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ISAF Executive Committee - February Minutes Published
Posted On:  25/02/2005
Extract from the Minutes relevant to windsurfing:

(a) The Executive received a report from Rich Jefferies, Chairman of the Windsurfing Committee and Peter Durham, Brand Manager, Neil Pryde Windsurfing.
(b) Rich Jefferies highlighted the following issues from his report:

(i) Board Construction
It was noted that Neil Pryde in conjunction with Cobra had been investigating the possibility of applying an ASA plastic skin onto the bottom of the RS:X board. This construction technique had not been used by Cobra before.
Due to the untested possible consequences an ASA plastic skin should not be used. It was proposed and agreed that the manufacturer would incorporate a grid transfer graphic on the bottom of the board.

(ii) Manufacturing Tolerances
Rich Jefferies advised the Executive Committee that they should be aware that the final manufacturing tolerances had not been determined yet. As production would not be from a single metal mould, production tolerances would probably be larger than with the Mistral one-design board. More information would be available when several production moulds had been completed.
Rich Jefferies and the ISAF Technical Manager to be given the task of working with the manufacturer to minimise production tolerances.

(iii) Distribution of Boards
The Executive Committee noted the proposal for the initial distribution of boards in proportion to the MNA’s participation in the Windsurfing Events in the 2004 Olympic Sailing competition and the Olympic qualifying events. The first 500 boards is
expected by June 2005.
Vice President Teo Ping Low and the Secretary General were asked to work together with Neil Pryde Windsurfing on the equitable distribution of the initial boards.

(iv) Manufacturer’s Logo
The Executive Committee confirmed that the position of the sail manufacturer’s logo must comply with the ISAF Advertising Code, Regulation 20 and therefore be at the tack of the sail. It was further noted that the additional stricter size limitations of the
IOC Charter would apply for equipment at the 2008 Olympic Sailing Competition only.
It was agreed the class insignia would be the ISAF logo.
(v) Class Administration
The Executive Committee approved that the initial Neil Pryde RS:X Class Administration would be managed by a Management Group of Rich Jefferies (USA)(Chairman), Fiona Barron (GBR), Teo Ping Low (SIN), a Neil Pryde Windsurfing representative and ISAF staff (as required and appointed by the Secretary General). It was agreed that the target time to handover the class administration to an elected owners association would be at the 2007 World championship.
(vi) World and Continental Title Events
The Executive Committee agreed that the first World and Continental Title Events should not be held until 2006. It was requested that the agreement with Neil Pryde Windsurfing should require that Neil Pryde Windsurfing provide technical support at these events to handle minor repairs.
(vii) Construction Manual
The Executive Committee noted that all components of the board and rig would be specified in the Construction Manual.
(viii) Contract
The Executive Committee noted the proposed draft Agreement and authorised the Management Group to deal with any outstanding issues. In accordance with Council decision in November 2004 such matters as price and distribution etc should be ratified by Council.
The President thanked Rich Jefferies for his work on this project.

Full Executive Committee Minutes
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