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Latvian Ansis Dale took the victory on Neil Pryde Baltic Cup
Posted On:  13/08/2004

On the coast of Estonia the top event of Baltic surfers’ competition season – Neil Pryde Baltic Cup was held on 6-8 August.
Neil Pryde Baltic Cup has been the top event of Baltic windsurfing season already for the past five years. In the previous years the number of participants reached over 200, but this year only 110 surfers dared to enter due to the bad weather forecast. Unfortunately this forecast happened to be true and first two days wind was only 0-1 m/s.

Still the legendary public competition Extreme Sport Aegna Marathon was held on the second day. When start was given, wind was blowing barely up to 1 m/s, during the race it raised up to 4-5 m/s but then dropped again. The best in these difficult weather conditions was Latvian Martins Grobins (Lat-777). Estonian Kaijo Kuusing (Est-155) and Latvian women Ilona Grinberga (Lat-18) followed him.

On the third day the wind raised to up 6-8 m/s and one race was held, which were the finals of Neil Pryde Baltic Cup 2004. Estonian Juhan Peedimaa took the victory on that, but this didn’t change his overall ranking. Janis Preiss (Lat-23) was second and Martin Ervin (Est-202) third.

In the overall six best in Neil Pryde Baltic Cup 2004 are Ansis Dale (Lat-13), Janis Preiss (Lat-23), Kristjanis Tutans (Lat-168), Erno Kaasik (Est-2), Martin Ervin (Est-202) and Juhan Peedimaa (EST-47). In masters division the best is Martinis Grobins (Lat-777), second Bruno Strauss (Lat134) and third Markus Huhtinen (Fin-10), all competing with Starboard and Neil Pryde.

Neil Pryde Baltic Cup has including the best from the entire Baltic region, as well as Finland, Sweden and Belarus. In addition to competitors from neighboring countries, many from the very top of the world’s surfers have visited the competition. The names include freestyle champion leader Ricardo Campello, one of the world’s top professionals, course racer Jimmy Diaz, the manager of the world’s leading sail producing company Neil Pryde and many others. This year it was time for Neil Pryde Team Rider and two-time world champion Josh Stone, to visit Estonia again and share his wisdom. He gave two training sessions every day for Baltic top-surfers as well as special training for children.

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