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Windsurfing in 2005
Posted On:  19/11/2004
Executive Summary
Windsurfing in 2005

The selection by ISAF of the RS-X as the equipment for use at the Olympic Games in 2008 has caused a great deal of excitement but at the same time, a lot of questions have been raised about the future structure of the sport. We will all be ‘in a transition period’ until about the end of 2006 at the earliest. In the meantime, the Formula Windsurfing and IFCA regatta programmes and tours will continue in parallel and virtually unaffected by the change in Olympic equipment.

Our object is to ensure that this transition is as smooth and painless as possible.

a) Under 15 Racing & development squads
The key to a successful development policy is to ensure that everyone is racing on exactly the same one design equipment. This ensures that talent not technology or cash determines the winner. It also means that a strong second hand market can develop making access to the sport for new kids is the least expensive possible.

The Aloha Class have introduced a new board, the Bic 293OD. This change has been well received in Denmark, France, Great Britain, Holland, Italy, the USA. The board is a hybrid just like the RS-X and therefore has a centreboard and similar rig. The style of sailing is the same. Kids will therefore learn, from an early age, all the techniques and tactics that they will later use in the Olympic regatta.

The IWA therefore recommend that MNAs and national windsurfing associations give serious consideration to transferring or indeed starting their junior programmes based on the BIC 293OD.

The equivalent of a World Championship will be held on this new equipment in Sopot, Poland from August 3rd >12th 2005
Contact: for further information on events.

For more information on the availability of Techno 293 One design equipment please contact your national Bic Sport importer or Bic Sport direct on

b) Junior & Youth Racing
The Mistral Junior One Design is a great platform in the continued development of racing for kids when they move up from the Under 15 class. Fleet sizes have continued to grow, year on year from the beginning in 2000. The ISAF Youth World Championships will be held on Mistral One Design boards in 2005 and probably in 2006. Those racers hoping to qualify to race at this prestigious event should continue to train on the Mistral One Design throughout 2005. Naturally, the ISAF will review the availability of the RS-X at the end of next year and then make a decision on whether to make the change to the RS-X for the 2006 ISAF Youth Worlds.

In the meantime, IMCO and the MJOD will continue to run a complete programme of regattas as they have always done in the past. It is very much business as usual for junior and youth racing including the staging of a training camp in Cadiz, Spain just after Christmas 2004

The MJOD class will stage its world championship in Sopot, Poland from August 3rd >12th 2005 with the IMCO Youth Class. Contact: for further information on events.

Throughout 2005 and 2006 IMCO will continue to stage its normal regatta programme. Boards and More will continue to make the board. The major European regattas like Palma, Spa, Hyeres and Kiel will include Mistral men and Mistral Women in their NoRs. The Asian Games in 2006 will include the Mistral One Design as part of the Sailing Regatta so it is very much business as usual here in the IMCO office. Our object is to continue to support, you the MNAs and sailors for as long as necessary. IMCO as a class will not disappear in fact the 2004 IMCO Annual General Meeting unanimously agreed that we should stand ready to take on board a new Olympic class and allows the Ex Committee to propose themselves as the committee to run the non-administrative side of the new Olympic class until its first AGM.

d) Raceboard Class
The Raceboard class has also changed its class rules to allow include all of the hybrids put forward for evaluation by ISAF during the selection process just concluded. The Class and indeed all others in the IWA consider it vital that the development of hybrid boards continues without a break. The class will stage its World Championship in Sopot, Poland from August 3rd >12th 2005. The NoR will include a division for both the old style longboards with a 7.5 and an open division which will include all hybrid boars with a max sail size of 9.5. Go to to view the new class rules.

The ISAF will manage the new Olympic equipment and oversee the formation of a class. This process has already started.

IMCO as the outgoing Olympic class stands ready to assist in anyway it can to ensure that the transition is as smooth and painless as possible. Meanwhile, it is business as usual!
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