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ISAF Executive Committee Meeting - Neil Pryde RS:X
Posted On:  12/02/2005
Three days of meetings in Chantilly, France concluded on Tuesday 8 February, for the recently elected ISAF Executive Committee.

Neil Pryde RS:X Intense discussion was held on the new equipment for the windsurfer men and windsurfer women events for the 2008 Olympic Games. ISAF and Neil Pryde will be issuing a press release next week announcing comprehensive details including the Board Specification, and Production and Distribution Programme.

The Neil Pryde RS:X will be available into the market place during May 2005, with an anticipated 1,600 boards to be built by the end of 2005. ISAF will ensure that the first boards available are distributed to countries which are actively involved in Olympic windsurfing, with a priority given to countries who competed at the 2004 Olympic Sailing Competition, and then to countries who competed at the 2004 Olympic qualifying events.

The board for Olympic competition and campaigning will be a high specification board, but alongside this a cheaper board using ASA technology may be available for training and youth development.

It is anticipated the first major events, including Continental Championships, can be scheduled for the latter part of the year. ISAF will organize the first Neil Pryde RS:X World Championship in 2006.

ISAF has set a target time prior to the 2008 Olympic Games, by when ISAF will hand over the management of the class to an independent Class Owners' Association. In the interim period ISAF will manage the class, including the organization of the World Championship, class rule changes, and participation rules. A management team, including ISAF and the Chairman of the ISAF Windsurfing Committee Rich JEFFRIES (USA) will handle the day to day management of the class.

Neil Pryde will be launching the Neil Pryde RS:X website on 15 February 2005 on

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