The FW worlds have been rescheduled for early November ,full details on the FW Class website shortly and next Windsurfing News.
Aloha, Mistral & Raceboard Junior, Youth & Masters Worlds Merida, Yucatan, Mexico – November 29-Dec 6
The local organisers have agreed a special flights deal with Aero Mexico. Sample flight costs …US $500 return from Paris; US $350 from Los Angeles; Aero Mexico flys out of 6 destination in Asia, more than 7 in Europe; and 9 in North America. The Reef Yucatan Hotel is providing free accommodation and food. The Mexican Sailing Federation is supporting the event by providing two excellent race committees. The Yucatan coast is probably one of the best kept flat water windsurfing secrets in the world. So now is the time to make a firm plan to be in Mexico in the first week of December. Full details will be available on the event website very soon at
Pre-Notice of Race:
The Windsurfing Event Calendar at:

4th to 8th June - Cascais - Portugal

International SWISS Championships - 11-13 July 2003
Formula Windsurfing/Mistral One Design
Lake Silvaplana

UKSA Youth Week 2003 / WHITE AIR Extreme Sports Festival, 25-28 October 2003

2003 Petit Navire European FW Championships, Douarnenez, France, 3-8 May 2003
Results, reports & photos:

FW Europeans - Lottery Winner
Renault Twingo went to...Andreas Kaver EST-107

Mistral European Championship, Palermo, Mondello, Sicily, Italy, May 5-14
Results, reports & photos:

IMCO Annual General Meeting, Mondello, Sicily, Italy, Saturday, May 10th

Windsurfing Euro-Cup Cagliari/Sardinia (Italy)
information, results, pictures etc. and follow the competitions online or

US Open - Gonzalo hangs on for spirited victory

British Open Racing Championships
Nick Dempsey proved his number 1 ISAF ranking is well deserved by winning almost every Raceboard race, and Ross Williams showed similar form in the Formula fleet.

The 2003 Catalunya, Costa Brava PWA Freestyle Qualifier
Remko De Weerd (Gaastra, Fanatic) of Holland has taken victory here in Costa Brava after defeating Christian Sammer (F2, Arrows) of Austria in a thrilling final
Results, reports and pictures:

The Gran Canaria Vargas, Aguimes PWA Wave World Cup 2003
Unfortunately the contest finished with no wave result.

PWA - Moreno Takes On The Men!
For the first time in professional windsurfing history a woman will line up with the men on the starting grid of the Gran Canaria, PWA 2003 Wave and Freestyle Grand Slam.

Turkey: Windsurf and Kiteboard endurance race
1st, 2nd and 3rd of August 2003
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