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Windsurf E-News: 15 - December 2002
Deep Regret
It is with deep regret that the International Sailing Federation advises of the passing away of Mrs. Kari Sundheim, wife of Mr. Arve Sundheim, Secretary General of the International Sailing Federation. Mrs. Sundheim passed away unexpectedly on the night of Tuesday 26 November 2002 in Spain.
The Windsurfing Class and the PWA would like to take this opportunity to express their condolences to Arve, their son Joe and his wife Nina and their two children, Kari's brother Knut and sister-in-law Vera and family, and all close family and friends. The funeral service will be held in the next two weeks in Oslo, Norway. Details of the funeral arrangements will be made available.

Notable Progress
Three months after sustaining a closed head injury with skull and vertebrae fracture, US Sailing Team member Kimberly Birkenfeld (Miami, Fla./Myrtle Creek, Ore.), has made notable progress in healing. She spent 62 days in four different hospitals on two continents after the August 8 accident that occurred while she was training for the Athens 2002 Regatta. Birkenfeld, the number one ranked Women's Windsurfer on the 2002 US Sailing Team, is continuing her out-patient therapy from her family's residence in Portland, Oregon.

"I am very proud of my family for what they were able to accomplish and endure," Birkenfeld said recently. "I just hope that none of the wonderful people I have met in life and sailing, or their loved ones, get hurt and need to go through what I went through. Thank you to everyone who helped out while I was hospitalized in Athens. All my sailing equipment and personal belongings made it back to my home in Miami. The only thing that came up missing was my sailing booties!"

Birkenfeld's progress to date is attributed to the strength of her athletic body at the time of the accident. That said, she has difficulties walking, mobility in her left arm is restricted, and she suffers symptoms of numbness and spasticity that mean she cannot work, drive, swim or sail. Noting that she was a business consultant with an M.B.A. from Harvard, and an athlete accustomed to an above-normal level of physical functioning, her physician has asked her physical therapist to be extra-aggressive in working toward Birkenfeld's goal of a return to her previous activities.

"This has been quite an experience and disappointingly detrimental to my Olympic campaign. I am working very hard in recovery and really look forward to the day when I can sail, compete, and travel the world meeting people again."

Future updates on Birkenfeld's progress will be available at

Eastern Promise
Starting on 4 December, the final Olympic Qualification Regatta of 2002, the Mistral World Championship gets underway in Pattaya, Thailand, hosted jointly by the Windsurfing Association of Thailand and the Eastern Windsurfing Club.

Held from the exclusive Pattaya Park Beach Resort at Jomtein Beach, on the eastern coast of the sheltered Bight of Bangkok, competitors are expected to enjoy warm air and sea conditions with an average wind speed of between 10 and 20 knots.

Double men’s World Champion, 1996 Olympic Gold medallist in Atlanta and host of this year's ISAF Rolex World Sailor of the Year Award, Nikos Kaklamanakis (GRE) will be travelling to Thailand to defend the title he won so convincingly in Varkiza, Greece, last year.

Following on from what must have been a disappointing 6th place result for him at the 2000 Olympic Regatta in Sydney, he has spent his time training hard in the warm waters of Cyprus. This has clearly served him well as he convincingly won the 2002 Olympic Test Event in Athens in August 20002. Whilst leading up to the Olympic Regatta Athens there is no qualification pressure for Nikos, as Greece receives an automatic entry in every Olympic event, but the pressure is certainly on to retain his title. Despite his ISAF World Sailing Ranking of thirteenth, he must be one of the favourites for the event. Speaking to Nikos at the ISAF Rolex World Sailor of the Year Awards in Cyprus, Nikos commented:”I am going to Thailand to win and I feel ready.”

Miarczynski (POL), who finished second at the World Championship last year, will be hoping to deny Nikos his hat trick. Currently ranked second in the ISAF World Sailing rankings, and 2002 results including a second at SPA Regatta followed soon afterwards by a victory at Kieler Woche, Przemek is clearly on form.

Frenchman Nicholas Huguet, ranked first in the Mistral rankings has had a consistent season, rarely straying from the top five at all the major regattas this year, and should also feature amongst the front runners.

In the Women’s fleet Lee Lai Shan (HKG), otherwise known as “San San”, winner of Hong Kong’s first Olympic medal in any sport when she took Gold in the Women’s Windsurfing in Atlanta in 1996, and three time World Champion in her own right, looks set to take yet another title when the event starts next week. She is currently at the top of the Women’s rankings and it would seem almost a world apart from the chasing fleet, with victories at SPA Regatta, Kieler Woche and the recently held Asian Games in Korea.

Alessandra Sensini (ITA), recently nominated for the ISAF Rolex World Sailor of the Year Award, and winner of the last two Mistral European Championships, as well as showing her complete adaptability by every race at the ISAF World Sailing Games this year in Marseille in the Formula Class, will also be hoping for a good result.

Anna Graczyk (POL), who finished a disappointing eleventh at last year’s World Championship, has steadily climbed the rankings since and now lies behind Lee Lai Shan in second place going into their most important event of the year. Only a few points behind, Natasha Sturges (GBR) a credible fourth at the World Championship last year, looks like another good podium bet for this year, having steadily improved to become one of the best in the world.

Whatever happens, the Mistral World Championship, once concluded, will see twelve athletes in the men’s division and ten in the women’s qualify their respective nations for the Olympic games in Athens 2002. One would expect to see Hong Kong qualifying at the first attempt in the Women’s fleet, probably alongside, Great Britain, Poland, France, and a host of others in the Men’s and Women’s fleet.

This will close the qualifying process for 2002, with the next opportunity for qualification being the ISAF World Championships in Cadiz in 2003.

Racing is due to start in Pattaya on 7 December, following four days of essential measurement and registration. 12 races are scheduled over the 9 days of racing with the closing ceremony taking place on 15 December.

2003 ISAF Windsurfing Evaluation Trials Announced!
At their 2002 Conference recently held in Limmasol Cyprus, ISAF decided to invite windsurfing industry members to participate in evaluation trials to be staged in 2003 with a view to recommending potential new Olympic Windsurfing equipment for use in China 2008.

The decision was taken with the unprecedented and unanimous support of all the ISAF windsurfing classes and the PWA. A unique demonstration of the new solidarity within the windsurfing community

Evaluation Trials are not new to the ISAF. In the past, they have held Evaluation Trials for the double-handed dinghy and the catamaran both resulting in new and exciting developments in equipment used at the Olympic games.

The Windsurfing Press, TV and other journalists together with windsurfing industry members will be invited to attend a press conference which will probably take place at 1000hrs at BOOT, Dusseldorf, Germany on Thursday January 23rd 2003. A meeting with interested board brands, shapers and fin designers will follow.

Two different Evaluation Trials will be held; both in Europe following major windsurfing championships; the first is scheduled for mid-May and the second is scheduled for the end of September. More details on these and the conditions of entry will be posted on the IWA website at

Please click on to view the likely criteria and conditions that equipment will be required to meet.

Report On The 2002 ISAF Conference
The atmosphere at the conference was in total contrast to the last one. Delegates welcomed the new spirit of co-operation between the windsurfing classes. Paul Henderson was friendly to all representatives of the windsurfing classes without exception.
For a complete report go to:

Robby Naish, Jim Drake and Hoyle Schweitzer are voted into the PWA Hall of Fame for 2002
These 3 names are synonymous with windsurfing and helped to mold windsurfing into its current form. The three inductees together portray a complete picture of windsurfing. Jim Drake for inventing the sport, Hoyle Schweitzer for bringing windsurfing to the masses in the form of production boards and Robby Naish by showing us what could be done on a windsurfer. Go to :

PWA Upcoming Event: King of the Caribbean, Bonaire, 11-18 December 2002

Marc Cardon takes over as Aloha Class Chairman
From Ceri Williams, FW Chair and Aloha Class Committee Member
Due to my recent election as Chairman of the International Formula Windsurfing Class (FW AGM at Sylt), it has been necessary for me to stand down as Chairman of the Aloha Class. It is not possible, or right, for me to remain chairman of two ISAF/IWA member classes.

The committee consider it appropriate for Marc Cardon to move to Chairman , and also to represent the Class on the IWA Executive Committee. My committment to the class remains undiminished,and my wish is to remain on the committee , at least until the next elections, due at the next AGM.

Concerning progress on the Largs AGM decisions -the "Long board Racing Structure " was approved and is published, along with the calendar. Consequently the single World Title at Under 15 level will be competed on the Aloha. There will be no under 17Junior World titles for Boys or Girls raced on the Aloha –these at will be competed for on the Mistral Junior One Design.

The shortboard pathway that we also approved, will be reviewed by the Formula Class, and a policy / structure will be published very soon. The Aloha will not be a part of that process as the Class has not received approval from ISAF for additional titles. The class has "Recognised" status, not "International". Therefore the changes to class rules submission to the ISAF was withdrawn.

Class Rules remain unchanged for 2003. I hope this clarifies outstanding issues for you as you prepare for the coming years competition. I look forward to meeting you at future events.

Lake Garda ( Italy) 22-28 March 2003.
NoR and Entry Form now available or contact the IWA

New windsurfing organisation in Bulgaria
On 2nd of November 2002 the Bulgarian Windsurfing Assosiation (BWA) was founded. BWA will work in cooperation with the Bulgarian Sailing Federation and will administrate all Windsurfing classes in Bulgaria. Chairman is Lazar Yovtchev. The official BWA website is

China International Marine Fair
16-19 July 2003 in Qingdao, China
For more information visit
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