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RACING RULES 2005 - 2008
Posted On:  29/11/2004
The Fun Board Racing Rules no longer exist!!!!
They have been replaced by Racing Rules of Sailing 2005-2008, and Appendix B - Windsurfing (scroll down to B - Appendices A, B and C are shown together).
The ISAF has asked a Racing Rules Committee member to amalgamate the Appendix B into RRS 2005 2008 - so that we have a simplified Windsurfing version. Don't know how long that will take.

See also the following ISAF Regulations (on ISAF website), which you will see being referred to in Notices of Race, and Sailing Instructions:
ISAF Regulation 19 - Eligibility Code
ISAF Regulation 20 - Advertising Code
ISAF Regulation 21- Anti Doping Code
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